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In addition to the great variety of natural beauties present, one of the things that most fascinates about Australia is that it is an open-minded country, with a strongly international soul that attracts both young people and adults every year. This internationality as a peculiar character is also easily found in the kitchen: the In fact, the Australian culinary tradition has undergone the influences of countless cultures over time, which has allowed the creation of very different dishes, with strong flavors and a very strong identity. This is why, for example, in restaurant menus, alongside typically Australian dishes, you can also find dishes from different countries, mostly Asian (Vietnam, Thailand, etc.). In this article, however, we want to tell you about the 10 typical Australian dishes that you absolutely cannot miss if you are in Sydney.


  1. Oyster soup
  2. Pumpkin soup
  3. Kangaroo pie
  4. Fish & chips
  5. Meat pie
  6. Kangaroo meat
  7. Braised oxtail
  8. Mango salad
  9. Surprise papaya
  10. Pavlova
  11. Where to eat in Sydney: best restaurants, typical bars and street food
  12. User questions and comments

1 - Oyster soup

Among the Australians' favorite first courses we cannot fail to mention soups, preferably to eat during the cooler months. One that you can Easily found served in local restaurants is oyster soup: boiled and served on a fish soup, they are often seasoned with lemon juice and an anchovy puree. Loved by both locals and passing tourists, it is a real treat that cannot be renounced!

  • Recommended to: Lunch Dinner
  • Average cost: € 12,00
  • Main ingredients: oysters, fish, lemon

2 - Pumpkin soup

Still talking about soups, another specialty that you cannot afford not to taste is the pumpkin soup. In this case, a base of onion and macadamia oil is prepared, to which the soup, apples, yogurt and some macadamia nuts are added as a condiment. (Macadamia is a typical plant of the Eastern Australia / Indonesia area, widely used in cooking especially for its nuts.)

  • Recommended to: Lunch Dinner
  • Average cost: € 10,00
  • Main ingredients: pumpkin, macadamia, yogurt, apples

3 - Kangaroo pie

Don't worry, the reference to the kangaroo is only for the shape of the dish: Kangaroo pie is nothing more than a puff pastry filled with cod, onions and gherkins, rolled up as if it were a strudel and accompanied with a cheddar sauce. The association with the animal-symbol of Australia, the kangaroo, is due precisely to its "pouch" shape, which recalls the distinctive feature of the marsupial.

  • Recommended to: Lunch Dinner
  • Average cost: € 10,00
  • Main ingredients: cod, butter, flour, onions, gherkins

4 - Fish & chips

Together with the British, Australians are the great masters in preparing this simple but at the same time very tasty dish. Precisely for this reason, the whole island and especially Sydney is full of restaurants (many of them near the beach), kiosks, etc. that offer this delight so much that you will be spoiled for choice. This dish is also suitable for those traveling with children, who are often difficult to convince when trying new foods.

  • Recommended to: Lunch Dinner
  • Average cost: € 8,00 / 10,00
  • Main ingredients: fish, potatoes

5 - Meat pie

Similar to Kangaroo pie but smaller in size, almost as if it were a snack, and with a meat filling, the Meat pie it is another very common dish in Australia, especially in Sydney where it can be seen in almost all supermarkets, bakeries and food stores. The classic filling is made up of minced meat, mushrooms, tomato sauce, onions and cheese, although there are some variants suitable for vegetarians. After a night out or when you're in a hurry and don't have much time to eat, they're a perfect snack!

  • Recommended to: always
  • Average cost: € 8,00
  • Main ingredients: meat, tomato, onions, cheese

6 - Kangaroo meat

Although kangaroos are very sweet animals and despite seeing them hopping free in the meadows is for tourists one of the many reasons to fly to Australia, unfortunately the truth is that kangaroo meat is one of the basic dishes of the local culinary tradition. Since this is rather lean red meat, Australians make extensive use of it in the kitchen, preparing it in the most diverse ways: grilled, as a hamburger, sausage or meatballs, etc. (One of the favorite accompaniments, in general, are fried mushrooms.)

  • Recommended to: Lunch Dinner
  • Average cost: € 15,00
  • Main ingredients: meat

7 - Braised oxtail

Another the second most popular meat in Australia is stewed beef tail, cooked in tomato and / or beer to make it even tastier. If you love strong flavors, this is a dish you just can't give up during your stay in Sydney.

  • Recommended to: Lunch Dinner
  • Average cost: € 12,00
  • Main ingredients: beef, beer, tomato

8 - Mango salad

Australians are not big fans of complicated side dishes, often a plate of French fries as an accompaniment to a meat dish seems to be the best solution. However, a dish offered in many restaurants is the mango and shrimp salad: topped with mayonnaise and lime, they can be served together with a citronette made with oil, lemon juice and passion fruit. Fresh and delicate, it is the ideal side dish to be enjoyed during the hottest months.

  • Recommended to: Lunch Dinner
  • Average cost: € 8,00
  • Main ingredients: shrimp, mango

9 - Surprise papaya

Let's now move on to sweets. One of the most recommended, especially for a snack or a fresh snack, is the Surprise papaya: it is very simply a papaya cut in half, filled with diced papaya, mixed fruit salad and port jelly. Nothing particularly complicated then, but perfect for the hottest days. After an afternoon on the beach or surfing the waves, it's the best snack!

  • Recommended to: snack
  • Average cost: € 8,00
  • Main ingredients: papaya, fruit

10 - Pavlova

Australians aren't known for great pastry, yet that doesn't mean they don't have significant signature cakes and sweets. One of them is Pavlova cake, consisting of a meringue base with whipped cream and fruit. If you eat too much it could probably be a bit cloying, but in small doses it is a great dessert for a snack or a not so light snack.

  • Recommended to: snack
  • Average cost: € 8,00
  • Main ingredients: meringue, whipped cream, fruit

Where to eat in Sydney: best restaurants, typical bars and street food

Sydney is a delightful melting pot of populations: Australia is a country that attracts a huge amount of foreigners from the most disparate backgrounds and it goes without saying that its typical cuisine is influenced by the cultures that inhabit its immense territories. The cooking habits of the first settlers have been overturned and adapted to local products. To season the menus of Sydney restaurants, Vietnamese, Japanese, Thai, Italian and other foreign cuisines present. Meat is the main element of the diet and Australians have an immoderate love for the barbecue ritual, an appreciated moment of socialization with family or friends. Among menus that include emu and kangaroo meats, typical fish such as barramunda and flavors that cannot be found elsewhere such as vegemite, here are the most characteristic restaurants where to whet the palate in the city.

1 - Opera Bar

  • Description: venue with outdoor seating right in the shadow of the Opera House
  • specialty: excellent happy hours with sunset over the Harbor Bridge
  • Average price: from € 15,00 per person
  • Address: Sydney Opera House, Macquarie St, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia - Get directions

2 - Automata

  • Description: room with open space room with a particular atmosphere, with kitchen-island and social tables
  • specialty: try the 5-course menu for a taste of the best
  • Average price: from € 25,00 per person
  • Address: 5 Kensington St, Chippendale NSW 2008, Australia - Get directions

3 - Single O

  • Description: one of the best cafes in Sydney, where you can recharge with top breakfasts
  • specialty: coffee, banana pancakes
  • Average price: from € 5,00 per person
  • Address: 89 York Street, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia - Get directions

4 - Burger Project

  • Description: a classy fast food, created by the famous chef Neil Perry
  • specialty: delicious sandwiches, like the aussie burger
  • Average price: from € 10,00 per person
  • Address: Macquarie Pl, Gateway Center Level 1, Shop L106, Circular Quay, Sydney, NSW 2000, Australia - Get directions

5 - Tramsheds Harold Park

  • Description: a shopping center entirely dedicated to food, inside the old tram terminus station
  • specialty: street food
  • Average price: from € 10,00 per person
  • Address: 1 Dalgal Way, Forest Lodge NSW 2037, Australia - Get directions

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