5 Best Enogastronomic Itineraries of Puglia

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La Apulia it is not only sea and sun: it is also - and for many especially - good food! There are various most popular food and wine tours of Puglia, and here we wish to tell you about what we believe to be the best 5, able to satisfy even the most demanding palates.


  1. Route of the Millenary Olives
  2. Itinerary from Mesagne to Salice Salentino
  3. Itinerary from Minervino Murge to Cerignola
  4. Itinerary from Leverano to San Pancrazio Salentino
  5. Itinerary from Bari to Modugno
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1 - Route of the Millenary Olives

This suggestive itinerary includes routes that vary from 2 km to 15 km and develops in the plains, both on dirt paths and on paved roads. The area is bounded by the municipalities of Ostuni, Fasano, Monopoli e Crovigno and sees a very high concentration of millenary olive trees: it is estimated that some plants have even exceeded 3.000 years of age.


  • Fasano: town of considerable architectural importance, military religious. The following visits are recommended: Museum of olive oil, Montalbano dolmen, Fogge tower
  • Ostuni: very scenic historic city, with a famous historic center once painted entirely with white lime. To visit the Minor Basilica, Villa Nazareth and the Aragonese walls that surround the old city.


Extra virgin olive oil, fresh pasta seasoned with seasonal vegetables or traditional ragù, various types of meat including lamb. As for the desserts, the Bocconotti and cartellate. With regard to i wines, the best known are S'èscusu, m'Inèbrio, Rosarose Blanc.

2 - Itinerary from Mesagne to Salice Salentino

Itinerary that develops about 20 km away from the sea. Mesagne is a town in the province of Brindisi located along the via Appia Antica part of the association Rete Italiane Città Sane - OMS: together with Ostuni, from an artistic point of view Mesa is the country that best represents the Apulian Baroque. Salice Salentino it is instead a small rural village in the Lecce area that hosts the Leone de Castris, an ancient and renowned winery, located inside an imposing building.


  • Mesagne: castle, underground oil mill, Messapian necropolis, Church of S. Anna.
  • Salice Salentino: Leone de Castris winery, Monaci castle, Convent of the Friars Minor and Church of the Visitation.


They are recommended first courses based on red sauces, local meats, sweets with almonds. For wines, Salice Salentino, Locorotondo, Copertino and the renowned Primitivo of Manduria.

3 - Itinerary from Minervino Murge to Cerignola

La Masseria Barbera di Minervino Murge (province of Barletta - Andria - Bari) is a destination for lunches for many refined palates: it is a construction built in the early 1.800s and which thanks to its position allows you to admire expanses of olive trees and vines. Also Cerignola it offers excellent tastings, as well as the chance to see enchanting places while breathing the near air of the sea.


  • Minervino Murge: the municipality of Minervino Murge is largely included in the borders of the Alta Murgia National Park. The fifteenth-century tower, the old clock and the votive lighthouse of the municipal villa are worth a visit.
  • Cerignola: a very extensive municipality on which there are famous monuments such as the Duomo and historic buildings, including the Mercadante theater, Palazzo Pavoncelli and the Torre Alemanna.


To satisfy the palate, the mozzarella without salt e fresh ricotta. THE typical wines of this area are the following: Bocca di Lupo, Aglianico, Perastro

4 - Itinerary from Leverano to San Pancrazio Salentino

This itinerary develops fromIonian-Salento hinterland, where the Municipality of Leverano, but to San Pancrazio Salentino: less than 25 km of path not far from the sea, passing through the splendid location of Monaci Castle, chosen by many couples as a restaurant for their wedding day.


  • Leverano: Federiciana Tower, Mother Church, Church of San Benedetto.
  • San Pancrazio Salentino: Mother Church, Town Hall Building.


Allemande, grilled mutton, ciceri and tria, broad beans and chicory, fried broad beans. THE typical wines they are Chardonnay Salento and various types of White, Passito and Vendemmia Tardiva, Malvasia, Rosato, Red.

5 - Itinerary from Bari to Modugno

If you decide to take a trip to Puglia, you cannot miss the beauties of Bari: then moving from the city towards the hinterland, in about 16 km you are at Modugno, another splendid town that offers excellent food and, as in the whole region, good wine.


  • Bari: Basilica of San Nicola, Petruzzelli Theater, Metropolitan Art Gallery of Bari, Cathedral of San Sabino
  • Modugno: Sanctuary of S. Maria della Grotta, Church of S. Maria Santissima Annunziata, Town Hall.


The unmissable food is composed of orecchiette, panzerotti, burrata, extra virgin olive oil. THE recommended wines they are Gioia del Colle, Locorotondo and Martina.

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