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    4 days in Madrid

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    Madrid or Barcelona?

    This was the question that for several months floated in our heads.

    Many friends advised us Madrid, others Barcelona, ​​creating us more and more? confusion. The days went by, the date of departure was getting closer and closer? until one morning cornered by time we decided on Madrid.

    The day scheduled for the departure was February 28th and so? was, we left from Bergamo - orio al serio airport towards Madrid with the airline Ryanair.

    Did the flight last? almost two hours and once we landed inside the airport it was possible to buy the tourist pass with which? allowed to take all public transport in the urban area more? the connection to and from the airport; from here we took Metro Line 8 to the terminus at Nuevos Ministerios, where we changed to Line 10 to Plaza de Espa? a and finally Line 3 and got off at the Sol stop where the main "Plaza del Sol" square is located.

    In addition to visiting this square, we went down here why? here we booked our hotel, or rather hostel, "Hostal Comercial" very clean and well kept, owners very helpful and kind for any need.

    1 day

    1? Day: 28/02/2015

    The arrival in this city? was in the early hours of the morning, tired from the journey we decided to wander on foot through the streets adjacent to Plaza del Sol until we reach an imposing cathedral "Catedral de Santa Maria la Real de Almudena" pi? commonly known as "Catedral de la Almudena" main place of worship in the capital, consecrated by Pope John II in 1993, located in the central Plaza de la Armeria, which overlooks the Royal Palace.
    Palacio Real de Madrid? still today the official residence

    of the Spanish Kings. The reconstruction of this building dates back to 1735 by Filippo Juvara, but on his death it was completed by Giovanni Battista Sacchetti.

    The building very much reflects the styles of the Italian artist Bernini.
    After this walk in the art we decided to enjoy a good lunch in a restaurant located in the Plaza Mayor. Unfortunately we don't remember the name, but what amazes us? the goodness? fish dishes, especially squid, also served in "bocadillos de calamares" sandwiches, in a city? that does not live by fishing.
    Plaza Mayor reserves the typical characteristics of the countries of Northern Europe, constructions that frame and in the center a statue depicting Philip III of the Habsburg dynasty. This square has two faces, day and night; the day characterized by tourists, street artists, bars and restaurants open, the night instead? a meeting point for the homeless, where they can find a meal offered by volunteers, the restaurants are closed and the lights are off.

    Fatigue was beginning to make itself felt and for this reason we stayed in the Plaza del Sol in the evening to drink a "Cerveza" (beer).

    This place is often used as a meeting point for Spaniards, where they can meet up with friends and spend an evening with friends.

    2 day

    2? Day: 01/03/2015

    Did the alarm go off in the morning? soon, why? as all travelers know, in the early hours of the morning can you see the lights and colors of the city? still asleep.

    We decided to have breakfast in an excellent pastry shop just outside the subway in the Sol station, the scent of pastries, croissants and freshly baked cakes makes the day better. The day's program included a morning of shopping in the famous Gran Via where there are shops of all types and tastes, from the very famous H&M and Rolex to the craft shops.
    For lunch you could not miss the famous Bocadillo de Jamon Serrano, an excellent sandwich with raw ham cut with a knife, a simple meal that can? it can be easily purchased in one of the many "stalls" distributed around the city, ideal for those who do not want to stop in a restaurant.

    In the afternoon we walked towards the Fuente de Cibeles, in the Plaza del Cibeles where? located the Palacio de Comunicaciones, characteristic for its curved shape, today the seat of the municipality.
    From this point they branch off: Calle de Alcal? and the avenues of Recoletos and Prado.

    In the middle? of Calle de Alcal? there is the Puerta de Alcal ?, in ancient times it represented the entrance to the city.
    Continuing along the Via del Prado we decided to stop at the museum of the same name, but, since in the late afternoon the entrance? free, the waiting times were very long and for this reason we could not visit it. On our return to the hotel we were accompanied by peaceful demonstrators who stopped right in the Plaza del Sol.
    The second evening after having dinner we decided to stroll through the streets of the center, always crowded with tourists, but also with Spaniards themselves, until late at night.

    3 day

    3? Day: 02/03/2015

    On the morning of the third day we decided to dedicate it to art by going to the Reina Sofia museum where the works of great artists such as Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dal ?, Joan Mir? Are kept. and Andy Warhol.
    The Picasso painting that everyone knows? the? Guernica ?; painting representing the Spanish civil war in the first half? of the? 900; the dimensions of the painting are very large as it occupies an entire wall, and for this reason it creates a lot of charm in the visitor.
    Were there many other works that we could see, on the various floors of the museum, at the end of the entire floor? occupied by works of contemporary art that did not arouse great interest in us.
    A few steps from the museum is the Atocha station, a very common station for the external structure, but internally? very particular as it presents a? forest? with different types of vegetation and fauna, from birds to targarughe.
    In the afternoon, however, we always devoted ourselves to art, but in this case, culinary, why, once we entered the Mercado de San Miguel,? It is possible to taste all kinds of dishes from the famous Pizza to typical Spanish dishes such as Paella tastings of both meat and fish, nachos, churros, tortillas and much more.
    For dinner we went to a restaurant located in Calle Mayor to enjoy a good Paella, we opted for the meat one, as we had never tasted it, instead we already knew the fish one. good.

    4 day

    4? Day: 03/03/2015

    Last day, check-out by 10:00; return flight at 19:50; two times that are not very compatible with each other, wandering through the streets of Madrid with the suitcase? Feasible, but very uncomfortable, in addition? arrived? even the rain to put us in difficulty. At this point ap? perplexed about what to do we asked for help from Mr. Pedro, who is willing to keep our suitcases at his home to allow us to wander around the city peacefully.
    But the weather is not? on our side, and after a few hours in the shops to shelter from the downpours, we decided to leave the center of Madrid, always after having eaten the last Bocadillo de Jamon Serrano, and to head towards the very famous Santiago Bernabeu, Real Madrid stadium. For football fans? entirely visitable inside paying 19 euros.
    At this point there was nothing left but to head towards the airport to return to Milan.
    After this short trip to this city? Iberian what remained in our hearts was the cheerfulness, the vivacity, the availability? and goodness? spirit of the Spaniards we met on our way.
    For all those who want to break away from the usual monotony, we recommend that you consider Madrid, and if you have a few more days available? also visit Toledo!
    For the moment we don't know how to answer the initial question, but are we hoping to visit Barcelona soon and give our opinion?

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