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    5 days in Piedmont: from Turin to the Savoy Residences

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    Turin? one of the cities? Italian pi? rich in monuments and works of art: if we also take into account the Savoy residences in its surroundings, a week would certainly not be enough to visit it completely.
    However, in a 5 day long weekend like we had available, you can? undoubtedly being able to reach several of its most popular attractions. important.
    A fundamental tool to optimize your itinerary? the purchase of the Torino Card, which will allow you? to save considerably also on the costs of individual entries.

    1 day

    We leave Bologna early and in about 4 hours by car we reach our destination; just the time to leave the suitcases in the hotel and we immediately throw ourselves to the discovery of the city, to be able to see the most? possible. The hotel chosen for our stay? Hotel Giotto, central and also very convenient to the subway stop. First we pass by the Tourist Office in Piazza Carlo Felice, near the station, to collect our Torino Cards, then we immediately head towards Piazza Castello, the beating heart of the city, where the most important buildings are concentrated. important in the area.
    The pi? impressive and spectacular? the Royal Palace, the official residence of the Savoy dynasty until 1865, where all the rooms are furnished with fine furniture, statues and porcelain, in a succession of luxury and wealth. Inside the palace? It is also possible to visit the Royal Armory, in which the collections of arms and armor of King Carlo Alberto are exhibited, and the Galleria Sabauda, ​​which houses a prestigious collection of paintings from the House of Savoy. The visit inside the Royal Palace? free and? It is forbidden to take photos inside.
    The tour of the whole complex takes us a good part of the afternoon, but we still have some time left to take a stroll through the streets of the city? before dinner time: we take the opportunity to visit the outside of Palazzo Madama, the Duomo, the imposing Church of the Consolata and Piazza San Carlo, where the annual New Year's concert was also held.

    2 day

    On the morning of the second day we move from the historical center to visit the Royal Palace of Venaria Reale, since the bus ride? included for free in the Torino Card; the palace ? well connected to the city, even if it takes at least 45 minutes between stops.
    Before entering we take a tour of the large gardens still covered with frost, then we dedicate ourselves to the interiors of the Palace, built specifically to rival Versailles, and in which the dominant color? the White.
    After the visit to the Venaria Reale, we return with the same bus to the center, to visit one of the historical symbols of Turin: the spectacular Mole Antonelliana, which observes the whole city? from the top of its 85 meters. This houses the National Cinema Museum, a must for all lovers of the genre. On the ground floor you can? settle on comfortable recliners and watch some scenes of famous films on large mega screens in front of you (with the soft light all around the risk will be that of taking a nap!); once you have rested properly, you can continue your tour by climbing concentric levels upwards, admiring the many scenarios or repertoire objects from film sets known to the general public. At the end of the tour, then take the panoramic lift with transparent walls, which will transport you? at speed? elevated to the top of the dome, from where you will dominate the entire center of Turin.
    Last stop of the day, reached just before closing,? the Egyptian Museum, another unmissable attraction especially if? your first visit to the city. This museum, housed in the building of the Academy of Sciences,? the pi? important in Italy and second in size only to that of Cairo.

    3 day

    The first stage of the third day? Palazzo Carignano, always in the center, which houses the Museum of the Italian Risorgimento, which is the most? complete documentation of the history of the Unit? of Italy, in the period between 1706 and 1946. The collections are kept inside the noble floor of the building, and? It is also possible to admire the Hall of the Subalpine Parliament, which has remained perfectly unchanged since the last session in 1860.
    After an interesting visit to the MAO (Museum of Oriental Art, if you are passionate about the genre), and given the pleasant sunny day at the end of December, we decide to take a stroll in the open air and head towards the Valentino Park, considered the great green lung of the city? along the banks of the river Po. Inside there are two splendid treasures of the artistic heritage of Turin: the Valentino Castle (visible only from the external gate), and the Rocca and the medieval village, a faithful reconstruction of houses and shops of the era, inaugurated during the General Exhibition of 1884. Here it really seems to go back in time, and if you are lucky you can also meet some nice squirrels that will let themselves approach in search of something to eat! La Rocca can you? visit inside only with guided tours.
    Since we still have some time available, we decide to retrieve the car and reach cos? the Basilica of Superga, the large Baroque church that with its yellow facade stands out over Turin from the top of the surrounding hills. Unfortunately this monument? also known for a sad event of crime news:? in fact, it was here that the plane that brought the Torino team home from Lisbon crashed, in which 31 people lost their lives.

    4 day

    Our fourth day includes a rather intense program, as we move to the discovery of the Piedmontese Savoy residences outside the historic center: here having the car will reveal itself? very useful for optimizing travel times.
    The first one we reach? also one of the best known ones, that is the Palazzina di Caccia di Stupinigi, located about ten kilometers from the city. This palace, whose symbol? the deer that stands on the roof, is made up of numerous and elegant rooms, which flow into the elliptical central hall, where court feasts were held and sumptuous weddings were celebrated. Arriving here just during opening hours, we were able to enjoy the visit in almost total solitude, without the confusion of the larger tour groups. numerous.
    To visit the Racconigi Castle we move to the homonymous town, already? in the province of Cuneo. This residence expands imposingly on a large square and we take advantage of the time we have available to take some photos of the exterior: in fact, you can enter here only at set times with guided tours.
    From Castello di Racconigi we return towards Turin, to visit his Villa della Regina which has earlier closing times than the other residences in the area. This seventeenth-century building is located on the hills surrounding the city, and? introduced by a beautiful garden with statues and fountains. Here, too, interior photos are strictly prohibited.
    The RiFlights Castle? instead the Savoy residence that struck me the least, as it houses the Museum of Contemporary Art and the rooms are mostly? unadorned to highlight the works on display. I still recommend a quick tour even if you are not fond of this art form since the entrance? also included in the Torino Card.

    5 day

    As always the last day of vacation? always the pi? short, why? the return to Bologna awaits us. We therefore take the opportunity to visit the last Savoy residence in the program, namely the Castle of Agli ?, before taking the road back.
    The Castle, originally born as a fortress, was reorganized as a stately home and later became the summer residence of King Carlo Felice; probably some of you will remember it why? ? was the set of a well-known Italian fiction, "Elisa di Rivombrosa". Here too we took a tour of the small village waiting for the time of entry: the visits are guided and as for the other residences there is an absolute ban on taking photos inside. The guided tour then ends with a free tour of the gardens.
    And so what? our 5 days in Turin come to an end ... which although seeming many, were still not enough to be able to visit everything!

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