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Who in his life watching adventure movies or following the exploits of buccaneers in the seas has not traveled with the imagination and has dreamed, imagined and hoped to find themselves in their place in the discovery of splendid treasures, to succeed in an enterprise that no one had ever completed before? However, it is not such a simple undertaking, searches are often long and completely fruitless and many of the world's splendid treasures are destined to remain in the place where their owners left them. There are many treasures that have never seen the light of day ... If we wanted to list at least five of these wonders that have never been found ... here's where we could start!


  1. The Treasury of the Knights Templar
  2. The Treasure of Leon Trabuco
  3. The Amber Room
  4. The Treasury of the Pharaohs
  5. The Treasure of Captain Kidd
  6. Are there hidden treasures in Italy?
  7. User questions and comments

1 - The Treasure of the Knights Templar

Lately we have heard a lot about it following the various books published on the subject and subsequent film adaptations, first of all "The Da Vinci Code". L'order of the Knights Templar it was formed in 1114 AD and it is said that over time until their disappearance in the th century they have accumulated enormous riches that have never been found.

There are many legends that revolve around the figure of this mysterious order; in particular it is said that the Templars had found the Holy Grail, or Sangral, and that they had brought him to Scotland during the suppression of the order in 1304 and that he would still be found buried in Rosslyn Chapel.

2 - The Treasure of Leon Trabuco

Leon Trabuco, a millionaire from New Mexico in the early s, was convinced that he could use the American depression to increase his fortune. After melting coins and gold making them ingots hired a pilot named Red Moiser to do patrol tours on the New Mexico desert in order to bury his treasure.

It is said that the aviator made 16 flights in each of which he carried a ton of gold at a time. The gold digger Ed Foster he searched for 35 years for the Trabuco treasure in the Farmigton desert where he believed he had found the landing strip used by Moiser but the treasure still remains to be found.

3 - The Amber Room

It was finished in 1770 in Zarskoe Selo Summer Palace. It is a small room entirely covered with amber panels created for Frederick I of Prussia and then donated to Peter the Great of Russia. During the Second World War, during the German attack, an attempt was made to move the room but following the fragility of the amber they tried to cover it with wallpaper: the undertaking was in vain, the room disappeared and the news about its end are scarce and fragmentary. A replica is contained in the Catherine Palace in Russia.

4 - The Treasure of the Pharaohs

We know that the Egyptians were one of the richest civilizations of the past; just think of all the treasures found in the tombs of the pharaohs, first of all that of Tutankhamon. When the tomb was discovered, it donated priceless treasures, which took years to classify.

Despite these numerous discoveries, most of the tombs found were completely empty because of the looting of tomb-makers. These are treasures destined to never be found.

5 - The Treasure of Captain Kidd

I hidden pirate treasures they are probably the most fascinating of all. The greatest treasure seems to be that of the most famous pirate ever: the Captain Kidd.

He was a Scottish navigator who amassed an incredible fortune. Following his arrest, part of his belongings were found in Gardener's Island (New York), but most of his gold still seems to be somewhere in Connecticut. Phantom treasure maps have been found several times in history, but no one has ever managed to get their hands on Kidd's gold.

Are there hidden treasures in Italy?

Accessories legends tell of large quantities of gold and jewels scattered among the lands of the beautiful country. According to these myths, there are several hidden treasures of inestimable value, here are some:

The Treasure of the Sanctuary of the SS Crocifisso in Treia

In the small town in proximity of Macerata is situated a church in which very great wealth seems to have been accumulated. According to legend, these riches were swallowed up by the ground following a terrible earthquake. Despite years of excavation, no one has ever managed to find gold.

The Golden Horse in the Novara Castle

According to the myth, he was hidden in the dungeons of the castle there statue of a horse in solid gold made by the master Leonardo da Vinci. In order to get hold of the statue you have to go through a long tunnel that crosses the whole city, but unfortunately no one has ever discovered the access to this gallery.

The Diamond of the Palazzo in Corso Ercole I in Ferrara

It seems that one of the pyramidal decorations that characterize the facade of the building contains a real diamond, hidden from Ercole I d'Este. According to legend, the only person who knew the secret of the diamond's location was the master builder who carried out the construction work, whose eyes were gouged out and his tongue cut out.

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