37 shots for the beautiful women of the world

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To show that beauty is everywhere, Mihaela Noroc photographer 37 female beauties very different from each other.

La Luck states that people are beautiful precisely because of their diversity and wanted to show it through 37 intense portraits. The photographer found these women through social media, walking down the street and in many other places, which pushed her into a real anthropological research.

Indonesia, Colombia, New Zealand, Great Britain, Romania, Ethiopia: the women of Noroc are unique and beautiful.

Mihaela wanted to immortalize natural woman faces and without a trace of makeup because he wanted to capture its real essence. Her intention is to reveal the pride, sincerity and serenity of the women she photographed who, although so different from each other, are all splendid.

Noroc wants to send the precise message that we absolutely cannot lose our culture, traditions and our origins because this is precisely what makes us different and beautiful.

No matter what cosmetics, money, social class or which part of the planet we come from: whether it is Africa or America what really matters is being yourself and not being afraid to hide it.

What are you looking for in beauty?

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