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- hostels are the accommodations preferred by backpackers who want to discover the places, history, food and nightlife of the most beautiful European capitals. They are generally much cheaper than hotels and guesthouses, but above all some of them are really fantastic: large rooms, common spaces from original design and elegant, but above all they are always full of extravagant young people!
If you want to truly experience the magic of an adventure trip, hostels are right for you ... Here are the most beautiful and coolest in Europe!


  1. Lucky Lake, Amsterdam (Netherlands)
  2. Gallery, Porto (Portugal)
  3. Jumbo Stay, Stockholm (Sweden)
  4. Lavender Circus, Budapest (Hungary)
  5. Safestay hostel, elephant and castle, London (England)
  6. Hostel Celica Art, Ljubljana (Slovenia)
  7. Dream hostel, Tampere (Finland)
  8. The Independente, Lisbon (Portugal)
  9. Plus Hostel, Florence (Italy)
  10. Casa Gracia, Barcelona (Spain)
  11. Oasis Backpackers Palace, Seville (Spain)
  12. Kex, Reykjavik (Iceland)
  13. U hostels, Madrid (Spain)
  14. Cocomama, Amsterdam (Netherlands)
  15. Kadir's tree House, Olympos (Turkey)
  16. St. Briavels Hostel, Gloucestershire (England)
  17. Generator Hostel, Barcelona (Spain)
  18. The red Boat Malaren, Stockholm (Sweden)
  19. Sky Backpackers, Dublin (Ireland)
  20. Soul Kitchen, Saint Petersburg (Russia)
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1 - Lucky Lake, Amsterdam (Netherlands)

Lucky Lake in Amsterdam looks almost like an enchanted village: bright colors, scattered animal statues and a breakfast room housed in an old bus. Need to add more?

2 - Gallery, Porto (Portugal)

Located in a beautiful th century building, the Gallery features a design that is somewhere between a hostel and an art gallery. Twice a month, the hostel opens its doors to the public for exhibitions of works by local artists.

3 - Jumbo Stay, Stockholm (Sweden)

Would you like to enter the cockpit of a Boeing 747? What if we told you that there is a way to even sleep in it ?! We are talking about Jumbo Stay, a hostel with 27 rooms housed in an old disused plane, parked in the Stockholm-Arlanda airport.

4 - Lavender Circus, Budapest (Hungary)

This is a Vintage style hostel, located in a th century building in the heart of Budapest. It is a perfect place for couples looking for romance and privacy who don't want to spend too much.

5 - Safestay hostel, elephant and castle, London (England)

The Safestay is located inside the former headquarters of the Labor Party, has been revived with an extravagant design made of bright colors and special lighting. The bar room is a large common area with a billiard room. Not bad for budget accommodation.

6 - Hostel Celica Art, Ljubljana (Slovenia)

Celica is a former prison, which has been completely renovated and embellished with various works of art created by 80 different artists. It offers 20 rooms full of mosaics and colors and even has a meditation room in which to regenerate after a long journey

7 - Dream hostel, Tampere (Finland)

The Dream is a great hostel: it's a three-minute walk from Tampere train station, has a "fresh" design and has a common room with free Wi-Fi. Plus there are several guests to make friends with.

8 - The Independente, Lisbon (Portugal)

The Independente is a recently opened hostel. It is located in the residence of a former Swiss ambassador and boasts original architectural features and vintage design pieces.

9 - Plus Hostel, Florence (Italy)

Are you looking for a place to party in Florence? You found it - here's the Plus. Free outdoor pool, sauna and rooftop terrace, great for epic late night parties.

10 - Casa Gracia, Barcelona (Spain)

Casa Gracia is located not far from Gaudí's La Pedrera. It is a real 5-star hostel, with spacious rooms and excellent services at super advantageous prices.

11 - Oasis Backpackers Palace, Seville (Spain)

The Oasis is also located in a th century building, precisely near Plaza Encarnación where some of the oldest tapas bars in Seville are located. It is an ideal base for exploring the city.

12 - Kex, Reykjavik (Iceland)

It was once a factory of Mjólkurkex, the favorite biscuits of Icelanders. Today an elegant eco-hostel with a design characterized by fantastic contemporary details.

13 - U hostels, Madrid (Spain)

The hostel is housed in an old palace dating back to the 1800s. It is located near the Alonso Martinez metro station, and is an ideal base for exploring Madrid.

14 - Cocomama, Amsterdam (Netherlands)

Cocomama is 20 minutes from the red light district. Needless to say, it's a former brothel. A garden with gnomes, a bar with beers for 1 euro, a large selection of books and films in the common room. In short, it is paradise.

15 - Kadir's tree House, Olympos (Turkey)

Admit it, you have always envied the tree houses of the kids of the American TV series ... Enjoy your siesta in the branches of the Tree House in Kadir.

16 - St. Briavels Hostel, Gloucestershire (England)

What's better than sleeping in a castle like a real king? St-Briavels Hostel in Gloucestershire will make you feel noble at a very small price. To try.

17 - Generator Hostel, Barcelona (Spain)

Lively, stylish and affordable Generator is a great place to stay in a dynamic like Barcelona. The design team has recreated the atmosphere of the city streets in the rooms!

18 - The red Boat Malaren, Stockholm (Sweden)

Let's rectify: we have found something better than sleeping in a castle. Sleeping on a docked boat! Red Boat Mälaren is a hostel in the center of Stockholm created from two boats.

19 - Sky Backpackers, Dublin (Ireland)

Backpackers Sky is a place where a passion for travel and music meet. Located in the former recording studio where artists such as The Cranberries, David Bowie and U2 recorded their hits.

20 - Soul Kitchen, Saint Petersburg (Russia)

Housed in a 150-year-old Neo-Baroque building, Soul Kitchen is considered one of the best three hotels in Eastern Europe.

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