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For those who don't know much about the small Greek island of Santorini (and I don't think there are many of you, since it is one of the most popular destinations for summer holidays), it is a volcanic island belonging to the Cyclades, in the Aegean sea. A destination that has grown a lot in fame and popularity, thanks above all to its being a perfect spot for memorable photographs. Santorini? cos? damn photogenic!
Strolling through the small streets of Oia makes you think you are in a place sponsored by Nikon, or maybe there is some kind of photo contest, why? are all there? taken taking pictures, capturing shots and of course selfies!
For a long time I have dreamed of visiting Santorini, its white stone houses, the infinite Aegean sea, and bougainvillea triumphs to frame colored sea doors.

1 day

We decide upon our arrival to rent a car. Driving in Santorini not? difficult, there are main roads almost everywhere that allow you to move easily. It is still a volcanic island, so there are still climbs, sometimes quite steep.
We go to Akrotiri, one of the villages of Santorini.
The island? born from a volcanic eruption that destroyed everything, literally razing every single island to the ground. There? that ? remained? a huge rectangular body of water surrounded by cliffs. Santorini? in fact composed of small villages, such as Fira, Oia, Kamari, Perissa, ...
We visit the Paleolithic ruins, with the remains of over 30.000 years ago.
In Akrotiri we also wanted to see the volcano, but think about it, we couldn't find it ... on the other hand, we ended up by chance at Red Beach. Enchanting spectacle, we climbed with a little effort on top of a cliff and from there? off to the cliff of Red Beach.

We enjoy the beach and the sea, fortunately not very crowded, until lunchtime when an irresistible peckish makes us wake up for recreation.
We stop at a restaurant overlooking the way back and try all the typical cuisine, starting with Moussaka and lamb with potatoes.
After lunch, some photos and off to Oia.
On the way to Oia, passing through Fira, we notice that a lot of people at one point were standing along the roadside, ready to take photos for the famous Santorini sunset.
We weren't in a hurry, so? we stopped too, even if it was still a bit early, as the sun usually sets no earlier than 20:00 here. We took the opportunity to stop in a hotel bar and have a couple of drinks accompanied by a few slices of cake: P
We waited about two hours, but ne? definitely worth it! Has the sky begun to turn gold and orange, and the sun softly? gone to rest behind the horizon. A simply magical experience!

2 day

The next day we left for Oia, a picturesque village among the most? required in Santorini. Here too, breathtaking sunsets and fairytale scenarios.
We arrive already? at lunchtime (we took it easy), and at the suggestion of some locals, we went to Amoudi Bay, where it seems you can find the best fresh fish in Santorini.
Amoudi Bay? full of restaurants with outdoor veranda where you can have lunch or dinner overlooking the sea. It is also a port and many boat tours depart from here.
The lunch ? it was excellent, even if a bit pricey, but the fish was really fresh, and you know, fresh fish is paid for ...
Meanwhile, during lunch, I was wondering whether or not to go up the hill with the donkeys, but was there so? hot and those poor animals seemed so? sad that in the end we preferred to do a nice climb on foot.
There? took a good half hour, cost a bit of fatigue, but once again the view from up there? he paid us back for everything. The center of Oia? fabulous! Narrow streets paved with marble, art galleries, souvenir shops, hotels and restaurants. In the heart of Oia c '? also a delightful little church, all white and with a dome colored blue like the sea.
Back at the hotel, we stopped at Kamari beach, a few minutes from our accommodation. The beach ? rocky and black beach. Immediately me? came to think how unique Santorini is: it has a red, a black and a white beach!
We were exhausted from the climb and from the busy day, so? we took a nap and got back on track just for sunset. We go to restaurants, and we stop in a little place that overlooks the caldera.

3 day

You go to Fira (or Thira) today, the capital of Santorini. Predictable that it was more? crowded in Oia, and in fact we had to wait several minutes to find a parking space.
We wandered around souvenir shops, honestly pretty expensive. Then we went to the Fish Spa: what an experience! It is difficult to describe the sensation of being nibbled at the feet by the little fish ... but afterwards we felt more? fresh and ... clean!
Before sunset, between a walk and another we end up finding a truly unique place. overlooking the sea, we find a heart-shaped rock, a sort of natural arch, which draws a heart but upside down. A perfect spot for super romantic photos! Among other things, a place unknown even to locals, and therefore without crowds and crowds of tourists!

4 day

The day begins with a visit to the ruins of Ancient Thera, on the hill of M? Ssa Voun ?. Wear comfortable shoes, there are not many beaten paths and you have to go up and down along rather steep paths.
After a whole day wandering around, between walks, aperitifs, glasses of wine and food swallowed a bit like this, without a precise time but just for the pleasure of eating (? What do you do, yeah!) We go to the looking for a place to dine. Were there so? many restaurants to choose from, so we went a little nose and chose a restaurant with a view, so that we could enjoy the sunset during dinner.
Food here? really great. Greek salad, squid, salmon, with some sauces with a strong but very pleasant taste!
When evening falls, all the lights that come from the pure white buildings shine like stars. The sight ? something magical, a pity not to be able to fully enjoy this magic because of too many tourists intent on stopping and taking pictures.
It is the last evening, so despite the fatigue from the abundant dinner and ... the abundant wine, we launch into the nightlife of Santorini. They tell us that here, to really "party", you have to go to Perivolos beach. And so what? let's make.
I barely remember a succession of bars and nightclubs on the beach with lots of people all intent on romping, dancing, jumping into the water. All the rest of the memories appear blurred, as if you are looking at them from ... behind a bottle or two of wine!
Unfortunately, the next memory? the return home, but with an experience that will bring? forever in the heart!

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