5 Days in Ireland: Dublin, Kilkenny, Galway and Cork

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I don't know if Ireland? as I expected. In reality? I didn't even know what to expect. Any good, c '? that it didn't rain then cos? much. Gray sky, yes ... always that. Wind, cold ... even those. But rain, fortunately, only one day.
On the other hand, I believe that if Ireland had the climate of Sicily, for example, it would change its name to Paradise. The scenarios are eye-popping, of a moving, authentic, sincere beauty. Like the Irish!
Here are some travel tips before telling the adventure:
- airport connections are very good. Round trip with ryanair cost a total of about 60 euros, taxes and all included.
- the prices of hotels, b & bs and accommodation in general are also very good. They range from 15-20 euros for a bed in a hostel to 20-25 for a room with airbnb up to 40? 60 euros maximum in a budget hotel or b & b.
- the food ? fantastic and definitely affordable. ? clear that as in all cities, there are expensive places for those who want to spend more? and cheap places for those who want to spend less. Personally I suggest you eat in pubs rather than restaurants. The food ? excellent and with 10 euros you have a dish and a beer. Guinness, of course.
- Transport: if you want to go from a city? to the other, rent a car. For 5 days it costs about 120 euros ... it's worth it. Eye for? left-hand drive and right-hand drive seat ... change gears with your left hand? traumatic state!
- drinks and nightlife: guys ... watch out! Ireland? a succession of pubs, breweries, clubs ... not? dear, but if you don't do the math ... you'll end up with an empty wallet and a beastly headache! (Any reference to things or events that took place ...).

1 day

Do you arrive at the airport and luckily the flight time? very good. It's about 11, c '? time to get to town? and devote all day to visiting the capital.
They are usually more? a bus or long walk type, but to save time I preferred to take a taxi ... guys what an experience! I thought you were lucky to meet a super nice taxi driver, and instead find out? pi? come on, the people here, and the taxi drivers in particular, are all just like that! In half an hour of travel he told me a lot of things! Of the now 13-year-old daughter and how difficult it is to be a father today, of Ireland, of Dublin, of Italians, of beer, of castles ... and that accent so? far from the canons of English you hear in movies or TV series! It was the 30 minutes by taxi more? fun ever made! |
Arrive in the city, greet and thank my new Irish friend, and launch into the capital! The atmosphere, despite the gray sky,? cheerful, the first impression? very good. Different from the huge capitals that give you that sense of labyrinth, here everything seems around you, just a few steps away!
My must-sees in Dublin are the Guinness Factory, Temple Bar and the National Museum.
I have a day and a half morning available, why? tomorrow we go down? to the next destination ... but I feel I can do it!
I go to the Guinness Storehouse, an interactive museum with all the curiosities? possible about the legendary Guinness beer. You can even take a quick lesson to learn how to perfectly tap a Guinness! The entrance? a bit expensive, about 20 euros, for? I gladly spent them!
They are 7 floors, with more? the ground floor with the shop with a lot of items too strong for brand lovers. I forgot that the ticket still includes a medium draft of beer ... do you want to drink a nice Original Guinness directly in the establishment? Priceless!
At 7? floor c '? the Gravity Bar, an all-glass rooftop with a spectacular view of Dublin!
Next stop, Dublin Castle!
It is located downtown, practically behind City Hall. The entrance for? ? possible only with a guided tour and costs about 5 euros. I managed to queue up to a group and I entered, and I must say that even here ne? was it worth ... already? from the outside the castle looks very good, with the typical structure of an Irish manor, with the large keep and the green lawn all around.
Today ? seat of the Presidency of the Republic, and inside there are huge and super luxurious halls, stucco ceilings, the ballroom, the throne room ... really very very beautiful!
Between a tour, a visit and a walk with wide eyes so as not to miss anything and photograph everything with your eyes, yes? already? late evening ... well, we are in line with the plans: we go to Temple Bar!
I admit ... I was unprepared. I was expecting an Irish pub, but I found so much more! The temple bar is not? only one bar, but a sort of "pub residence", a village of pubs all with an outdoor terrace, with live music, street artists, people singing and dancing ... a show!
To be honest ? a little too touristy, probably the real Irish go to drink elsewhere, and in fact here I caught a lot of Italians with full bellies and empty purses ... but the warning didn't work. Me too, a few hours more? later, I was going to take part in that trashy show!
I sat down around 20pm and already? many ate or had even finished dinner ... what unusual times! Sar? that it is always dark and therefore do not wait for the sun to go down ... since the sun is not there? track!
Anyway, in pubs you eat LIKE GOD! There was plenty of choice, and I who suffer from chronic procrastination (inability to make decisions), when in doubt I took ... a bit of everything! Guys ... I'm not telling you. I went away on all fours, both why? I had a stomach full of food, and why? ... Guinness in Ireland? a temptation you cannot resist!
And so what? we go for Irish Stew, a typical stew with mutton, potatoes and onions, of course the Steak, tall and juicy, the Soup with mushrooms, a "Pie", a meat and vegetable pie ... and then I gave up. I almost passed out!

2 day

Kilkenny and Galway
Early in the morning, super Irish breakfast, I would say lightly ... bacon, eggs, sausages, mushrooms ... right why? the night before I had gone light!
I get ready for the National Museum, then off to Kilkenny to see castles!
The museum opens at 10:00, I was already at 9.15? L? and there was already? a little in a row ... I suggest you always arrive a little earlier. Why so many lovers of art, history and archeology? Simple ... the museum? free!
Really well organized,? it was a very pleasant visit. There are traces of history ranging from prehistoric times to the conflict of the early 900s, all divided into thematic sections.
There are Viking skeletons, precious treasures even found by farmers during their work in the fields, such as the Ardagh Chalice, the Broighter Hoard, ...
The natural history section is in another building, unfortunately I was in a hurry and I could only glimpse the two million skeletons and stuffed animals!

We go to Galway, I get in the car and the route indicates about 3 hours for the arrival. The road doesn't seem complicated, and I think it was a good way to practice driving on the left. Along the route that practically cuts Ireland in two, I passed villages that seemed enchanting to a distracted glance! Tullamore, Athlone, Ballinasloe. Green hills, pastures with mounds of sheep and goats covered with soft merino wool, lakes ... if you had a lifetime available to be around (and infinite money, more? What else), then it would be interesting to be able to stop all these intermediate stages, but time (and money) are limited, so no distractions, straight to the goal!
Galway welcomes me great. Finally sun, and in fact the atmosphere almost seemed like a national holiday! We are not really used here ...
Here I was planning to spend two nights, why? the first day I want to dedicate it to a happy and carefree tour around the country, the other? a tour to the "Cliffs of Moher"!
So, as scheduled, I walk along the streets of the center, but above all, given the good weather, I allow myself long walks along the coast.
The atmosphere of Galway? similar to that of Dublin, and basically all of Ireland. Good vibes, great feeling, feels like a lively college town. Live music every night, Irish folk music, really not bad!
Hospitality here? something surprising. In the afternoon I stopped to sip wine with various (exquisite) cheeses in a place on the seaside, and in the evening, as a tradition, we go to the pub. As I sipped beer and ate stew at the counter, I found myself chatting with dozens of people I had never seen before, banging pints of beer with me, laughing, offering me a drink, making fun of my Italian accent and me for their Irish! What energy, how much sympathy in this people!
I'm going to sleep again a bit crooked, but with a smile on my face! And with the thought of tomorrow ... Cliffs of Moher, hold on, I'm coming!

3 day

Cliffs of Moher
Honestly I thought they were more? near ste cliffs ... and instead another good hour and a half by car! The navigator makes me choose between two routes: one internal, the other along the coast ... obviously I choose the second!
I skirt the Irish sea, the portion of the Atlantic Ocean that laps the island ... I won't tell you the emotion, my eyes were shining for so much beauty! The goal was the Cliffs of Moher, but I think the path was all a goal ... a kilometer more? beautiful of the other!
Arrived at the cliffs, I would have liked to pause in silence to admire the scenery, the spectacle offered by that nature so? wild, almost aggressive, with the sea clashing hard against the rocks, the wind blowing almost in a surge of anger ... unfortunately for ?, but it was to be expected, the hordes of tourists took there? taking a billion selfies have spoiled the intimate atmosphere that would be needed in these places. It should ban selfies here.
We return to Galway again for the evening, the visit of the cliffs has marked me a bit ... these introspective journeys always make me a little melancholy, but nothing that a pint of Guinness cannot solve!

4 day

Another 3 hours drive, destination Cork!
I go early in the morning, this time breakfast is reduced ... enough, I'm eating too much!
I say goodbye to my host from Galway and once again cut diagonally across the island to reach the city.
Again, the impact? it was great! Cheerful, colorful town, full of bridges that cross small waterways, and with a vivacity? contagious!
I went to visit the University Campus, really great fun, lots of boys and girls from all over the UK and beyond, I felt like I was in one of those TV series at Dawson's Creek but less "cool".
But I absolutely had to go to Cork's famous English Market ... sar? sincere: what I expected was a crazy disappointment. I was expecting hordes of tourists, zero locals, skyrocketing prices and products not at all typical. And instead ... what a surprise! Mi? seemed, in some ways, to return to the Ballar? of Palermo (but without the wonderful Sicilian disorder). Here the locals come to fill their bags with delicacies of all kinds, and the prices are hugely popular! Fruits and vegetables, desserts, fish, meat ... but how wonderful!
The itinerary today? very tight:
- Should I go to St Anne's church, play the Shandon Bells from the first floor, climb all 132 steps to see the city? 360 degrees and see the famous clock;
- Visit Blarney Castle and its gardens. This ? fundamental ... in the castle there is the famous Blarney Stone, a stone that is located at the top of a staircase and which, in exchange for a kiss, offers you the gift of eloquence! And not ? not easy ... you have to put yourself practically upside down, hold on to a metal parapet and kiss the rock!
- finally, I have to be back in time for dinner, don't get drunk at least tonight, and wake up in time to go to the airport!

Well ... I did it! Avr? broken some speed limit, both by car and on foot, but being able to do everything in less than a day, what's more? enjoying it,? it was a hit!

5 day

Dublin and back
Wake up at dawn and another 4 hours drive back to Dublin ... yes, I'm a bit of an idiot, why? in Cork there is an airport, I could book the return flight from here and avoid 4 hours of driving at dawn! But precisely, I'm an idiot ...
However, I would also have had the opportunity? to do the two and a half hour drive, but I preferred to take the coast once again, I made the calculations and I should arrive in good time for check in at the airport.
Mythical journey ... will Ireland stay with me? in the heart, and is rightfully included in the destinations to be absolutely revisited!

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