6 incredible terraces where to have an aperitif

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In summer there are several hotels in Europe and around the world where you can participate in aperitifs or go to dinner. Some of these structures have heights that exceed a hundred meters and accommodations that allow you to enjoy stunning views able to take your breath away and give unforgettable moments.


  1. Bangkok - Sky Bar
  2. London - Radio
  3. Singapore - Altitude
  4. New York - Upstairs at the Kimberly
  5. Athens - Ioannis
  6. Austria - Top Mountain Star
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Bangkok - Sky Bar

Thailand is the Asian destination most sought after by Italians, as evidenced by the rise in search for flights to Bangkok. Right in the capital is the Lebua hotel, on the top of the 63rd floor you can access the Sky Bar, ideal for cooling off in the humid nights of the capital of Thailand.

London - Radio

In the English metropolis, children abound hotel with a view and panoramic bars, but what is at the top of theMelia hotel definitely worth a visit, as you can see Canary Wharf towers and the City, the Thames, South Bank and Somerset House from here.

Singapore - Altitude

A name a program, since this hotels in Singapore it is located at no less than 282 meters above sea level and which allows you to enjoy a breathtaking view of the sea and the whole city.

New York - Upstairs at the Kimberly

One of the reasons why flights to New York are among the most sought after is the fact that in the Big Apple it is possible to admire incredible spaces and dimensions. The Upstairs at the Kimberly is a hotel that stands out for its elegant, yet simple design, also adapted for the harsh New York winters, as its bar features retractable glass ceilings and heated walls and floors .

Athens - Ioannis

Il Royal Olympic Hotel it is an Athenian building surrounded by important archaeological sites and on top of it it is possible to appreciate the ancient history of the city from an absolutely unique and spectacular point of view, perhaps while sipping a drink. From here you can admire the Temple of Zeus, L 'Acropolis, the National Gardens, the Marble Stadium, the Arch of Hadrian, Mount Licabetto, the Parliament and the Ancient Observatory.

Austria - Top Mountain Star

This wonderful winter hotel is located at the top of the Wurmkogel mountain Austrian Alps, and is very popular with skiers, given the steep slopes along the sides of the mountain. The view from here is absolutely extraordinary and worth enjoying even if you are not a skier.

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