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Election Day in the United States is always a highly anticipated time around the world and this year saw President Trump pitting against the Democrat Joe Biden. The presidential elections were held on November 3, 2020, with unprecedented media coverage, even in Spain. Never have so many Americans gone to vote.

As we all know, with the introduction of the controversial postal vote, there have been some delays and controversies in the counting of votes in different states.

The election campaign was inflamed by episodes of violence unleashed in major cities following the murders of African American people at the hands of police officers.

After George Floyd's death the wave of the Black Lives Matter it has not stopped and the racial question, like so many other issues, is still fueling the debate between the republican and the democratic factions.

So let's get to know President-elect Joe Biden better.

Who is Joe Biden

Born in 1942, Joseph Biden was born in Pennsylvania into a humble Catholic family. The son of a car salesman, he grows up with 2 sisters and 2 brothers and moves to Delaware at the age of 10.

In 1965 the young Biden graduated from Newark in political science, then graduated in law in 1968. Meanwhile in 1966 he married a girl from Syracuse who will give him 3 children.

Member of the Democratic Party, in 1972 he becomes senator for Delaware, but a few weeks after his existence he is devastated by the dramatic car accident in which his wife Neila and 13-month-old daughter are killed. In 1977 she decided to remarry and in 1981 her daughter Ashley was born.

In 1988 he ran for the first time in the Democratic primary but failed to make it to the nomination for the White House.

Biden retains the seat of senator until 2008 and in the meantime he received various political posts. In fact, he was President of the Commission on Jurisdiction of the Federal Senate and President of the Senate Foreign Commission in the years of the fight against Islamic terrorism and the war in Iraq.

In 2007 he announced that he wanted to reapply in the primary, but given the poor results at the polls he decided to withdraw from the competition. In August 2008, Democratic candidate Barack Obama announces that Joe Biden will fill the role of vice-president.

The following November 4 Obama becomes the 47th president of the United States and with Biden they will remain in office for 2 consecutive terms. The relationship between the two will be one of the most solid in American politics and Biden becomes the main advisor on foreign policy.

After his second term in 2016, Joe Biden is not running for president following the death of his son Beau which took place a few months earlier and decides to support Hillary Clinton's race against Donald Trump.

In the years following his vice-presidency, Biden devotes his time to important issues such as the fight against cancer and climate change. Particularly hostile to Trump's aggressive policies towards China and immigrants, he publicly clashes with the former American president on several occasions.

Democratic primary of 2020

On April 25, 2019 Joe Biden officially announces his candidacy in presidential elections of 2020 with a video message against racism in which he harshly criticizes Trump. This is Biden's third primary nomination and within 24 hours he raises over 6 million dollars for his electoral campaign.

In May 2019 the electoral tour starts from Philadelphia, a city that also becomes the headquarters of its campaign that will go on to the cry of various slogans such as "Our best days still lie ahead"(Our best days still await us) and"Restore the soul of America"(Rebuilding the soul of America).

For many months Biden dominates the national polls and seems the favorite for the nomination but the losses in Iowa and New Hampshire are interpreted as a negative sign. A slight recovery takes place in Nevada, where he comes second after Bernie Sanders, but it is only with the victory in South Carolina in February 2020 that Biden's hopes regain momentum.

In March, other Democratic candidates Klobuchar, Buttigieg and O'Rourke withdraw from the primary and support Joe Biden. In the Super Tuesday of March 3, 2020 Biden wins in 10 states out of 14 and both Micheal Bloomberg and Kamala Harris announce their retirement.

In the March 16 debate Biden reveals that its vice president will be a woman and the following day he wins the primaries in Arizona, Florida and Illinois. On April 8, the last contender, Bernie Sanders, decides to leave, leaving Biden the only presidential candidate.

In April Obama releases a video in which he expresses his full support for his friend and former opponents Sanders and Elizabeth Warren also ask voters to support him.

The electoral campaign slows down due to the Covid-19 emergency and only in June 2020 Joe Biden collects the 1.991 delegates needed to win the primary, resulting in the most voted Democratic candidate in American history.

On 11 August 2020 he announces that his vice president will be Kamala Harris, former California senator and first African American woman chosen for this role.

In the same month the Convention of the Democratic Party kicks off, which takes place via streaming and Biden collects the support of Michelle Obama and Colin Powell. On this occasion he is officially invested with the nominated for the November elections.

Il program elettorale di Biden

Belonging to the progressive and moderate wing of the Democratic Party, Joe Biden based his election campaign on the primary goal of consolidation la middle-class americanatrying to bring the minimum wage to at least $ 15 an hour.

The economic program provides for greater consideration of trade union rights of workers and the creation of at least 10 million new jobs.

There will be large investments in the maintenance of public infrastructure to point towards the so-called clean-economy, that is, an economy that is eco-sustainable even in the most rural areas of the United States. 

The problem of global warming it is very dear to Biden and is one of the cornerstones of his government agenda. The will is to give new impetus to the renewable energy sector and try to increase the electric car market.

The Democratic candidate said he wanted to limit greenhouse gas and methane emissions by 2050, asking big companies to commit to this.

As for the foreign policy, Joe Biden proposes the abolition of the Travel Ban which limits entry to Muslim people from Syria, and of all the asylum policies desired by Trump against immigrants. Furthermore, the intention is to achieve a relaxation in trade relations with China and Iran which are increasingly tense.

Another hot topic is that of racism and, unlike President Trump, Biden has openly sided with African Americans and against the abuse of power exercised by the American police force.

Instead on the problem of Weapons in America, Biden has announced that he wants to take up the subject on which he had already spoken in Congress in the XNUMXs.

The intent is to introduce more restrictive measures on the purchase and possession of rifles and automatic weapons to put an end to the frequent shootings in schools and public places.

Joe Biden also plans to give new life to the health program Obamacare, the great reform of 2010 that partly tried to correct the flaws in health care in the United States. An effort will be made to provide citizens with new public assistance options to extend coverage to a larger number of workers and families.

Finally, Bien stated that she will nominate a black woman among the 9 judges of the Supreme Court.

The polls of the 2020 elections

The battle between Donald Trump and Joe Biden was an open battle with unpredictable scenarios. In fact, the now ex-tenant of the White House suffered a noticeable drop in consensus due to the risk of impeachment before and the problem of Covid-19 onwards.

The management of the health emergency was the reason for strong criticism of Trump, accused by the American public of having underestimated the situation, thus favoring the spread of the virus.

In the summer of 2020 the controversy against the police and the excessive use of force against African Americans. Thanks to the Black Lives Matter movement, violence and demonstrations occur almost every day in major cities in the United States to protest against all forms of racism.

Trump for his part has sided in defense of local authorities and has publicly defined the Black Lives Matter as a Marxist and discriminatory organization.

For this reason, the tycoon is increasingly disliked by communities of color and immigrants, a slice of the population that has largely supported Biden to reach the final victory.

In August They were held the respective final conventions of the two parties and there was no lack of frontal attacks between the two contenders. According to the New York Times, Biden's nomination acceptance speech was followed by over 24 million Americans while Trump's by 21 million viewers.

In recent months, polls had given the Democratic candidate 12 percentage points ahead but the Republican convention seems to have reduced the gap to about 8%. As always, the difference will be made by the States in the balance come Florida, Ohio, Georgia e North Carolina.

The projections put Trump behind in some key states such as Arizona, Nevada, Minnesota and Pennsylvania and compared to 2016 it seems that the number of undecided voters has decreased.

However, beyond all the polls and projections, America and the world will long remember these elections, which had an unprecedented turnout, with the outgoing president never giving up on defeat, causing unpleasant events. like the assault on Congress.

With the inauguration of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, a new chapter in American history begins, eagerly awaited around the world.


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