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In a rare flicker of spontaneity, which is quite rare for me, I book a flight to Amsterdam for me and my flight partner, just 2 weeks earlier. I was feeling particularly adventurous and ... in the mood for 'cool' places.
It was the first decade of November, so? my friend Marlene and I are leaving with our bags to the Netherlands! Was it the first time for both of us to leave with cos? little time to get organized and without having planned 99% of the trip, but we did it, we left. We were in Amsterdam.

1 day

The weather was quite foggy when we got off the train at Sloterdijk station, which certainly didn't help. to get to the hostel we had booked. Good morning to you too, Amsterdam!
Luckily a local boy came to our aid by pointing us in the right direction through the fog.
After check in, we leave our bags in the room and wander around here and there, stopping every now and then for a drink and something to tease before returning to the hostel. It was now evening, and tired from the journey, we preferred to recharge for the next day.

2 day

Wake up early, you go by tram to the center. We had made a checklist of places to see, but to start, first of all you go in search of food ... and we found it!
A small bakery that sold all kinds of sweets, cakes, pastries and mouth-watering pies! I took a waffle with hot chocolate and Marlene a cream donut. They were both delicious, and in an instant we fell in love with the local cuisine!
Next on the list was Body Worlds, an exhibit by Dr. Gunther von Hagens who practically "plasticized" bodies and parts of bodies. Although it wasn't really my idea, Marlene cared a lot and? cos? we went. Do I have to admit that? been more? educational than I thought, there were interesting insights into health, training, even though I didn't think I would feel this way. not very comfortable with all those plastic bodies placed in unorthodox poses, but I felt really uncomfortable.
In fact, the only room in the exhibition that thrilled me? was the "Happiness Room", the room of happiness, with mirrors, armchairs and infinite spaces to relax and? be happy!
Immediately afterwards we went a few doors down. forward on Damrak Street to the Museum of Sex ... once again a choice of Marlene! Only 4 euros admission, but I have to admit what? worth it!
A huge collection of sex art and artifacts. My favorite was the collection of black and white photos from the 1800s of men and women in embrace.
Just to complete the picture, from the sex museum you go straight to the red light district, without any map! And in fact we managed to go around it a couple of times without for? never succeed in reaching it!
Amsterdam? such a place? picturesque what? easy to forget where you are going. The architecture, the canals, the bicycles and the boats ... c '? something that makes you turn your head in every street!
After a quick lunch at Bagels & Beans (which I recommend if you ever go to Amsterdam), we wandered again in search of the Oude Kirke and, once again, the red light district.
We found the red light district and after a cautious look, we walked there, heading south, but without a definite destination. We found a place to eat, Italian restaurant, and were hoping for home flavors. Of course, that wasn't the case. The flavors of home are only at home.
After dinner, head straight back downtown to take the tram back to the hostel. After almost 12 hours out walking, we were really devastated!

3 day

Wake up again early on the third day, straight to the Anne Frank house. Despite the early hours, was there already? a lot of lines. What? we gave up, really overwhelming queue, and went looking for a breakfast spot on Ninth Street. American and Danish pancakes, and one almost? infinite choice of toppings? difficult to choose!
Were they delicious and huge, so much so that for the first time in my life I couldn't finish breakfast? Marlene of course yes!
Walk along the "Nine Streets", a few trips to the vintage shops, which can be found everywhere in the city. Perfect opportunity for a few gifts to friends on their return home.
Next stops: Rijkmuseum and the Van Gogh Museum.
Along the way I was kidnapped by a group of musicians who played a truly enchanting Vivaldi aria.
The Van Gogh museum was probably my favorite part of the whole trip. He is my favorite painter, he must not escape me!
We bought our tickets, put down our bags and ... straight into the gallery.
Yes, I'm not ashamed of it: I practically cried a painting, yes and one no.
How wonderful ... the contrasts of colors so? savages, the touch so? unmistakable? really touching.
But after such an afternoon? exciting at the Van Gogh museum, a return to the red light district was urgently needed.
Marlene convinces me to try Dim Sum, cos? we went to the Dim Sum Court restaurant, for the name of course, and why? there was a lot of people.
Won't I get tired? never say it: bad experience!
If you ever go to Amsterdam, stop anywhere to eat but not here!
I ordered chicken ramen and started eating when I noticed there was still a lot of cartilage attached to the chicken, not a great experience for the palate ... Marlene had fried chicken rice, according to her "passable ". Anyway, won't I go back? never again, and honestly, I hope the real Dim Sum is something else.
And so, turning a little here and a little there, between one purchase and another, practically the third day escaped? away from our watches without even warning us.

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