5 Incredible Underwater Hotels: The Best Under the Sea Hotels beautiful in the world

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There was a time when the invitation to sleep at the bottom of the sea it wasn't all that romantic, and it didn't suggest anything good ... but they were other times. Today the imagination can not keep pace with reality, and spend some night underwater not only is it possible, but you can also choose where!
Yes, because in spite of the cultural tourism, that of the old days when you visited a place to get to know its culture and immerse yourself in traditions, today immersion is much less metaphorical, and we are increasingly moving in the direction of sensationalism. With results, it must be admitted, truly exceptional: here are the 5 underwater hotels in the world!


  1. Manta Resort, Pemba Island, Zanzibar
  2. Atlantis The Palm, Dubai
  3. Utter Inn Hotel, Sweden
  4. Jules' Undersea Lodge, Florida
  5. Lovers Deep, Caribbean
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Manta Resort, Pemba Island, Zanzibar

Sleeping in the middle of theIndian Ocean it is possible: the Manta Resort offers the Underwater Room. After all, a name not even so original for one 3 storey structure: do you want to get a tan? There is the terrace. Do you want to sit comfortably in an armchair and admire the view? There is the living area. Do you want to sleep in the company of the little fish? Here you are satisfied: 4 meters underwater for a room with panoramic windows, full of lights, which will attract so many fish that it feels like a little mermaid experience!
This particular room is located 250 meters from the shore, in the Blue Hole area, on the coral reef.
The cost? about $ 1.500 per night!

Atlantis The Palm, Dubai

In full Dubai style, where sensationalism is a trademark, it is the fantastic Relais Atlantide. THE'Underwater Suite is only one of the resort's 1.500 rooms, but also the only one located right on theAmbassador Lagoon Aquarium, to sleep in the company of over 65.000 sea creatures.
A pretty good suite, with an area of ​​165 square meters and a price ... well, for sheiks: 6.000 euro per night!

Utter Inn Hotel, Sweden

We are in Europe, in a country that has nothing to envy to any other country in the world when it comes to innovation. The hotel is located about an hour from Stockholm, off the coast lake Mälaren, and remains open only from April to October.
Here too, we are in the presence of a hybrid structure, with an emerged part and a room below sea level, designed by Mikael Genberg but furnished in an absolutely minimal way.
What makes the experience sensational is also the preparation: the meeting takes place at port of Västerås, and the couple is accompanied by boat to the hotel, a about 1 km from the coast. A canoe is also available for guests, to reach and explore a nearby one during the day uninhabited island.
The price? More or less within everyone's reach: 120 euro per night!

Jules' Undersea Lodge, Florida

The name recalls the famous visionary book by Jules Verne, 20.000 leagues under the sea. It is a former research laboratory, and compared to the others it is a little less accessible: you have to wear a wetsuit and dive for 6 meters among underwater mangrove forests, before finding the entrance to the room. But once inside ... nothing is missing: hot shower, electricity (don't panic ...), kitchen and so on.
The price is approx $ 375 per night... including 3 hours of diving course!

Lovers Deep, Caribbean

This time we are on a submarine, indeed, in most modern submarine in the world! The technology here surpasses all imagination, and is matched only by the luxury it offers. Designed just for real romantic underwater getaways, here we travel to, hear hear: 650 meters below the sea level!
Minimum stay of two nights, dinner with champagne, caviar and oysters, butler available ... in short, nothing is missing.
The price? In the meantime, remember to book with at least 12 weeks notice and then ... put aside 107.000 euro per night! And remember, there are at least 2!

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