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Renamed "Jewel of the Pacific" and declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco, Valparaìso is a city with a bohemian soul. Surrounded by the blue of the ocean, unraveled among alleys adorned by cOloratissimi graffiti, gastronomic corners and historic elevators; honored by works and art museums, linked to the life of the great poet Pablo Neruda, it is one of the milestones during a trip to Chile, a country of which it embodies identity and history, in its infinite beauty to be discovered, loved, remembered. Let's find out together 10 things to see in Valparaíso in Chile.


  1. La Sebastiana (House of Pablo Neruda)
  2. Ascensor Reina Victoria
  3. Paseo Gervasoni
  4. Moai and Fonck Museum
  5. Playa Renaca
  6. Baburizza Palace
  7. Plaza Sotomayor
  8. Concon Dunes
  9. Abierto sky museum
  10. Quinta Vergara
  11. Plan your stay in Valparaíso: interactive map + info on flights, hotels and tours
  12. User questions and comments

1 - La Sebastiana (Pablo Neruda's house)

La Sebastiana is only one of the three houses that belonged to the famous poet Pablo Neruda (the other two are respectively located in Santiago and Isla Negra). Completely surrounded by the ocean, visible from every window inside the house, it stands out on the top of the hill of Valparaìso and is now used as a Museum dedicated to the life and works of the great Chilean artist. Furnished with refinement and elegant like one of his poems (the poet dedicated some verses to Sebastiana) it was inaugurated on September 18, 1961, with a party organized by Neruda himself. Visiting it today means being able to get in touch with the heart of the poet's village (Temuco, a town south of Chile), who tried to reproduce that same atmosphere, with minutia of details, in each of his works and in every place he belonged.

  • by underground line L1; by bus with line 612 - Get directions
  • 10 pm (CET)
  • 6.000 Cilenos (€ 7,73)
  • Neruda Route Tour

2 - Ascensor Reina Victoria

One of the few Ascensores (ancient historical vehicles) still in operation in Valparaìso, the Ascensor Reina Victoria is the most popular, because it manages to make a panoramic view from above truly amazing. The function is to climb the hills that connect the lower part of the city with the upper part. An elevator experience helps not only to have fun and enjoy the colors and harmony of the bay below, but also to contribute to the local economy, with a truly negligible expense. It will not be possible to say that you have been to Valpo (Valparaìso is so commonly called by its own inhabitants) if you have not been carried away by at least one of its Ascensores.

  • by underground line L1; by bus with lines 102, 214, 215, 605, 606 - Get directions
  • 7 pm (CET)
  • 100 pesos (€ 0,13)

3 - Paseo Gervasoni

An avenue adorned with many graffiti and wonderful colors, emblem of Chilean street art, the Paseo Gervasoni is one of the unmissable and most popular attractions in Valparaìso. Perfect for a relaxing walk, to be discovered strictly on foot, with the camera ready to freeze and characteristic angles that will capture attention and amazement, among cafes full of people, a wonderful view of the ocean, souvenir markets and friendly people, ready to tell the heart and soul of a splendid land which is Chile. Atmosphere and images that remain in the heart of every visitor.

  • by underground line L1; by bus with lines 001, 102, 215, 606 - Get directions
  • always accessible
  • free

4 - Moai and Fonck Museum

Located in front of the entrance to the Fonck Museum, one of the 79 Moai ancestors, that is, one of the monolithic statues obtained from volcanic rock and brought there directly from Easter Island a few decades ago, is certainly one of the attractions not to be missed. The little one is also very interesting Fonck Museum, Museum of Archeology and History, within which it is possible to continue a cognitive and in-depth journey entirely dedicated to the various ethnic cultures of South America, to Easter Island itself and to various species of local animals and insects (a two-headed lamb is also exhibited). Very interesting, definitely worth a visit.

  • by underground line L1; by bus with lines 302, 401, 606, 704 - Get directions
  • from Monday to Saturday, from 10:00 to 18:00; Sunday from 10:00 to 14:00
  • 2.800 pesos (€ 0,77)

5 - Playa Renaca

Unmissable in Valparaìso is definitely the Playa Renaca, the most famous beach in Chile. Wild, immense, heavenly, caressed by the waves of the ocean, it is certainly one of the most beautiful places. Live all year, favorite place for surfers, it is perfect for outdoor activities, walks with the scent of sea breeze, unforgettable photos (it is even possible to spot some flamingo or an undisturbed sea lion). Lined with pubs, discos, restaurants, empanadas hawkers, is a concentrate of nature and fun. An authentic cross-section of Chile, where people know of the sun, where the ocean still tells beautiful stories.

  • by bus with lines 302, 601 - Get directions
  • always accessible
  • free

6 - Baburizza Palace

Former residence of Pascual Baburizza (Croatian businessman), this beautiful palace was built in 1916 and was entirely designed by Italian architects. The building was used as a museum in 1971 and declared a historical monument in 1976. Completely in Art Deco style, it has a truly wonderful garden and a café, where you can enjoy an excellent Chilean coffee. Moreover, the view from the top of the building is truly magnificent. Beautiful both externally and internally, it houses an art gallery of wonderful works and sculptures, by both Chilean and European artists.

  • on foot in 25 minutes from the center or by bus in 10 minutes with line 506 513 - Get directions
  • 10:30 - 18:00. Closed on Mondays.
  • 2.000 pesos (€ 2,59)

7 - Plaza Sotomayor

Picturesque and perspective, surrounded by important buildings, now home to the Chilean Navy and the National Council of Culture and Arts, Plaza Sotomayor it is considered a symbol of Chilean history and is one of the most popular places in Valparaìso. At the center of it there is a monument dedicated to the Chilean sailors who fell during the battles of Ioquique and Punta Gruesa, and around the perimeter you can find shops and restaurants, enjoying walking among street artists, musicians and puppet artisans, who become the center of attention and entertainment for young and old.

  • by underground line L1; by bus with lines 001, 102, 215, 902 - Get directions
  • always accessible
  • free

8 - Concon Dunes

An unmissable opportunity to get in touch with the bare and authentic nature of Chile. An almost intimate experience to escape the frenetic pace of the city, only you and these arid sand dunes, on which the wind blows in silence, without scratching them. A fantastic and typical landscape of the country, really far from our imagination, contrasted between the warm colors of the dunes that shine under the Chilean sun and the blue of the ocean, which opens up endlessly before our eyes. A moment "due" to a wonderful and generous land, its views and your journey.

  • by bus with lines 605, 602, 609 - Get directions
  • always accessible
  • free

9 - Abierto sky museum

An explosion of colors, art, painting, street stories, in the center of Cerro Bellavista, in the heart of Valparaìso. Another unmissable stop, the Abierto air museum collects the murals which were spontaneously designed by the students of the Art Institute of the Universidad Catolica de Valparaìso, in 1969. These murals are part of a project to enhance the works and artists, implemented in 1990. An original place that through the art of strada tells the wonders of a land that amazes in every corner. Certainly one of the most original and beautiful artistic expressions in the world.

  • by underground line L1; by bus with lines 105, 215, 505, 902 - Get directions
  • always accessible
  • free

10 - Quinta Vergara

Quinta Vergara is a park located in Vina del Mar, not far from Vaparaiso city. Divided into three fundamental areas: the Palacio Vergara, the Amphitheater and the Garden, every year it hosts the Vina del Mar International Song Festival, attracting thousands of people from all over the world. Belonging to the Vergara family, the entire park was built in 1910 and was used as a Museum of Fine Arts in 1941. Today the museum boasts an exhibition of sixty beautiful works of art, in addition to the statues and sculptures that adorn the wonderful garden.

  • by underground line L1; by bus with lines 207, 302, 602, 606 - Get directions
  • 7:00 - 18:00. Closed on Mondays.
  • free

Plan your stay in Valparaíso: interactive map + info on flights, hotels and tours

Chile is a country that has fairly stable security conditions, however, during a stay in a city like Valparaìso, where public demonstrations are frequent, it is advisable not to take part in them, as they almost always lead to violent episodes. Some tips: avoid changing money on the street, show off jewelry and go to poor neighborhoods during the night.
Public transport is sufficiently efficient, however, some roads may not be paved and some places may not guarantee telephone connections or Internet access.

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