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Let's face it: some more and some less, we are all superstitious. It's ours irrational and primitive side that emerges, sometimes in a really nice and crazy way. Someone is faithful to "old and dear superstitions" such as not going under a ladder, dreading Friday the 17th or breaking a mirror; others let themselves be influenced by new urban legends. But country you go, superstition you find. You are curious to know what they are the strangest in the world? If the answer is yes, read on ...


  1. Chewing gum for cannibals, Turkey
  2. Students: don't eat bananas, Vietnam
  3. Gobble 12 grapes, Spain
  4. Superstitious noodles and rice, China
  5. Salty love, Russia
  6. Don't name it !, Argentina
  7. Crooked windows, USA
  8. Male or female ?, Yemen
  9. Black anti-betrayal magic, Zimbabwe
  10. A matter of feet, France
  11. Money up, Brazil
  12. 4 bandit, China
  13. It is forbidden to throw away the pieces, Denmark
  14. Superstitious scissors, Egypt
  15. Tap red, Greece
  16. Poor mom ..., Haiti
  17. Superstitious hygiene, India
  18. Warm stomach, Japan
  19. Killer fans, Korea
  20. Loud whistles, Lithuania
  21. Wicked Pillows, Malaysia
  22. Magic broom, Nigeria
  23. Quran just in case, Oman
  24. Don't kill the spiders, Qatar
  25. Bearded women, Rwanda
  26. 2 BrandedTombini, Sweden
  27. 2 Wishbone, Wales
  28. 2Maleficent opal, Great Britain
  29. 2 Petty cigarette, Romania
  30. 30 - Good luck birds, Indonesia
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1 - Chewing gum for cannibals, Turkey

In certain areas of the country chewing gum after midnight is equivalent to chewing decomposed flesh of corpses ... It's a bizarre superstition, but to be safe, avoid chewing gum at night because you could turn into a zombie!

2 - Students: don't eat bananas, Vietnam

If you want to avoid bad grades don't eat bananas! All the most diligent Vietnamese students follow this rule that this fruit is slippery. In fact, in the local language the verb "to slide" is the same used to say "to fail".

3 - Gobble 12 grapes, Spain

Surely many of you have tried: it seems like a walk, but it's not at all! If you want to start the new year in a big way, you can't help but swallow twelve grapes a midnight. But be careful: you have to eat them following the rhythm given by the tolling of the bell that the Puerta del Sol in Madrid plays at the stroke of midnight of the new year. For each grapeyou can also express a wish. You must, however, be able to eat them all and each in due time, otherwise it is not valid.

4 - Superstitious spaghetti and rice, China

In China there are many superstitions related to the use of chopsticks to eat. Don't cut never with the latter a spaghetti: noodles and their length symbolize the course of life and cutting one is seen as ominous gesture. For what concern riceInstead, never plant the sticks vertically in the bowl: the gesture recalls the ritual of burning incense to pity a dead relative. Avoid also of place the sticks by crossing them: in Chinese culture the vertical x symbolizes death.

5 - Salty love, Russia

In most European countries, beliefs related to salt are ominous. In Russia, however, salt is connected with love and marriage. It is said that too salty dishes are an indication of a preparation by a woman in love. According to tradition, the new brides had to salt their father-in-law's dish: consequently, in order not to seem little in love with the new husband, they added more salt than they should.

6 - Don't mention it !, Argentina

Carlos Menem is a former President of Argentina. His name is now synonymous with misfortune e must not for no reason say his name aloud. Whoever hears him immediately touches iron or "other" ...

7 - Crooked windows, Use

In the nineteenth century in the US it was quite widespread the belief that some women were gods Witches. For this reason, in some states such as Vermont, many houses built in that period were equipped with crooked windows. In fact, it seems that witches cannot enter through oblique cracks.

8 - Male or female ?, Yemen

Yemeni mothers can know in advance whether the child they are expecting will be a boy or a girl, which is very often of considerable importance to the husband. According to one belief, that's enough throw a snake into the air: if the reptile falls on his stomach then the unborn child will be a little boy, if instead falls on his back it will be one Sissy. Who knows if it really works ... certainly the snake will not be happy!

9 - Black anti-treason magic, Zimbabwe

How to avoid a betrayal on the part of one's beloved wife? Simple: using black magic! Specifically, the durawalling, a particular spell pronounced by a sorcerer expert in the field. It seems to be an excellent deterrent. But beware: if that doesn't work the couple will not, however never separate. For this we must weigh ourselves very well before requesting it.

10 - A matter of feet, France

Apparently for our cousins ​​from beyond the Alps crushing of excrement along the way leads a lot of luck only if done with the left foot. Trampling them unfortunately with the right, instead, involves thearrival of enormous calamities. Nobody knows where or what this bizarre belief comes from.

11 - Money up, Brazil

In this country no one would dream may di put your purse or wallet on the floor. In fact, if by any chance they should touch the floor you would lose a lot of money!

12 - 4 bandit, China

The number 4 in China it is absolutely banned, as well as the other numbers that contain it. The reason? Its pronunciation resembles that of the word "death".

13 - Forbidden to throw away the pieces, Denmark

If a cup, plate or bowl breaks during the year the pieces should not be thrown in the trash. Instead, they go carefully guarded until New Year. During this particular night they will come down the drain, but at the home of friends and relatives. The bigger the pile the luckier the new year will be.

14 - Superstitious scissors, Egypt

In this country it is It is forbidden to scissor without cutting anything come on forget this object with open blades. They seem to be gestures that attract bad luck. Another matter instead is to put away a pair of scissors under the pillow: chase away bad dreams.

15 - Touch red, Greece

If two people say the same word at the same time they absolutely must say "Piase Kokkino"(touches red) and at the same time hurry to touch something of this color otherwise the bad luck will rage against the two unfortunates.

16 - Poor mother ..., Haiti

If you don't want to short see your mother on her deathbed absolutely must not: walking in one shoe, sweeping the floor at night, crawling around on all fours and not even eating the top of watermelon and grapefruit. All clear?

17 - Superstitious hygiene, India

It is forbidden to cut your nails on Tuesdays and Saturdays. It can not be done not even at night. You don't have to wash your hair neither on Thursday nor on Saturday. It is not known where these bizarre superstitious beliefs come from. Probably a possible association is that which recalls the fact that nails cut at night lead to crying for minor losses; while Thursday, once upon a time, the barbershops were closed as a day dedicated to Saturn, the planet Shani, revered by the ancient Hindus.

18 - Warm stomach, Japan

During the temporal i children they have to keep their own stomach very warm, especially before going to bed. If you don't pay attention, in fact, Raijin, the god of thunder, will come to steal his navel just during the unleashing of thunder and lightning.

19 - Killer fans, Korea

Koreans know this: if sleep with a fan on in a closed room you will die definitely! Fan death is such a widespread anxiety that appliances in Korea are self-extinguishing.

20 - Loud whistling, Lithuania

May get to whistling indoors: the sound will awaken certainly little demons ready to terrorize the wretched whistler.

21 - Wicked Pillows, Malaysia

Never sit on used pillows for sleeping: the face could become filled with pustules, rashes, eczema, herpes and even disfiguring diseases! Probably the superstition derives from the fact that the B side of some subjects is not exactly the best of hygiene and consequently placing your face on a soft pillow that has the back of others is not really a good thing ...

22 - Magic broom, Nigeria

If a man comes hit on his genitals by a broom he will become helpless. In some cases the family jewels might even to disappear! But beware: there is an antidote. Hitting the attacker for at least 7 minutes with the same broom cancels the effect of the spell.

23 - Quran just in case, Oman

How to purify a brand new car? Putting the reading the Quran on an audiobook and then inserting the CD into the vehicle's player. For a week, but better still two, the machine "must listen" to the sacred reading of the text. This practice will protect both the owner and the car from the envy of the Evil Eye.

24 - Don't Kill Spiders, Qatar

I spiders possess the power of control and extinguish fires in homes. It is an ancient superstition that is still very much alive in the country.

25 - Bearded women, Rwanda

In Rwanda the women not must eat goat meat otherwise they will grow there beard. Woman warned ...

26 - Branded manholes, Sweden

In Sweden i manholes are marked with the letter K or A. The latter stands for the word water, while K stands for sewage. The A è also associated with love and K to broken love. A superstition holds that based on how many manholes A or K meet during the day destiny will consequently take a different turn. So there are people who study a precise path to avoid the K manhole. And if you are wrong? No problem: you can go back and avoid bad luck.

27 - Core of Desires, Wales

Wear a headdress made with leaves and hazel sticks fa fulfill wishes. Seeing is believing...

28 - Maleficent opal, Great Britain

It is said that this stone bring bad luck to those who wear it. This superstition derives from Sir Walter Scott's novel Ann of Geierstein of 1829, in which Lady Hermione is falsely accused of being a demon. He dies when a drop of holy water accidentally falls on his opal jewel and changes its color. This book had such an effect on the reputation of this stone that, shortly after its publication, the opal market plummeted by 50%.

29 - Petty cigarette, Romania

Must not never offer the last cigarette in the pack to someone: it means give him his wife in the future. You have been warned ...

30 - Good luck birds, Indonesia

I sparrows are great lucky charms. If any of them enter the house soon there will be a wedding . If one woman ne sees one the day of Valentine's day will live happy marrying But a poor man.

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