15 most beautiful and famous shipwrecks in the world

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The backdrops of ours lakes, seas and oceans are full of wrecks accumulated over the centuries. Sinking of boats, carelessness of man, various objects thrown into the waters echo on the bottom like unattended and fascinating treasures: let's find out what the 15 most beautiful and famous sunken wrecks in the world.


  1. Kittiwake, Cayman Islands
  2. President Coolidge, Vanuatu
  3. Russian Wreck, Zabargad Island
  4. The Doty, Lake Michigan
  5. Umbria, Red Sea
  6. Bianca C, Grenada
  7. Defiance, Lake Huron
  8. RMS Rhone, Salt Island
  9. Sweepstakes, Tobermory
  10. Ghost Ship, Baltic Sea
  11. The Vasa, Vasa Museum (Stockholm)
  12. Titanic, Atlantic Ocean
  13. General Hoyt S. Vandenberg, Key West
  14. Yongala, Australia
  15. Thistlegorm, Egypt
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1 - Kittiwake, Cayman Islands

In the depths ofarchipelago of the Cayman Islands, located south of Cuba and north-west of Jamaica, is one of the most famous wrecks in the world: it is the Kittiwake, a vessel that belonged to the US Navy e used to rescue submarines and recovery missions. The Kittiwake ended its mission in 1994 and was placed here to make it a tourist attraction, but something went wrong and in 2011 it sank. With its length of 76 meters and its 5 floors, the ship is situated just 20 meters deep and it's easily accessible and explorable in its entirety.

2 - President Coolidge, Vanuatu

Vanuatu is an island state located in the southern Pacific Ocean. Here is the wreck of the President Coolidge, a Military ship longer than 200 meters and easy to access: there are even marked trails for divers of all levels, from amateurs to experts. Available on guide service which leads up to 33 meters of depth.

3 - Russian Wreck, Zabargad Island

Simply known as "Russian wreck", this mysterious sunken wreck was discovered in 1988 a 24 meters of depth. Someone claims that this boat was a fishing boat, but on board you can still see numerous electronic devices that suggest that it was a ship used for communication and surveillance.

4 - The Doty, Lake Michigan

In the waters of this glacial lake of North America is the wreck of The Doty, ship sank in 1898 due to a terrible storm which cost many human lives. The Doty was one of the last giant steamships still in circulation to transport goods to the lakes. The wreck was only rediscovered in 2010, in 91 meters of depth, and pours in an excellent state of conservation thanks to the low temperatures of the water.

5 - Umbria, Red Sea

Divers speak of Umbria as the "best shipwreck in the world". Still very intact, the wreck can be visited and is considered a real piece of history. Born as a cruise ship in the early 900s, during the Second World War it was used as a warship and it was sank with 360.000 bombs on board. The content was never found.

6 - Bianca C, Grenada

Called the "Titanic of the Caribbean", Bianca C is the largest submerged luxury ship. Located in the Port of St. George area, with its 180 m length is the largest wreck to be buried in warm waters. Sunk in 1961, Bianca C rests on 50 m deep.

7 - Defiance, Lake Huron

In the depths of Lake Huron, one of the great lakes of North America, they are found hundreds of sunken ships. Among these stands out the Defiance, sunk in 1854 following a collision e miraculously remained whole. The wreck, as well as others found in Lake Huron, is well preserved thanks to the cold.

8 - RMS Rhone, Salt Island

Salt Island is one of the islands that make up the archipelago of British Virgin Islands, overseas territory of the United Kingdom. In the depths of Salt Island is the wreck of RMS Rhone, shipwrecked in 1867 due to a hurricane. Thanks to its easy accessibility (it is located in about 15m underwater), it is a very popular dive site.

9 - Sweepstakes, Tobermory

On the coasts of this town in Canada is the wreck of the Sweepstakes, very visible because located only 7 meters deep. The Sweepstakes is one of the better preserved nineteenth-century schooners, and is one of the most evocative wrecks in the world. Due to the deterioration caused by oxygen bubbles,the wreck cannot be moved: a enclosure to best preserve it.

10 - Ship of Ghosts, Baltic Sea

This ship whose name says it all was discovered by chance in 2003 by a crew looking for a Swedish plane shot down during World War II. Further research confirmed that the ship was built around 1650. Again the wreck is very well preserved.

11 - The Vasa, Vasa Museum (Stockholm)

Now let's talk about one of the best known wrecks, that of The Vasa, a warship sunk in the Baltic Sea and built between 1626 and 1628. In 1950 the Swedish government decided to recover the wreck and to place it in the Stockholm Museum: it took more than 18 months and 1.300 dives to recover all the remains.

12 - Titanic, Atlantic Ocean

The wreck of the Titanic, discovered September 1, 1985 by ocean explorer Robert Ballard. The wreck of the most infamous cruise ship in the world, which sank in 1912, rests on 3.800 meters of depth in the waters ofNorth Atlantic Ocean. Due to disputes between nations and bureaucratic issues, the wreck has not yet been re-emerged.

13 - General Hoyt S. Vandenberg, Key West

In this area of ​​Florida there is another interesting wreck, shot down in 2009 off the coast. Advanced divers can go down one of the 11 elevator compartments, in free fall.

14 - Yongala, Australia

The steamship Yongala was shot down by a cyclone in 1911 in what is now Australia's largest coral reef. Its about 110 meters long depth of 28 meters make it an attractive destination for numerous divers.

15 - Thistlegorm, Egypt

British merchant ship launched in 1940 e sunk in 1941. The wreck lies a 30 meters of depth and his visit is recommended for experienced divers: the sloping stern on the side of the port makes it easy to disorientate. The wreck can be visited inside, and still there the load it was carrying is present.

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