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Zagreb is the capital of Croatia, a city populated by almost a million inhabitants and still little traveled by mass tourism.
Here you can taste many dishes of the Croatian culinary tradition, a cuisine that reflects numerous influences, linked to the troubled history of the country and due to the proximity to peoples of different cultures: all this counterbalanced to create a decidedly varied gastronomic panorama rich in flavors, from those closest to taste mediterranean, with fish dishes, to those who have instead suffered in a more evident way the influences Central Europeans (in particular Austrian and Hungarian), such as the excellent meat and spice stews, which undoubtedly represent the main dishes of the cuisine of Zagreb and north-western Croatia.
In any case, you will be surprised by the variety and richness of the Croatian gastronomic offer, so let's see the 10 things to eat absolutely during a trip to Zagreb.


  1. Pecenje with mlinci or pecenikrumpir
  2. Peka janjetina
  3. Zagrabacki odrezak
  4. Cobanac
  5. Rizoto
  6. Palacinke
  7. Cevapcici
  8. Grenadir marš
  9. Kremsnita
  10. Strukle
  11. Where to eat in Zagreb: best restaurants, typical bars and street food
  12. User questions and comments

1 - Pecenje with mlinci or pecenikrumpir

A typical Zagreb dish and particularly popular are pecenje con mlinci or pecenikrumpir, a dish that is influenced by Austrian influences. A type of meat, cooked roasted or on a spit, accompanied by roasted potatoes or baked pasta.

  • Recommended to: dinner
  • Average cost: about € 6,00-8,00
  • Main ingredients: lamb, pork and duck, potatoes, baked pasta

2 - Peka janjetina

A great classic of Zagreb and Croatian cuisine is peka janjentina, lamb meat cooked in a plate with a lid under the ashes: this type of cooking, which adapts to many meats and vegetables, is one of the Dalmatian delicacies, which you must no doubt try.

  • Recommended to: Lunch or dinner
  • Average cost: € 8,00-10,00
  • Main ingredients: lamb meat, various vegetables (potatoes, zucchini, onion, garlic), rosemary

3 - Zagrabacki odrezak

The Zagrabacki odrezak is the typical dish from Zagreb, always based on meat. It is a veal steak consisting of two slices of meat, inside which it is filled with ham and cheese, then breaded and fried. A simple dish that you cannot fail to appreciate in its goodness.

  • Recommended to: Lunch or dinner
  • Average cost: € 6,00-8,00
  • Main ingredients: veal, cheese, ham.

4 - Cobanac

Cobanac is a typical dish of the Slavonian region, in which the influence of Hungarian cuisine is evident: it is a very tasty dish, a meat stew similar to goulash, much appreciated during the harsh winters.

  • Recommended to: dinner
  • Average cost: € 8,00
  • Main ingredients: the stew includes at least 3 types of meat (beef, pork, lamb or game: venison, wild boar) and vegetables (potatoes, onions, peppers), paprika, garlic and pepper.

5 - Rizoto

Moving instead towards the culinary tradition of the coast, we see how we get closer to Mediterranean flavors, and a dish that you absolutely must try is the rizoto: a risotto (although prepared in different ways than the classic Italian risotto), usually based on seafood, or cuttlefish ink. A delight that clearly makes us feel the flavor of summer and the sea.

  • Recommended to: lunch
  • Average cost: around € 9,00
  • Main ingredients: rice, seafood

6 - Palacinke

Let's now turn to a delicious dessert of the Croatian tradition: this is the palacinke (which derives from a Hungarian dessert), which is a kind of crepes that should be enjoyed rolled up, and usually filled with chocolate, cream or jam. A real treat for the palate!

  • Recommended to: breakfast or snack
  • Average cost: € 2,00-3,00
  • Main ingredients: milk, flour, eggs, sugar, chocolate, jam, cream

7 - Ćevapčići

Another much loved dish in the city, which you will find almost everywhere, is Ćevapčići, a meat dish that derives from kebab, and looks like a cylindrical meatball made of beef and lamb, cooked on the plate or on the grill . In some areas you can also find it as street food, definitely a dish to try!

  • Recommended to: Lunch or dinner
  • Average cost: € 5,00-6,00
  • Main ingredients: Minced beef and lamb, spices and flavorings, often served with chips

8 - Grenadir marš

Grenadir marš is one of the most popular local first courses; it is a dish of pasta and potatoes, dressed with smoked bacon and onions fried in butter: a dish of evident Austro-Hungarian derivation.

  • Recommended to: Lunch or dinner
  • Average cost: € 6,00 approximately
  • Main ingredients: pasta, potatoes, bacon, onion

9 - Kremsnita

Another dessert that we definitely recommend you try is the Kremsnita, one of the most popular with tourists, a cake similar to our millefeuille, made from puff pastry, prepared with a very thick layer of cream and one of cream. In the Zagreb variant, the dessert has a delicious flavor dark chocolate coating.

  • Recommended to: breakfast, snack
  • Average cost: € 5,00
  • Main ingredients: puff pastry, eggs, flour, milk, cream, vanilla.

10 - Strukle

We close this review of Zagreb gastronomy with another very popular first course of the Croatian tradition, namely Strukle, a kind of baked timbale, similar to our cannelloni, made up of pasta rolls stuffed with cheese and sour cream.

  • Recommended to: Lunch or dinner
  • Average cost: € 4,00
  • Main ingredients: (ex: bacon, horse cacio cheese, ...)

Where to eat in Zagreb: best restaurants, typical bars and street food

Zagreb is a dynamic and continuously developing capital and both its culture and cuisine reflect its cultural ferment.
The Croatian gastronomic tradition offers both seafood and land specialties, you can find places to enjoy good food for all palates and budgets. Here are some suggestions on where to taste traditional dishes in Zagreb!

1 - Mali Medo

  • Description: a very central place with an informal atmosphere
  • specialty: grilled meats and beers
  • Average price: from € 20,00 per person
  • Address: Get directions - Facebook page

2 - Amélie

  • Description: small patisserie in the center, with a welcoming atmosphere
  • specialty: coffee and delicious cakes
  • Average price: from € 6,00 per person
  • Address: Get directions - Facebook page

3 - Konoba Didov San

  • Description: restaurant in the upper town of Zagreb, with a traditional climate where you can taste typical dishes
  • specialty: meat and soups
  • Average price: from € 10,00 per person
  • Address: Get directions - Facebook page

4 - The Dolac Market

  • Description: colorful and characteristic market in the old town area
  • specialty: meats and cheeses, honey, street food
  • Average price: from € 7,00 per person
  • Address: Get directions - Facebook page

5 - Roots Juice & Cocktail Bar

  • Description: place that offers vegetarian and vegan options, and a convivial atmosphere
  • specialty: delicious natural smoothies
  • Average price: from € 5,00 per person
  • Address: Get directions - Facebook page

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