10 things to see absolutely in Saint Louis in Senegal

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Saint Louis is a city in the north-west of Senegal, nestled on the coast between an important natural park and a sandy desert. Its dimensions are modest compared to those of the capital Dakar but, nevertheless, Saint Louis also contains several interesting things to visit, especially on a natural level. Find out below what the 10 things to see absolutely in Saint Louis!


  1. Photography museum
  2. Plage Hydrobase
  3. Langue de Barbarie
  4. Guembeul Nature Reserve
  5. Djoudj National Bird Sanctuary
  6. Lompoul Desert
  7. Senegal River
  8. Le Camée
  9. Artisan village
  10. Art Gallery
  11. Plan your trip: flights, hotels and tours
  12. User questions and comments

1 - Museum of photography

One of the cultural attractions of Saint Louis is the Museum of Photography, created to give African artists a place to exhibit their photographs. This project has allowed many photographers to create their own way and the doors are in fact always open to exhibitions of emerging artists.

  • it is located on the Sindone island, in the immediate vicinity of the bridge that connects it to the mainland, reachable on foot and by taxi - Get directions
  • Tuesday to Sunday 10:00 - 19:00
  • free

2 - Plage Hydrobase

It is the long and popular beach of Saint Louis, a must if you stop in the city for a few days. Allow yourself a few hours in this oasis of peace completely isolated from the chaos of the city.

  • it is located along the east coast of the Santhiaba peninsula, reachable by taxi in 10 minutes - Get directions
  • always accessible
  • free

3 - Langue de Barbarie

The Langue de Barbarie is a 40 km long strip of sand determined by the mouth of the Senegal river where a small lagoon is created. It is located just south of Saint Louis ed it can be visited with a boat excursion that will take you around the mangroves to discover the Senegalese nature, meeting many pelicans and flamingos surrounded by beautiful landscapes.

  • reach the south of Saint Louis by taxi and then take one of the many boats that the locals will not waste time offering you - Get directions
  • always accessible
  • 10.000 CFA (€ 15,00)

4 - Guembeul Nature Reserve

It is a small 720 hectare reserve located 10km south of Saint Louis that you can visit in your vehicle or by purchasing an excursion in a 4x4 vehicle. Inside you will find turtles, derbies, impalas, monkeys, zebras, giraffes, buffaloes and many other African species, present in the reserve with the aim of being protected and reintegrated into the Senegalese ecosystem.

  • take a taxi or contact an excursion agency that will take you from your accommodation to the reserve - Get directions
  • Monday to Sunday from 9:00 to 18:00
  • 20.000 CFA (€ 30,00)

5 - Djoudj National Bird Sanctuary

It is a swampy and humid area north of Saint Louis. Inside live several species of birds, including pelicans and flamingos, in fact after being named National Park it also acquired the name of Bird Sanctuary. Visiting it takes a full day but it's worth it if you are a nature lover!

  • take a taxi or contact an excursion agency that will take you from your accommodation to the park - Get directions
  • 8 pm (CET)
  • 20.000 CFA (€ 30,00)

6 - Lompoul Desert

The Lompoul desert it is a small sandy desert not far from the coast. As for Saint Louis instead, it must be said that it is not that close, but when you are in the city you will find nothing but proposals for excursions to this beautiful attraction. Usually the excursion includes trekking aboard a dromedary and spending the night in a camp inside the desert and then return to your accommodation the following day. An experience that we highly recommend you do!

  • contact an excursion agency that will take you from your accommodation to the desert and will also include the night in the camp - Get directions
  • always accessible
  • excursions start from € 80,00 per person

7 - Senegal River

Saint Louis is crossed entirely by the Senegal River which from the Mauritian border reaches the city dividing it in two and giving life to the east and west areas, joined since 1897 by the Faidherbe bridge with its 507 meters. Another interesting excursion that will inevitably be proposed by the locals is therefore a boat ride along the Senegal River, on whose banks you can admire small African villages and stretches of thick vegetation.

  • always accessible
  • the pirogue excursion usually costs around 10.000 CFA (€ 15,00)

8 - Le Camée

Visiting African countries also means meeting new textile traditions and fashions different from Western ones. Le Camée is the right place to approach the Senegalese culture in terms of clothing. Here you will find an exhibition of clothes and fabrics with precious fabrics and eccentric colors, each with relative description and explanation about the processing.

  • it is located in a fairly central area of ​​the city, reachable either on foot or by taxi - Get directions
  • open only Thursday, Friday and Saturday, from 10:30 - 13:30 and from 15:00 - 17:30
  • free

9 - Craft Village

It goes without saying that an African artisan village is the best opportunity for tourists to find souvenirs and gifts of various kinds of excellent quality. Jewelry, clothes, wooden figurines, leather accessories and much more, obtained exclusively by hand processing of local raw materials. The only thing to be on guard against is the prices, often exaggeratedly increased for tourists, which, however, can be remedied by bargaining!

  • it is located in the north of the city, reachable in just 5 minutes by taxi - Get directions
  • 8 pm (CET)
  • free

10 - Art Gallery

This gallery is a branch of the Dakar Art Gallery in which there are precious antiques, all pieces that perfectly reflect African art. Inside you will mostly observe furniture and paintings in bronze, wood and metal worked and carved by hand and you can only be fascinated!

  • it is located in the southwest of the Sindone island, not far from the Faidherbe Bridge - Get directions
  • 8 pm (CET)
  • free

Plan your trip: flights, hotels and tours

Saint Louis can be reached mainly in two ways: you can opt for a domestic flight from Dakar airport to Saint Louis airport or choose bus or collective taxi from Dakar with which it will take about 5 hours. Once you reach the city, getting around it is not at all easy. We advise you not to waste time looking for city buses and so on but to move only with taxis, which you will have no difficulty in finding! Accommodation and restaurants in Saint Louis are generally inexpensive but we must pay attention to the accommodation and restaurants managed by Europeans, which are inevitably more refined and consequently more expensive. As for security, Saint Louis it is a very quiet city, as well as the negative impression you might get from the unkind way people stop you constantly on the street to sell you anything.

  • to Dakar (243 km) starting from € 297,95 -
  • Hotel and b & b starting from € 40,00 per room -

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