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Talking to you about Bangkok is a bit difficult for me. I set out on this journey with a completely different idea of ​​what it is. that we would meet. Bangkok has literally overwhelmed me and overwhelmed me and I still cannot, even months later, give a real judgment on this rambling city.

1 day

After leaving Pisa and having a stopover in Doha in Qatar, after two flights from about 6 and a half l? One we finally landed at Bangkok Suvarnabhumi airport just before five in the morning (local time). After stretching our legs and retrieving our luggage, we headed to the first floor to catch the first high-speed ride of the day. railway that connects the airport to the city center? of Bangkok on an elevated structure that allows you to observe the landscape during the journey. The line ? open from 6 to 24 and with 45Bath each in about 30 minutes we arrived at Phaya Thai Station. I got off the train and for the first time we came into contact with the air swollen with humidity. and smog of the city? and still with the sweatshirt on to protect us from the air conditioning fired without control in closed places, we began to decompose.

After we? Undressed? we took to the street where an acrid smell mixed with exhaust gas invaded our nostrils. Dozens of cars whizzed by on the street and hailing a taxi to get to the hotel? it was hard at all! The taxi had the Taxi meter sign on the roof indicating that the car was equipped with a taximeter. We asked the driver how much we would have spent approximately for the route and seeing that it didn't seem like a bad price (in the following days we discovered that the prices were considerably lower) we loaded the luggage and left. We left, but the driver did not turn on the taximeter ... Despite the numerous requests, the driver pretended not to understand us, I had gone BLACK and I wanted to finish that short journey by beating the Thai's head with a giant hammer!

First taste of Thailand? Extremely negative! With hindsight I can tell you that everyone and I repeat ALL try to cheat you in some way and the drivers are the most? scoundrels!
Once we reached the hotel we were exhausted, we had a great desire to take a hot shower and sleep a few hours, but the room at eight in the morning was absolutely not ready, so? we went to the top floor of the building where there was a gym and a massage center. We took a dip in the pool that took away all the tensions of the trip and immediately afterwards, under the hot morning sun, we collapsed on the poolside loungers.

2 day

After the refreshing nap on the top floor of our hotel, finally halfway through? morning they gave us the keys to our room. A nice shower gave me back to the world and being able to rest another couple of hours between the sheets that smelled clean gave me the energy I needed to face the city. I know that now you will tell me that in this way we have thrown away an important slice of the day that we could have spent visiting something, but our batteries were really low and without that rest, we would not have done anything.

Our accommodation was located in the Bangalamphu district. Not ? an exclusive neighborhood, but it is very conveniently located to reach the main attractions of the city: the royal palace, Wat Phra Kaeo, the national museum and Wat Pho.
We spent the afternoon and evening of our first Thai day exploring our neighborhood. Absurd tangles of suspended electric cables stretch along the streets a few centimeters from the heads of pedestrians (long live safety) and together with the persistent smell of food, creating an unpleasant feeling of oppression. In fact, close to the sidewalks, an? Infinity? of stalls selling food, most of which? cooked on spartan grills that spread grease-soaked smoke. You eat standing up, on the ground or on improvised mini tables on pavements or in the middle of the street.
After visiting a night market we came to Thanon Khao San, a street that in the evening is filled with young Thais and tourists. Numerous clubs and venues shoot their music at very high volumes, helping to animate even more? the street invaded by counters and stalls selling anything.

3 day

We left on foot early and after a few minutes of walking we arrived in Sanam Luang (literally: royal camp),? a large square that is used in royal celebrations and as a venue for festivals of various kinds. That day the park was packed with people dressed in mourning and outside its gates a large number of agents coordinated the throng of people. Probably and I repeat probably, some ceremony was taking place in honor of the emperor who died a year ago, an emperor much loved by the population who observed a whole year of mourning in his honor. We didn't even dare to try to enter and continued our walk towards the democracy monument until we reached the temples of Loha Prasat and Wat Rajnadda.

Here we have again come into contact with the side? Crafty? of the city, approached by a very talkative local boy started asking us questions about where we were headed and what we were interested in seeing. Of course (according to him) the attractions next to us were all closed and yes? ?kindly? proposed to accompany us on a tour of the city? for ONLY 1000Bath. In short, a real non-armed robbery! We made him talk then, after thanking him for his? Kindness ?, we declined the offer and left along our way.
Of course the temples around us were not really closed and after seeing the aforementioned ones, we headed towards Wat Saket and the Golden Hill, in my opinion one of the most? beautiful to visit in Bangkok.

4 day

Leaving the hotel we headed towards the Phra Sumen fortress surrounded by the Santichaiprakarn park. A few steps from the park we took a boat to the Grand Palace. Are there numerous checks on visitors and security personnel who are employed around the palace walls? made up of dozens of teams. With a 500Bath ticket (probably the most expensive attraction in Bangkok) you can? visit the weapons museum, the Phra Kaeo and the palace. I recommend the clothing, being a place considered sacred, you can not? enter the Palace if you are not wearing appropriate clothes: shoulders strictly covered, long trousers for men and long skirt or trousers for women.

Leaving the walls of the Grand Palace we headed towards the wonderful Wat Pho. The lively temple? a jumble of structures, one of which houses the great and famous Buddha lying 45 meters long. We loved Wat Pho very much and spent several hours lost in its 'labyrinths'.
By now late afternoon we did some boat trips to observe the city? from another point of view and towards sunset we went back to the hotel to enjoy a wonderful traditional massage followed by a binge of food at the combini and then enjoy our last sleep in the capital.

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