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Summer has always been the best time of year to pick up. The boys move from one beach to another looking for beautiful girls, women allow themselves to be wooed with the hope of being able to live the dream of a summer love. Consequently, all singles logically try to plan their holidays by choosing the ideal destination in order to "cook". Whether you are students and kids shaken by terrible hormonal storms, or maybe over 40-50-60 and single parents, it doesn't matter! ForTravelAdviceLovers provides you with a complete overview of the opportunities offered to both categories: young and old! If you don't want to spend the summer in white, you should take notes!


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5 best destinations for singles in the summer

Let's start with the tips for the guys. First of all it is good to select the destinations frequented mainly by peers, who often share your identical goal!
Here are 5 ideal destinations for a flirtatious summer:

1 - Malta

Solution at your fingertips; easy, fast and not particularly expensive in economic terms: Malta it's perfect for kids looking for fun.
Here you can find young people of English, French, German and Italian nationality: the opportunities to pick up are certainly not lacking, especially if you have a certain practicality with foreign languages.

2 - Aeolian Islands

Beautiful and particularly suitable for any wallet: from Panarea Vip island, a Volcano perfect for students, there is something for all budgets.
If you live in the Italian south and do not want to leave the beautiful country, the Aeolian Islands are probably the best choice.

3 - Riviera Romagnola

Even singles from central and northern Italy have a fantastic location just "a stone's throw away": la Adriatic coast. Rimini, Riccione it's the same Ravenna are now a summer constant for many kids. There is no shortage of fun places: Overseas, Aquafan e mirabilandia by day, the historic nightclub Cocoricò at sunset ...

4 - Lloret de Mar

Lloret de Mar it is entering the hearts of thousands of young tourists thanks to the incredible amount of entertainment it can offer. In recent years, the Spanish resort has grown a lot in terms of popularity because chosen as destination for organized trips from the student site scuolazoo.it.

5 - Ibiza

Finally, the great classic that never sets. Ibiza it is a certainty if what you are looking for is crazy fun and concrete possibilities to approach.
Right here is one of the most beautiful and popular beaches in the world: Playa d'en bossa.

Holidays for singles over 40-50-60

After having satisfied the young people, now it's up to the over.
Fortunately, the solutions are different for this category as well. The most suitable destinations are Sicily and Sardinia in Italy, Cyclades islands in Greece and the seaside resorts of the Croatia, or again Cuba, Santo Domingo and the Caribbean islands generally. The over 40-50-60 and of single with children can consider participating in exclusive cruises e organized trips from marriage and tourist agencies.

Organized trips and cruises: prices and opinions

On the topic of cruises for singles there is a lot of misinformation. It is true that some agencies sell this type of package, but our advice is to be wary of those who assure you certain results: no one can guarantee you in any way that there are only singles on board the ship. A serious agency does nothing but create gods travel groups (usually of 30-40 elements) made up of people free from sentimental commitments. THE prices for a cruise vary from € 1000 to € 1500 (depending on the route). The same goes for organized trips, which if approached with the right spirit can turn out to be an unforgettable experience. For travel, prices vary a lot depending on the destination, the number of participants and the type of holiday.

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