10 Best Things to Eat in Rotterdam and Where to Go

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What are the best dishes and typical foods to eat in Rotterdam?

Holland is certainly not world famous for its cuisine. The dishes proposed in big cities like Rotterdam or Amsterdam are often the result of a mixture of European or international flavors.
It is undeniable, however, that even in this country you can eat more than well: here is an exclusive ranking of 10 best dishes served in Rotterdam restaurants.


  1. Doughnuts
  2. stamppot
  3. Nieuwe Haring
  4. Patatje Oorlog
  5. Stroopwafel
  6. Soup
  7. Bitterballen
  8. Mini Dutch pancakes
  9. Kapsalon
  10. Sandwich
  11. Where to eat in Rotterdam: best restaurants, local bars and street food

1 - Doughnuts

Rotterdammers have successfully imported the bagel "craze" from the Big Apple. These ring-shaped buns are filled with any food, sauce or spice inside. The Dutch usually eat them for breakfast, to give themselves a maximum charge of energy.

  • Recommended for: breakfast, snack
  • Average cost: from 3,00 € to 7,00 €.
  • Main ingredients: bagels, cream cheese, avocado, salmon

2 - Stamppot

We could consider it one of the "pure" dishes of the Dutch culinary tradition. Often served with a sausage or sausage on the side, Stamppot is delicious mashed potatoes and mixed vegetables.

  • Recommended for: Lunch dinner
  • Average cost: € 6,00
  • Main ingredients: mashed potatoes, endive, salt

3 - Nieuwe Haring

A popular fish course in Rotterdam is nieuwe haring, literally "new herring". Raw, filleted, simply topped with pickles, this dish is usually eaten with the hands, sliding it down the throat or accompanied by a soft roll.

  • Recommended for: Lunch dinner
  • Average cost: € 1,95
  • Main ingredients: herring, onions, pickles

4 - Patatje Oorlog

One of the main ingredients of Rotterdam cuisine is the potato. Patatje oorlog are nothing more than fried potatoes served in a restaurant or in the classic street food cone, often seasoned with onions, peanut sauce and mayonnaise.

  • Recommended for: lunch, dinner or snack.
  • Average cost: € 4,00
  • Main ingredients: potato, mayonnaise, onion, peanut sauce

5 - Stroopwafel

In Rotterdam you can enjoy a sweet snack with the delicious stroopwafel, imported from Gouda. It is crispy waffle cookies, filled with exquisite caramel syrup.

  • Recommended for: breakfast, snack
  • Average cost: about 4,00 €.
  • Main ingredients: flour, butter, brown sugar, cinnamon, syrup, syrup

6 - Soup

In Rotterdam soups are almost an institution. From onions to fish to legumes (especially peas and lentils), you won't find a single restaurant in the city that doesn't have a variant of this hot first course on its menu.

  • Recommended for: Lunch dinner
  • Average cost: from 4,00 € to 6,00 €.
  • Main ingredients: broth, salt, pepper, vegetables (onions), legumes (peas), fish of various types

7 - Bitterballen

A delicious aperitif or a street food brought by street food? An example of an aperitif or snack to enjoy while waiting for a splendid Dutch lunch? I am all this and much more the bitterballen, meatballs with an irresistible taste. Thanks to the long marinating of the meat and its boiling: the meatballs literally melt in your mouth!

  • Recommended: as an appetizer, snack or appetizer.
  • Average cost: from 2,00 € to 4,00 €.
  • Main ingredients: veal, flour, beef broth, black pepper

8 - Poffertjes

I am one of the most popular sweets of Rotterdam the poffertjes, small sweet pancakes sprinkled with a "snow" of powdered sugar.

  • Recommended for: breakfast or dessert after a meal.
  • Average cost: € 6,00
  • Main ingredients: buckwheat flour, milk, yeast, sugar

9 - Kapsalon

A Dutch variant of the kebab, of Turkish derivation. In Rotterdam, ordering kapsalon is equivalent to having lunch with a super dish based on meat (mostly lamb), fries and hot sauce, usually served in an aluminum tray.

  • Recommended for: Lunch dinner
  • Average cost: from 5,00 € to 6,00 €.
  • Main ingredients: lamb, chips, lettuce, cheese, hot sauce

10 - Sandwich

Rotterdam has imported another important culinary delicacy from the USA, the sandwiches. It may seem a boring and obvious course, but in reality a lunch with a delicious club sandwich is not only satiating, but can become a truly heavenly moment for our palate!

  • Recommended for: lunch, snack
  • Average cost: from 8,00 € to 12,00 €.
  • Main ingredients: bread, eggs, mozzarella, tomatoes, cheese

Best places to eat in Rotterdam: best restaurants, typical bars and street food

From affordable restaurants to unique places to celebrate special events, Rotterdam caters to everyone's needs. Here are the best places to eat in Rotterdam.

1 - Het Eethuisje van Delfshaven

  • Description: a family-run tavern-like establishment located in the Delfhaven district, which alone is worth a visit. It offers local cuisine with an excellent quality-price ratio.
  • Specialty: Soups
  • Average price: from 25,00 € per person
  • Address: Mathenesserdijk - Get directions - Facebook page

2 - Zeezout

  • Description: very modern and elegant restaurant, specialized in fish cuisine. It has a not very extensive menu and a good selection of wines.
  • Specialty: Seafood
  • Average price: from 90,00 € per person
  • Address: Westerkade - Get directions - Website

3 - Bierhandel De Pijp

  • Description: restaurant with a typical Dutch appearance, it has the characteristic of displaying the open kitchen in the center of the room. The menu presents simple dishes
  • Specialty: duck fillet
  • Average price: from 35,00 € per person
  • Address: Gaffelstraat - Get directions - Website

4 - The fish market

  • Description: very simple place, giving the idea of eating street food, with a menu based exclusively on fish
  • Specialty: fried fish
  • Average price: from 30,00 € per person
  • Address: Binnenrotte - Get directions - Facebook page

5 - Dertien

  • Description: the characteristic of this gastropub is to focus on a menu composed of typical Dutch products at kilometer zero. Stylistically, the place is very cozy, yet informal and old-fashioned.
  • specialty: vegetable dishes
  • Average price: from 35,00 € per person
  • Address: Schiedamse Vest - Get directions - Facebook page

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