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Tired of the usual tours? We at suggest you an alternative journey to discover 20 mythical and / or legendary places in the world. There are many places shrouded in mystery of which history gives us news, vanished without a trace except in the collective imagination, which no one has ever seen or found: cities that really existed and now disappeared, fantastic kingdoms whose doors are hypothesized in some points of the real world or fruit places of man's imagination.

Over the centuries, many have set out in search of them, returning defeated. And you ... what are you waiting for?


  1. The Fairy Kingdom, Knockma Hill - Ireland
  2. Paititi, Peru
  3. Thule, Iceland
  4. Yomi-No-Kuni, Japan
  5. Thinis, Egypt
  6. Scholomance, Romania
  7. Agartha / Shambhala, center of the Earth
  8. The entrances to the Guinee, New Orleans
  9. Helike, Greece
  10. Camelot, England
  11. Xibalba, Yucatan
  12. Iram of the Columns, Saudi Arabia
  13. Atlantis, unknown position
  14. Garden of the Hesperides, Morocco
  15. Cuccagna
  16. Ciudad blanca, Honduras
  17. River Styx, Greece
  18. Aztlan, Mexico
  19. City of the Caesars, South America
  20. Elysian Fields, Islands of the Blessed (Atlantic Ocean)
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1 - The Fairy Kingdom, Knockma Hill - Ireland

La legendary gateway to the fairy kingdom of Finvarra it is in the heart of the Irish forests. The king kidnapped a young woman who was betrothed to a nobleman to marry her and take her with him. The nobleman dug a path in the hill to save it but all the work done during the day was thwarted at night by the king's assistant fairies. The man sprinkled the hill with salt and Finvarra returned the woman to her. A groove on the hill is still visible today, evidence of the nobleman's work.

2 - Paititi, Peru

Probably hidden in the Andes or in the Amazon jungle, it was one legendary incas city. Some believe it was covered with gold, who instead the last bastion of the pre-Columbian kingdom. Today it is thought it never existed: only a dream of Spaniards who came here to find luck.

3 - Thule, Iceland

Described by the first explorers (th century BC) as an idyllic land, cold but thriving with wheat, fruit and honey, its exact identification and location is still unknown. Is it ancient Iceland, Greenland or Norway? It remains aisland shrouded in mystery, which many are still looking for.

4 - Yomi-No-Kuni, Japan

According to Japanese mythology, it is the kingdom of the dead. After the passing of Izanami, the goddess-wife of Izanagi, creators of the universe, the god went down to the Underworld to take her back. He was advised not to look at her but he did not and she, angry, hurled demons at him. The god was saved and sealed the entrance to the underworld with a large boulder.

Today it is possible to visit the hypothetical boulder called Yomotsu Hirasaka near the city of Matsue.

5 - Thinis, Egypt

Mentioned in the Book of the Dead and by Manetho, perhaps the capital before Memphis or the religious center of the cult of Osiris, today there are no traces of this surfaced ancient Egyptian city. Presumably near today's Girga, it has not yet been found and nothing confirms its real existence.

6 - Scholomance, Romania

Distortion from the Romanian Solomanari, born from the pen of Gerard, is one mythical school of black magic: the devil the teacher. After completing his studies, only one student becomes the teacher's assistant, living with a dragon in a deep lake and preparing lightning. It is thought to be in the Carpathians, near Hermanstadt, constantly affected by storms.

7 - Agartha / Shambhala, center of the Earth

Hidden civilization in the heart of Asia for Tibetans and Hindus (Shambhala), in the West it is believed to be a legendary underground city in the heart of the Earth, radiated by a smoky central sun and access to which would be Antarctica.
Sometimes associated with the Buddhist Agarthi, man will go further and further in his search. Who knows you can't find it!

8 - The entrances to the Guinee, New Orleans

Governed by an attentive and demanding keeper of a hefty fee, according to the Voodoo tradition of the French quarter of the city are the seven doors that guarantee access to the afterlife. They are thought to be placed in seven different cemeteries and, crossing them in the right order one after the other in the seven days following death, the souls of the deceased arrive in the nebulous Guinee to be reunited with their ancestors. Warning: dangerous spirits could kidnap you at the wrong entrance and take you to the afterlife!

9 - Helike, Greece

A city ​​perhaps really existed but not yet resurfaced from the past. Destroyed in 373 BC, some argue it sank into the ocean like Atlantis, others sank into an internal lagoon with an earthquake.

10 - Camelot, England

Certainly imaginary place linked to the legendary King Arthur, we have always wondered about its existence and its possible location (Glastonbury, Winchester or Colchester) but, whether it existed or not, its court and the stories of ladies and knights have always fascinated romantics.

11 - Xibalba, Yucatan

It is thebeyond the Maya. Hypothetical access routes could be these caves where archaeologists have found funerary objects and remains of human sacrifices offered to the underworld deities.

12 - Iram of the Columns, Saudi Arabia

Its possible location on a plain of the Arabian desert by studying the routes of the camels was found to be in vain: nothing really attests to its historical existence if not the Bedouin myth and the Koran.

13 - Atlantis, position unknown

Far from being inhabited by imaginative sea creatures, it is a legendary submerged continent mentioned by Plato as a place of culture, rival of Athens.

Sought after for centuries, its hypothetical position is also unknown.

14 - Garden of the Hesperides, Morocco

Perhaps Lixus or Cirene, on the African coasts, were the gates of these legendary gardens related to Greek mythology. Here the nymphs kept golden apple trees, wedding gifts from Gaia to Hera. Heracles stole one as the eleventh effort.

15 - Cuccagna

Ideal country characterized by well-being and the richness of food, it has its origins in the Middle Ages, tormented by wars, diseases and poverty, or by the Islamic "paradise" as a place of abundance.

16 - Ciudad blanca, Honduras

Lately it is thought not just a legend. Scholars have found topographical anomalies and ruins of an ancient settlement in Central America. Let it be the Ciudad full of gold?

17 - River Styx, Greece

Mythical entrance to the Greek afterlife, its corrosive, poisonous and deadly waters caused those who lied to Zeus by drinking them, loss of voice and movement. Same symptoms accused Alexander the Great and would accuse those who would drink water full of limestone from the Mavroneri River. Here is the evidence of its possible existence and its continuation in the real world.

18 - Aztlan, Mexico

Presumed and legendary land of the Aztecs, a heavenly or unlivable place for its despots, is the name of a radical Hispanic group that claims its original extension to some states of the USA, today to be annexed to Mexico.

19 - City of the Caesars, South America

Founded by Spanish castaways or Incas descendants, it is one legendary city hidden in the Andes, rich in gold and diamonds. Perhaps evoked by sparkling, floating ice, today nothing proves its existence.

20 - Elysian Fields, Islands of the Blessed (Atlantic Ocean)

They were seat, after death, of the souls most loved by the gods. Underground for the Greeks, they preserved the mortal remains and practiced the pleasant activities carried out in life. At the western borders of the then known world, for the Romans there were immense flower fields, where people lived perpetually serene. Although mentioned by Homer and Virgil, they have never been found.

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