25 countries and the relative traditional breakfasts you can enjoy

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Breakfast serves all of us to start the day with the right energy, but not everyone eats or drinks the same things during the ritual of first daily meal. If the differences can already be seen in the same country, let alone those between the various countries of the world! In fact, breakfast takes place differently in every part of the planet. Each location puts on the table different foods, some of which may also seem very strange to us or at least very dissimilar from those we usually consume in the morning.

Whether they are based on more or less appetizing specialties, in this list you will find 25 countries and the relative traditional breakfasts that are consumed.


  1. Italy
  2. Israel
  3. England
  4. Scotland
  5. Iceland
  6. Russia
  7. Korea
  8. Holland
  9. Poland
  10. Dominican Republic
  11. Morocco
  12. Japan
  13. Australia
  14. Hawaii
  15. Sweden
  16. Philippines
  17. Alaska
  18. Canada
  19. Uganda
  20. India
  21. Thailand
  22. Vietnam
  23. Bolivia
  24. Egypt
  25. Peru
  26. User questions and comments

1 - Italy

Let's start from our beautiful country. The most classic of breakfasts consists of a hot drink - coffee, tea, or cappuccino - accompanied by a brioche or biscuits. There are actually many variations: there are those who prefer, especially the little ones, a cup of lukewarm milk, where perhaps to dip some cereals, or those who eat a sandwich instead of a croissant. Matter of taste!

2 - Israel

The Israeli breakfast, originally eaten only at kibbutzim, quickly became very popular in hotel establishments for the use of fresh products and for his goodness. It is fresh bread, a variety of cheeses soft and seasoned, fruit juice, olives, jam and butter.

3 - England

In the complete dish that constitutes the classic English breakfast don't miss out on beans, sausage, bacon (fried bacon), eggs, mushrooms, hash browns (potato pancakes) and toast. The whole is accompanied by a steaming cup of tea, with the optional addition of black pudding, a kind of sausage made with pig's blood.

4 - Scotland

We always stay in the UK to find out Scottish breakfast. In reality it is very similar to the English and Irish one, were it not for the addition of the traditional haggis, a sausage made with the entrails of sheep, served with fried egg.

5 - Iceland

To combat the cold climate of the island, Icelanders usually start the day with a dish called Hafragrautur, a porridge made from oatmeal. It is served with brown sugar and the addition of raisins or nuts.

6 - Russia

The Russian breakfast includes fried muffins in a pan, oladi, very similar to pancakes. Served hot, freshly fried, soft on the inside and crunchy on the surface, they are usually enjoyed with sour cream, honey, jam or with fresh berries.

7 - Korea

In Korea, breakfast is similar to lunch and dinner. It consists of a dish of kimchi (fermented vegetables seasoned with spices) and a bowl of rice and one of vegetable soup.

8 - Holland

Usually served with a dark syrup called stroop, the apple pancakes of Dutch breakfast are a perfect combination of sweet, sour and salty. Dutch pancakes are usually thinner than American pancakes and are also served on special occasions.

9 - Poland

Known locally as Jajecznica, a typical Polish breakfast consists of scrambled eggs covered with slices of kielbasa (a traditionally homemade sausage) with the addition of a couple of potato pancakes.

10 - Dominican Republic

At least once in your life you have to try mangu, the typical dish of the Dominican breakfast. Is composed by boiled and crushed plantains, mixed with butter and salami, cheese or eggs. The drink that accompanies this dish? A nice hot chocolate.

11 - Morocco

In Morocco it is customary to start the day with different types of chutney (accompanying sauces made with different ingredients), jam, cheese and butter. The typical Moroccan bread it is round and flat, similar to the Arab loaves also widespread in Italy, it is served for breakfast with semolina-based pancakes called Baghir.

12 - Japan

A very popular choice for breakfast in Japan is tofu, perhaps accompanied by rice and fish. As often happens, they are dipped in soy sauce and, like the rest of the Japanese diet, this meal is also very healthy.

13// - Australia

There is only one crucial ingredient in the Australian breakfast, Vegemite. It is about a salty cream composed of yeast extract, similar to the British Marmite, which is spread on slices of toast.

14 - Hawaii

Nothing but delicious fresh fruit for the Hawaiian breakfast, on the other hand, the island offers it in large quantities throughout the year. A couple of bagels can also enrich your breakfast.

15 - Sweden

Swedish breakfast includes a typical pancake called Pannkakor, very thin as it does not contain yeast, accompanied by different types of jams.

16 - Philippines

This breakfast also consists of lots of fresh local fruit, such as mango, to which rice and a local sausage called longganisa are added which, sauteed with garlic and salt, form a dish called sinangag. All this is combined with eggs, meat and beans.

17 - Alaska

What are the typical products of this cold region? obviously reindeer meat, eaten for breakfast with eggs and pancakes.

18 - Canada

In Canada it is customary to consume gods typical boiled ravioli, baked or fried, usually filled with potatoes, sauerkraut, minced meat, cheese or fruit. They complete the typical breakfast sausage and toast.

19 - Uganda

Like many large states, breakfast in Uganda also varies from region to region. Nevertheless, a typical Ugandan breakfast can be referred to as katogo, a dish based on green bananas and stewed meat with vegetable sauces.

20 - India

In India the first meal of the day consists of roasted potatoes with rosemary, tofu, lentils, vegetarian sausage and roasted banana chilli. Traditional breakfast dishes in India also vary by region.

21 - Thailand

You can find this dish in all the stalls that offer street food. It is about mint flavored fish and spiced sweet pork, served with rice. Furthermore, this dish can also be eaten as a lunch or dinner.

22 - Vietnam

In Vietnam, you have breakfast with pork that you stuff a semolina porridge. The dish also includes Chinese donuts, bean sprouts, pork intestine stuffed with minced meat and other pork or beef offal.

23 - Bolivia

In Bolivia saltenas are consumed, similar to empanadas, stuffed with meat and vegetables, sometimes made sweet by adding sugar.

24 - Egypt

Foul Madamas is the Egyptian breakfast dish and consists of broad beans, chickpeas, garlic and lemon, topped with olive oil, chilli, tahini sauce, a boiled egg and green vegetables.

25 - Peru

The famous Peruvian dish called ceviche is eaten for breakfast but also during the other meals of the day. It is about fresh fish eaten raw and topped with lemon or lime juice and spices, such as chilli.

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