11 Strange Places Censored on Google Maps

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It is a mistake to confuse the strange with the mysterious. At least that's what Sir thinks Arthur Conan Doyle and which he wrote in the first book of Sherlock Holmes. But there are cases where what is strange is mysterious, inexplicable, and invisible.
To continue with the quotes, who knows if Oscar Wilde would still agree that "the real mystery of the world is the visible, not the invisible" if he saw, so to speak, the invisible places even on Google Maps. Why were these places blacked out? Why are whole areas of the world obliterated, camouflaged? What are they hiding, what secrets they hide?
Waiting for an answer ... here are the 11 invisible places obscured by Google maps!


  1. Ramstein, Air Force Base, Germany
  2. North Korea
  3. Unknown area of ​​Siberia, Russia
  4. Baker Lake, Northern Canada
  5. HAARP site, Alaska
  6. Babylon, Iraq
  7. Royal Palace, Holland
  8. Cornell University Combined Heat and Power Plant, New York
  9. Dugway Proving Ground, Utah
  10. Tantauco National Park, Chile
  11. Private mansion of Alexey Mille, CEO of Gazprom, Russia
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1 - Ramstein, Air Force Base, Germany

In this area of ​​Germany there is the base of Special Bodies of Operation Iraqi Freedom.
A more than valid reason to obscure an area that could be a easy target for terrorist attacks.

2 - North Korea

On the whole area of ​​North Korea it does not appear no details: names of streets, monuments, squares, nothing ... the mystery begins to thicken ...

3 - Unknown area of ​​Siberia, Russia

And if the mystery deepens, it inevitably ends up in Russia. More precisely, we are in an area of ​​Siberia: here, a large stretch of the Siberian tundra it is completely erased, obscured with a brown spot. Because? What this area hides on the Bering Strait, not far from the town of Egvekinot?

4 - Baker Lake, Northern Canada

Someone was already wondering why the word UFO has not yet appeared ... here you are served, complete with testimony! A certain Dr. Boylan in fact states that this long strip in the Inuit territory of Canada is completely obscured as it is attributable to strange sightings and landings of extraterrestrial objectsEtc.

5 - HAARP site, Alaska

It is the basis of the project High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program, better known as HAARP. According to some it is themost destructive weapon ever invented, hidden behind a project by study of the ionosphere but that would actually be the cause of environmental disasters. A weapon, in essence, for climatic and tectonic manipulations. Never heard of the chemtrails? Here, according to the conspiracy theorists ... this would be the cause. Truth or simple conjecture, the fact remains that Big G. does not show us ...

6 - Babylon, Iraq

We have conjured up Russians, aliens and plots. And here we are straight to Iraq! The area of ​​Babylon, in the vicinity of Archaeological excavations, is obscured by google maps. Once again conspiracy theories argue that there is research related to the otherworldly ea sources of mystical energyEtc.

7 - Royal Palace, Holland

Why ever such Amsterdam should Dutch royalty have obscured the Royal Palace and related buildings? Between obvious answers and more or less obvious deductions, perplexities and unsolved questions still remain ...

8 - Cornell University Combined Heat and Power Plant, New York

The center was opened in 2010, and officially the aims are more than noble, and concern the research on alternative energies and on the exploitation of natural gas. Why then censor it to Google maps?

9 - Dugway Proving Ground, Utah

It is a region occupied by the US Army where gods seem to be performed tests on chemical and biological weapons. Need anything else...?

10 - Tantauco National Park, Chile

Some explanations, real or not, are still credible. This is the case with the Tantauco National Park in Chile, which seems to have asked for their natural reserves to be obscured because of poachers.

11 - Private palace of Alexey Mille, CEO of Gazprom, Russia

Then there are those who simply ... don't want them broken! And he requests that his humble abode be excluded, or rather, censored, to curious people like us! It is a rare, albeit legitimate, example of request for blackout by a private individual.

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