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If there is one thing that in the collective imagination represents more than any other the culture of the populations close to the Arctic Circle, this is undoubtedly theigloo (or Igloo). This is the most primordial construction made entirely with blocks of ice pressed, symbol par excellence of the Inuit civilization.
For some years, however, new fascinating ice buildings have been developed and built, much more complex than simple igloos: we are talking about ice hotel. These wonderful hotels are becoming more and more popular among lovers of novelty, and today they are a reality for all travelers who prefer unusual settings to the classics, "boring" luxury hotel.
Let's find out what the Most beautiful ice hotels in the worldEtc.

11 - Igloo Hotel, Andorra

What gives a sensational charm to theIgloo Hotel is its geographical position: it is the only hotel in the ranking that is not in the far north.

It is in fact located at Grandvalira, in the small principality of Andorra, a microstate on the border between Spain and France known throughout the world for being a beautiful tourist destination. In truth, its structure is much more modest than the others, however its small size constitutes an added value that gives it an even more irresistible charm.

Price and costs: Between 250 and € 600 per couple depending on the period and the type of Iglu chosen.

10 - Iglu Dorf, Switzerland

This small village offers the possibility of sleep inside spacious igloos, whose walls are embellished with sculptures made by Inuit artists. The village can accommodate a maximum of 30 people, who can rest or practice snowshoeing in the snow, activities and night excursions.

Price and costs: Between 240 and € 600 per couple depending on the period and the type of Iglu chosen (Standard, Romantic, Suite).

9 - Kirkenes Snow Hotel, Norway

Il Kirkenes Snow Hotel It was inaugurated in 2006 and today is one of the most popular hotels for those wishing to enjoy a holiday in Norway.
It is annually rebuilt using over 15 tons of ice and inside it contains wonderful suites adorned with incredible sculptures.
Thanks to the thickness of the walls it is able to guarantee high temperatures, making guests' stay absolutely enjoyable.

Price and costs: Starting from € 500 per couple.

8 - Snow Castle, Finland

In Finland, precisely in the city of Kemi, there is a fantastic structure capable of making the people it hosts feel like princes and snow princesses.
Lo Snow Castle it is located in the Gulf of Bothnia in Finland, and has now become a symbol of Kemi, a source of pride for all citizens.
It has been built for over 19 years and sleeping inside one of its incredible suites is a truly unforgettable emotion.

The peculiarity that makes this "enchanted castle" beautiful is the presence of details rooms with glass ceiling that allow customers the view ofnorthern Lights comfortably lying on the bed.

Price and costs: Between 210 and € 400 per couple depending on the period and type of stay.

7 - Aurora Ice Hotel, Alaska (USA)

L'Aurora is located in the city of Fairbanks, in Alaska. It seems that the owners have chosen this name because they are convinced that it is the best place in the world where you can admire the beautiful Northern Lights. It is famous for being the only hotel on ice open 365 days a year. This is possible thanks to a modern cooling system that allows the structure to be maintained even during the hottest seasons. Then hot, in Alaska ...

Price and costs: Starting from € 700 per couple.

6 - Village des Neiges, Canada

Montreal's Village des Neiges has been open to the public since January 2011 and is located in the park Jean-Drapeau.
In conjunction with its seasonal opening, recreational events are organized throughout the city. For this reason it represents a unique experience for every type of traveler. It has 30 rooms, of which 10 ultra-luxury suites and a restaurant. It offers entertainment of all kinds: children can have fun in the beautiful labyrinth and in ice slides, adults can relax in the spa outdoors.

Price and costs: Starting from € 760 per couple.

5 - Snow Village, Finland

Every year it Snow Village comes built in Finland following a different architectural project.
Shapes and dimensions are in fact distorted, but inside it remains a constant and fascinating attraction statues made with ice and snow.
For its construction it is even used a million kilos of snow distributed over an area of ​​twenty thousand square meters.
At the Snow Village you can sleep in one of the 30 rooms, go to the chapel or have a drink drink in the nice bar.

Price and costs: Starting from € 360 per couple.

4 - Sorrisniva Igloo Hotel, Norway

Il Sorrisniva Igloo Hotel it is located just a few kilometers from the Arctic Circle.
It was born 15 years ago and is one of the first ice hotels ever built. The structure has a recognizable style: the interiors are made following themes such as Viking culture and the Northern Lights. Among the services offered by the staff are guided excursions under the starry sky e snowmobile trails.

Price and costs: Starting from € 520 per couple.

3 - Kakslauttanen Artic Resort, Finland

Also in Finland is situated Kakslauttanen Artic Resort: "the most enchanting resort in all of Lapland". We really cannot blame those who define it in this way even if it is not really an ice hotel.
Offers every kind of comfort to guests, a warm and welcoming environment with rooms and suites so beautiful that it makes this hotel very close to perfection. In addition, it allows you to spend the night in one of the fantastic "glass igloos", under the starry sky, to make the most of the Northern Lights.
Special mention also for the surrounding area which has enormous naturalistic riches that are certainly worth a visit.

Price and costs: Starting from € 510 per couple.

2 - Hotel de Glace, Canada

Not far from the Quebec we find theHotel de Glace, fantastic hotel fromluxurious furnishings. The interiors are elegant as few, even here there are numerous sculptures and decorations fabulous. The occupied space is quite large, with over 40 rooms, a shop that sells various kinds of items and a bar. Note of merit for the staff, according to many always friendly and helpful with customers.

Price and costs: Starting from € 460 per couple.

1 - Ice Hotel, Sweden: The largest ice hotel in the world

Naturally in the first place of the ranking we find theIce Hotel di Jukkasjäroi in Sweden.
Has been the first ice hotel absolutely never built and today it also boasts another important record: e the largest in the world.
Within the facility of approximately 5.000 square meters everything is made with ice.
Not only the rooms therefore, but also the pieces of furniture such as sofas and beds, the latter, of course, are carefully covered with thermo-insulating material, essential for spending a night in this magical place.

Price and costs: Between 500 and € 1000 per couple depending on the period and the type of room chosen.

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