6 days of relaxation in Egypt

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I dreamed of Egypt since I was a child, the land of the ancient pharaohs, of myths, legends and an incredible millenary culture.

In the past I had already? received proposals to visit it but it was not the right time and way.

Sometimes those who know how to wait get paid off and so on? last November, yes? the possibility proposed? to spend a week between sun and sea for a 5-star holiday at the Royal Savoy in Sharm El Sheikh.

If already? are you imagining prohibitive costs I must make you change your mind immediately. A 5 star hotel in Sharm has totally affordable costs.

The next question that I'm sure will arise from you? in mind ? that relating to safety.

IS? safe to take a vacation in Sharm El Sheikh?

Based on my personal experience I say yes? (considering that at present no corner of the planet is really safe). There are many checks in and out of hotels, tourist facilities (ports, airports, etc.) but nothing that will give you? complicated life. IS? simply a security measure.

The traveler in Sharm? gold for which the pi? possible.

1 day

Relax in the hotel between the crystal clear sea and the only living coral reef I have seen in my life.

2 day

Boat trip to discover the Ras Mohammed Natural Park
The coral reef of the Red Sea? a truly unique show in the world. IS? you can also admire it in front of the hotel, but a boat ride? d? obligation to enjoy it even more ?.

My advice ? to plan a personalized experience, why? group ones tend to be too crowded.

The true paradise for snorkeling and diving.

3 day

Relax in the hotel during the day and ready for one of the most important events. Incredibles of the Year: The Big Switch On.
On November 15 in Soho Square (a square that can be accessed as a visitor, if you are not a hotel guest) a gigantic event for the switching on of Christmas lights, complete with a super concert, is organized.

4 day

Relax in the hotel and visit the old Sharm.
Going out of hotels? sure, but I advise you to always do it with a guide who knows how to direct you to the best.

Not C?? a lot to see in Sharm? city ?? but the new Al-Mustafa Mosque alone is worth a visit, truly spectacular! Don't forget a little? of inevitable Bedouin handicraft shopping.

Little outside the center, but incredibly spectacular? the Farsha: a beautiful place that is distributed on a promontory close to the sea.

Lanterns, carpets and hookahs? (shisha) for an aperitif at Le Mille ed una Notte.

5 day

A camel ride in the desert

It is about 15 minutes by car from the hotel and? unmissable!

We chose the? Camel? as it is called local, at sunset.

Following a typical dinner (based on meat and hummus) in a Bedouin camp.

I loved the authentic character of this experience and the desert always remains one of my favorite natural elements, I find it extremely relaxing for the mind.

6 day

Relax in the hotel and last aperitif at Farsha.
Why? to choose Sharm?

Surely visiting only Sharm will give you? a? tasty? taste of Egypt (already I can't wait to go back to discover the historical side),? a perfect escape from the European cold.

Not C?? not even a moment when the sun has stopped shining (it never rains) and the temperatures between April and November are perfect (25-30 degrees), even if you can? go to Sharm all year round.

There? what more? surprised me? been admiring the first LIVING coral reef of my life. I have visited many tropical places and sadly I have found that corals have died almost all over the world.

In Egypt I saw colors that I didn't think could exist in nature.

This is also thanks to the fishing ban imposed throughout the Red Sea.

Another big plus for Sharm? the possibility? to experience 5-star luxury hotel experiences even if you don't have a big budget.

Finally I would like to emphasize the great hospitality? of the Egyptian people towards the Italians. They have a very high esteem for our culture and almost all speak Italian, making everyday life? of a much more tourist? easy.

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