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Saying aperitif and saying Milan is practically the same thing. The ritual of the aperitif it is in fact inevitable in the Lombard city and, based on the continuous demand, hundreds of places offering this service have been born and raised. How to extricate yourself from this rich offer? The aperitif is an ideal opportunity to chat with friends and colleagues at the end of a day in the office, to discuss business or simply to relax. That's why choosing the right place is essential! Whether you are a lover of the traditional ritual, or if you are looking for something more exotic, in Milan there is always plenty of choice. Here are some tips for choosing the right place for an aperitif in Milan.


  1. From oTTo
  2. Isola wineries
  3. Rebelot
  4. Mag Cafe
  5. Tom Office Series
  6. Triennale Terrace "Osteria with a view"
  7. Dolce & Gabbana Martini Bar
  8. Radetzky cafe
  9. Santeria Social Club
  10. Lacerba
  11. Terrace Aperol
  12. User questions and comments

1 - From oTTo

It is an Italian reality in the Milanese Chinatown, in via Paolo Sarpi. The proposed formula is that of self service. The offer is wide and ranges from a selection of wines and organic beer to eight platters, eight squares, weekend brunches and sweet and savory snacks. Everything is cooked the same day, fresh and good, with quality products ...

  • Address: Via Paolo Sarpi, 8
  • Average price: € 15,00
  • Recommended specialty: homemade cutting boards and meatballs
  • Tel: (+02) 8341 7249

2 - Cantine Isola

This restaurant is also located in via Paolo Sarpi and is a real point of reference for the area. The interior is very intimate, with the bottles of wine that almost seem to embrace the customers. Given the size of the room and the consequent few seats, in the cellars you sip your drink mainly standing up, also choosing what to eat from the counter: bruschetta stuffed with lard, cheeses, croutons and much more.

  • Address: Via Paolo Sarpi, 30
  • Average price: € 12,00
  • Recommended specialty: mixed bruschetta
  • Tel: (+02) 331 5249

3 - Rebelot

It is a place on the canals with an aspect that differs a little from the classic one. Here you will not find the traditional crowd, there is no happy hour and the clientele has a rather high average age. The exclusivity of the place comes at a fair price, but if you like bistros and tapas, this is the place for you. The culinary proposal includes, in addition to tapas, also the classic cutting boards of cheeses and / or cured meats, sophisticated cocktails, wide choice of national and international wine labels.

  • Address: Ripa di Porta Ticinese, 55
  • Average price: between € 15,00 and € 20,00
  • Recommended specialty: tapas
  • Tel: (+02) 8419 4720

4 - Mag Cafè

This venue is also small and seating is limited, although some space is added in summer with outdoor seating. At first sight it looks like a laboratory where experiments are nothing more than drinks! Here you can fill yourself with cured meats, cheeses, bread sticks and crudité, but the real specialty is precisely the cocktails: spicy, personalized, unique. Reservations are recommended.

  • Address: Ripa di Porta Ticinese, 43
  • Average price: € 8,00
  • Recommended specialty: crudité
  • Tel: (+02) 3956 2875

5 - Tom

The local shows up with a very modern environment, where you can see the detail of the naked light bulbs that seem to fall from the ceiling. The area where the Tom is located is a favorite of young Milanese. Here the aperitif can take on the appearance of a real dinner, thanks to thewide and substantial offer: fried panzerotti, nachos with which to collect the classic guacamole sauce, olives and salami. Another pride of Tom are the personalized cocktails.

  • Address: Via Molino delle Armi Ang. Via della Chiusa
  • Average price: € 12,50
  • Recommended specialty: fried panzerotti
  • Tel: (+02) 5831 5720

6 - Triennale Terrace "Osteria with a view"

At this venue there is really everything and it is one of the most suitable places for an aperitif. It is located at the highest point of La Triennale di Milano and is also a real tavern, whose cuisine is prepared by the starred chef Stefano Cerveni. The price for the aperitif remains average, despite the location. A little less cured is the culinary offer, the aperitif is the Italian classic.

  • Address: viale Emilio Alemagna, 6
  • Average price: € 14,00
  • Recommended specialty: cocktails
  • Tel: +0236644340

7 - Dolce & Gabbana Martini Bar

We move in the heart of Milan where we find, not far from San Babila, this luxurious and extremely welcoming place. It is a place where it is possible to forget, for a few hours, the daily stress. At guests' disposal there is a harvested garden that can be used all year round, where they can enjoy finger food offered. The hand of the Dolce & Gabbana stylists can also be seen in the inspiration of the culinary offers, based on the Sicilian tradition.

  • Address: Corso Venezia, 15
  • Average price: € 13,00
  • Recommended specialty: finger food
  • Tel: +0276011154

8 - Radetzky cafe

A real institution for the city of Milan, which has become over the years a meeting point for the most diverse occasions. The aperitif is really delicious and includes an excellent fresh focaccia, freshly made french fries and some other specialties at the counter. The offer of wines and cocktails is very wide.

  • Address: Corso Garibaldi, 105
  • Average price: € 10,00
  • Recommended specialty: focaccia
  • Tel: (+02) 657 2645

9 - Santeria Social Club

È a truly innovative space and dedicated to those who love company and sharing, perhaps that of good music and good food. The aperitif is the traditional Italian one, as declared by the local itself: lupins, taralli, olives and peanuts are inevitable. As for the wines, there are 6 proposals for reds and 5 for whites, wide selection of beers and cocktails. Events, theatrical performances and shows with live music are periodically organized.

  • Address: Viale Toscana, 31
  • Average price: € 6,50
  • Recommended specialty: Italian aperitif
  • Tel: (+02) 2219 9381

10 - Lacerba

In the Porta Romana district, Lacerba it is one of the most crowded places because it allows you to satisfy your hunger in a young and lively environment. It is necessary to sit at the table, which will be served an aperitif from 18.30 to 22, consisting of fried, sandwiches and focaccias, cutting boards with cold cuts. In the menu you will also find drinks divided by alcoholic base but also some non-alcoholic proposals.

  • Address: Via Orti, 4
  • Average price: € 8,00
  • Recommended specialty: fried
  • Tel: (+02) 545 5475

11 - Aperol Terrace

We are talking about one of the most iconic places in Milan, a beautiful terrace overlooking Piazza del Duomo, where you can enjoy an aperitif between 18pm and 21pm. Obviously the specialty is Aperol Spritz, the costs for the aperitif range from € 10,00 for non-alcoholic up to € 12,00 for an alcoholic drink, a small tray with 4 finger food is included in the price.

  • Address: Piazza del Duomo
  • Average price: € 12,00
  • Recommended specialty: Aperol Spritz
  • Tel: (+335) 735 6773

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