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    15-Day Las Vegas and California Tour: San Francisco to Santa Barbara

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    Here we are at second part of this itinerary. In the first 5 days we left Las Vegas, then crossed Death Valley, the western town of Bodie and Yosemite National Park.
    Finally we arrived in San Francisco (see the first part of the Las Vegas and California Tour in 15 days). Now we expect 5 days a little more relaxing, but no less interesting! We will move mostly on the coast: and San Francisco to Santa Barbara. 


    • Days 6-8: Visit San Francisco
    • Day 9: From San Francisco to Santa Barbara along the ocean.
    • Day 10: Visit Santa Barbara.

    Days 6-8: Visit San Francisco

    North Beach, Sn Francisco neighborhood
    Golden Gate Bridge
    Ferry Building

    Three days to visit San Francisco they may be enough to see much of the city, but perhaps not enough to fully enjoy it (as we explained in our guide on how many days to spend in San Francisco). We are in fact talking about a beautiful and particular city, with its characteristic ups and downs, the elegant piers, the historic trams and the extravagance of its inhabitants.

    What to do in 3 days? The topic would require a post of its own (and you can find it here), so for now let's limit ourselves to quick indications: in three days you can calmly visit the Golden Gate, Sausalito, Fisherman's Wharf, Pier 39, the Union Square area, Lombard Street, Ferry Building Marketplace, Chinatown, Mission and Haight-Ashbury. At the same time you can enjoy the nightlife, tasting the excellent Californian cuisine and enjoying some live concerts. You will find that the city has a lot to offer!

    Useful Tips: in cities like San Francisco and Los Angeles i parking spaces are a business: often hotels do not have them, or else they make use of them by paying extra. Let's take that into account on our trip: here's our article on parking in San Francisco. If we want to really enjoy the visit to San Francisco we try not to go to bad areas (for example Tenderloin) and let's pay attention: the city is crowded with homeless people and not everyone is friendly (I speak from personal experience…).

    All accommodations available in San Francisco

    Day 9: From San Francisco to Santa Barbara along the ocean.

    DAY 9: The journey from San Francisco to Santa Barbara can be fascinating on one condition: that of taking Highway 1, the highway that runs along the ocean and which allows you to admire breathtaking views from the car, one of the most famous US itineraries to be carried out by car.

    From San Francisco to Santa Barbara. Itinerary along the Pacific coast.

    Of course it is a bit longer than the other roads (over 7 hours against 5/6 of the route from the inside), but I think it's worth it. So let's get ready, insert a nice cd into the car radio Beach Boys (the perfect soundtrack) and let's get on the Highway 1. We are about to cross the majestic Big Sur scenic area! Better not to give too much importance to the directions of the navigator (which will probably throw us on the shortest route), we rather follow the road signs. It will be child's play!

    Day 10: Visit Santa Barbara.

    DAY 10: Why dedicate a full day to visit Santa Barbara? For 2 reasons: first of all because an intermediate stop on the journey along theHighway 1 it is at least necessary, but mostly because Santa Barbara is one of the most beautiful coastal locations in California!

    The beach of Santa Barbara
    Downtown Santa Barbara
    The mission of Santa Barbara

    What to do in Santa Barbara? I advise you to read the link indicated: in the meantime, I will limit myself to saying that the town is a fascinating tourist destination, with a beautiful promenade scattered with typical Californian beach palms and a quaint pier where you can eat excellent freshly caught fish.

    But there is much more. The town is very interesting to visit, with a series of historic buildings well preserved (the Mission is the most striking example but certainly not the only one) and one State Street quaint and lively, with excellent shops, boutiques, bars, cafes, bookstores and night clubs. Some museums and centers of cultural interest complete the rich offer of Santa Barbara. In short, sea, history and culture, there is something for everyone!

    All accommodations available in Santa Barbara

    The second part of this itinerary ends here. In the next article we will go through Los Angeles, Palm Springs and Joshua Tree National Park, before returning to Las Vegas to conclude our trip!

    If you have any questions, doubts or clarifications do not hesitate, feel free to use the comments area below! If you missed the first part of the itinerary just click on this link: Las Vegas and California tour in 15 days: from the “City of Sin” to the national parks. Until next time!

    Third part of the itinerary: From Los Angeles to Las Vegas


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