5 Best Enogastronomic Itineraries of Lazio

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Lazio, in addition to being rich in history and culture, is also a land of wines, with various itineraries rich in oenological excellence that know how to give immense pleasures to gourmets. Find out the best ways of taste between the Castelli Romani wine route, the Velino Valley or the Tuscia. Choose from the 5 food and wine itineraries the one for you!


  1. 1. Castelli Romani Wine Route
  2. 2. Food and wine itinerary from Castel Sant'Angelo to Amatrice
  3. 3. Wine route of the province of Latina
  4. 4. Tuscia food and wine itinerary
  5. 5. Ciociaria to eat
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1. Castelli Romani Wine Route

La Wine Route of the Castelli Romani it is the best marriage between territory and wines that have a history of over three thousand years. Immerse yourself in a journey that combines archeology, gastronomic tradition, scenic beauty and DOC as the Frascati, Marine, Velletri. In this route, however, there are not only wines, crossing the Castelli Romani Regional Park you can visit th century villas such as: Chigi in Ariccia and Palazzo Sforza in Genzano.
For information: http://www.stradadeivinideicastelliromani.it/

What to See

  • Ariccia not only wonderful citadel to visit the Primoli palace and Church of the Assumption but a place where you can breathe the true spirit of the Lazio region. Stop to eat at the most famous of the taverns, Hosteria n ° 1 where I recommend you to order the Botticella as the first one (half between amatriciana and carbonara) and the second ... obviously the lamb scottadito!
  • Frascati is a town on the outskirts of Rome, the best known among those of the Roman castles; in fact very popular with the Romans themselves. Frascati is famous throughout the beautiful country for its "fraschette" overo le osterie where in addition to good food they make you taste, and take home, excellent homemade wine. For lovers of greenery, Frascati is also an excellent stop for an itinerary between nature, archeology and art. Once in Frascati, head towards the Mount Tuscolo to get lost in the woods and the remains of ancient Roman residences. A landscape to take your breath away !!

Gastronomy and typical products

I DOC wines of the Roman castles they range from white, to red and pink in many varieties. From the fizzy to the ambile. The typical products of this area, besides the excellent wines, are theextra virgin olive oil Porchetta, horse couples and the timeless pecorino romano.

2. Food and wine itinerary from Castel Sant'Angelo to Amatrice

This is a 75 km high route Velino Valley that will allow you to discover typical flavors and the most beautiful villages in the area. A journey dedicated to the taste of walks on the border between Lazio, Umbria, Abruzzo e Walk. During the excursion you can taste the oldest dishes in the world, with authentic meat, good wine and homemade desserts.

What to See

  • La Church of Santa Maria della Porta, in the heart of the medieval village of Sant'Angelo castel. The Church was built near the ancient gate that gave access to the city where, in ancient times, the castle's armory stood, which is why the church is called della Porta. It was the Church of the gate of the citadel.
  • The village Velino, still has all the charm of the past thanks to its artistic and architectural treasures all of the imperial era. Around this village there are wonderful villas of ancient senators and even of emperors
  • Antrodoco, it's a pretty one village on the Via Salaria just 30 km from L'Aquila. Lose yourself in the alleys and among the many churches, admire the handicrafts, the shops and buy the tasty chestnuts and the copéta, made with nuts and honey.
  • Mail, make a stop in this small village for eat the best fettuccine in all of Lazio and don't forget to eat them with truffles which are king in these parts.
  • Accumulate, to taste excellent sausages and get lost in the tangled heap of houses and alleys
  • Matrix, to make you "du spaghi all'amatriciana" as per ancient tradition.

Gastronomy and typical products

The gastronomy of this area is characterized by one poor cuisine but rich in taste with traditional recipes. No wonder that traditional dishes are there fresh pasta with which to make excellent tagliatata, pappardelle, rags and ravioli. The condiments will be based on sauces of mushrooms, boar e truffles. Typical products are the chestnuts from which a delicious jam and the gentian liqueur.

3. Wine route of the province of Latina

Recently established, but still has the distinction of being the longest wine route in Italy. The way starts from Monti Lepini, among gastronomic excellences, to pass by the city of Cori, where there are excellent cellars to arrive on shores of the sea in San Felice Circeo. This is an itinerary for demanding palates, there are numerous excellent wine cellars and gastronomic specialties recognized worldwide.

What to See

  • Cori, a wine city of the highest level. Much appreciated by foreigners for its Renaissance style and for excellent ham. The city also hosts the Latium Festival every year which is a riot of international folklore.
  • Aurunci Park, Near the city of San Felice Circeo, it is an excellent stop for lovers of hiking, but also for those who want to spend a nice day with the little ones. In fact, the park is designed to entertain everyone. With many naturalistic and archaeological museums. 47 CAI routes that can be chosen with different degrees of difficulty.
  • Latin, is located inAgro Pontino, once in the middle of a swamp today, after reclamation, a fascinating city facing the sea. In Latina you absolutely must order the immortal spaghetti "ajo, ojo e peperoncino".

Gastronomy and typical products

I DOC wines from the province of Latina best known are: the Circeo DOC, Cori DOC and Terracina or Moscato di Terracina DOC. On the gastronomy and traditional dishes of the province of Pontina you could get lost for the vastness and diversity. From the very famous tiella di Gaeta al Patty Of Anchovies. But you can also discover excellent lesser-known dishes like la Bazzoffia soup made with broad beans and artichokes or bean soup.

4. Tuscia food and wine itinerary

An itinerary that combines art and history, all while drinking excellent wine and eating the best bread and oil of Lazio. The Tuscia it is an ideal place to spend 3,4 days surrounded by meats, sauces, sweets and monuments.

What to See

  • Bagnoregio famous as "the dying city". Bagnoregio is located on an island in the middle of the Calanques valley making it a very suggestive place. Connected to the "continent" by a very narrow walkway where you can enjoy one of the more particular views of Tuscia. Don't miss the Duomo and Etruscan village of Bucaione.
  • Il Palazzo Farnese of Caprarola built on the will of Pope Paul III Farnese in the sixteenth century. Inside there are still original rooms and halls decorated with frescoes by the most illustrious Italian painters. Pleasant stop in the square sipping a good drink.
  • Via Francigena and fvery amosissimo Est Est Est wine. The Lake Bolsena it is the largest volcanic lake in Italy. Definitely worth a boat ride between the blue of the water and the green of the surrounding hills. In the lake there are several islets that offer a unique panorama. Don't miss the Monaldeschi Castle and Church of S. Cristina and Grotta della Santa. Along all the islands of the lake you can taste the famous "EST! EST !! EST !!! of Montefiascone".

Gastronomy and typical products

The traditional dish is without a doubt theAcquacotta with homemade bread, vegetables and field chicory and a little mint.
Another traditional dish is la lamb soup. The most famous dessert are the macaroni with walnuts. But there are also excellent pies made with ricotta or wine donuts. Without forgetting the "Tozzetti" which, dipped in the DOC dessert wine (Aleatico di Gradoli), represent the maximum expression of the traditional end-of-meal of Tuscia cuisine.

5. Ciociaria to eat

La Ciociaria is a little known area in the south east of Rome. Famous only for Frosinone, Ciociaria offers much more. It is the union of tradition, cuisine and breathtaking landscapes. Definitely to eat there Amaseno buffalo mozzarella.

What to See

  • Arpino you cannot miss the small town rich in history and legends, gathered between strong walls that highlights the archaic life.
  • Agnani born on a hill in the Sacco valley. . The citadel stands on a hill between the Ernici mountains and the Sacco Valley. The legend counts it among the five cities of Ciociaria founded by the god Saturn.

Gastronomy and typical products

Ciociaria has very poor dishes that denote the genuineness of the people and traditions.
But rich in warmth and able to satisfy you Ciociaria dishes are dipped in old flavors such as soup with bread below or lasagna with beans or cod soup. THE wines constitute the best expression of 800.000 years of history of this area. The best known is the Cesanese flowing in rivers in the taverns, a full-bodied red that will delight your palate. For white lovers there Passerina del Frusinate it is an excellent IGT.

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