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    10 Things to eat in New York and where

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    When talking about the union New York + food burgers immediately come to mind.
    American burgers are certainly an absolute specialty, and are very different from those offered in various countries of the world; but the food of the Big Apple also offers much more. Let's see together 10 things to eat absolutely in New York, do not miss you are visiting the famous city!


    1. Pizza
    2. Donut
    3. Hotdogs
    4. Donuts
    5. Cheesecake
    6. Pastrami on Rye
    7. Cupcakes
    8. Burger
    9. Pancake
    10. Cookies
    11. Where to eat: best restaurants, typical bars and street food
    12. User questions and comments

    1 - Pizza

    It seems almost an offense for us Italians to talk about pizza in New York. But that's it: New York eats the best pizza in the United States. IS it was we Italians who exported it.

    • Recommended for: Lunch and Dinner
    • How much it costs: $ 15
    • Where to eat: Roberta's (261 Moore St, NY 11206), Lombardi's (32 Spring Street, NY 10012), Motorino Pizza (349 East 12th Street, NY 10003).

    2 - Bagels

    It takes one to create the perfect bagel real art. It must indeed be chewy on the inside, shiny and crunchy on the outside. Bagels were brought to New York by Jews in about 1880. Bagel comes boiled for a short time in water and then baked in the oven.

    • Recommended for: Snack
    • How much it costs: $ 3
    • Where to eat: Absolute Bagels (2788 Broadway, NY 10025), Murray's Bagels (500 Avenue of the Americas, NY 10011), Russ & Daughters (127 Orchard Street, NY 10002).

    3 - Hotdogs

    It was the 1871 and German butcher Charles Feltman started selling hotdogs on Coney Island. Hotdogs have since become one of the New York symbols.

    • Recommended for: Lunch and Dinner
    • How much it costs: $ 4
    • Where to eat: Crif Dogs (113 Saint Marks Place, NY 10009), Nathan's Famous (1310 Surf Avenue, NY 11224), Katz's Delicatessen (205 E Houston St, NY 10002)

    4 - Donuts

    Now found almost everywhere even in Italy, where they are often simply called "donuts", New Yorkers go crazy for these sweet donuts. Donuts are decorated and stuffed in many different ways: from chocolate to fruit. Even in 2013 the fashion ofhybrid croissant / donut, defined "cronuts".

    • Recommended for: Breakfast and Snack
    • How much it costs: $ 4
    • Where to eat: Dun-Well Donuts (222 Montrose Avenue, NY 11206), Dominique Ansel Bakery (189 Spring St, NY 10012),
      Donut Plant (379 Grand Street, NY 10002)

    5 - Cheesecake

    The New York cheesecake is different from the classic cheesecake: here in the Big Apple it is another absolute specialty. It was invented in 1929 by restaurant owner Arnold Reuben, and soon this mix of cream and cheese start spreading throughout the city.

    • Recommended for: Breakfast and Snack
    • How much it costs: $ 10
    • Where to eat: Junior's (386 Flatbush Avenue, NY 11201), Eileen's (17 Cleveland Place, NY10012), Two Little Red Hens (1652 2nd Ave, NY 10028)

    6 - Pastrami on Rye

    Classic sandwich invented in 1888 by Sussman Volk, emigrated from Lithuania who opened a deli shop. Pastrami is usually made with steak, prepared in brine with dried herbs and spices. Everything is pressed, smoked and steamed.

    • Recommended for: Lunch and Snack
    • How much it costs: $ 15
    • Where to eat: Katz Delicatessen (205 East Houston Street, NY 10002), Pastrami Queen (1125 Lexington Avenue # 2, NY 10075), Ben's Best (96-40 Queens Blvd, Rego Park, NY 11374)

    7 - Cupcakes

    And here we are with another very famous New York specialty: let's talk about cupcakes, whose first mention dates back to 1796 in a cookbook, with instructions on how to bake cakes in small cups. The cupcakes are mini cakes that come precisely cooked in ceramic cups.

    • Recommended for: Snack
    • How much it costs: $ 4
    • Where to eat it: Magnolia Bakery (401 Bleecker Street, NY 10014)

    8 - Burger

    Now let's talk about burgers, a real institution for the city of New York. According to legend, the first hamburger was served in the early 1800s to German sailors to commemorate their hometown, Hamburg. Some New York restaurants prepare among the best burgers in the world.

    • Recommended for: Lunch and Dinner
    • How much it costs: $ 10
    • Where to eat: Balthazar Restaurant (80 Spring Street, NY 10012), Shake Shack (Madison Square Park), Burger Joint (Le Parker Meridien, 119 W 56th St, NY 10009).

    9 - Pancakes

    Desserts very used for breakfast. It is prepared with pancakes similar to crepes, but thicker and placed on top of each other. The pancake it can also be salty, with melted butter, eggs, bacon.

    • Recommended for: Breakfast
    • How much it costs: $ 10
    • Where to eat: Cafe Luluc (214 Smith St, Brooklyn, NY 11201), Clinton St. Baking Company & Restaurant (4 Clinton St, New York, NY 10002), Landmark Coffee Shop (158 Grand St, New York, NY 10013)

    10 - Cookies

    Cookies are typical American cookies that are very popular in New York. Composed of drops of dark chocolate, are baked for about 10 minutes at 200 degrees.

    • Recommended for: / Breakfast and Snack
    • How much it costs: $ 4
    • Where to eat it: Milk & Cookies Bakery (19 Commerce St, New York, NY 10014), Levain (167 W 74th St, New York, NY 10023), Culture Espresso (72 W 38th St, New York, NY 10018).

    Where to eat: best restaurants, typical bars and street food

    New York has never stood out for a particular or typical cuisine but it is the city where you can taste flavors from all over the world and try dishes of all types.

    The Big Apple differs from other metropolises by one exorbitant number of places to eat in any neighborhood: street stalls, pubs and burgers or refined restaurants.
    Among Japanese, Vietnamese, Italian and French dishes, the only New York specialties (although they have foreign origins) are bagels, Pizza, Hot Dogs and Cheesecake.

    1 - Seaport Smorgasburg

    • Description: it is not a place but one of the coolest food markets in downtown; open from May to September, it really offers many specialties originating from different parts of the world
    • specialty: lobster rolls, ramen, Texan brisket sandwich
    • Average price: from $ 6,00 (approx. € 5,44) per person
    • Address: 90 Kent Ave, Brooklyn - Get directions / website

    2 - Uncle Boons

    • Description: New York's best-loved uncle's kitchen serves exquisite Thai food in an original wood-paneled venue with Thai movie posters hanging
    • specialty: mieng kum (special rolls filled with shrimp and dried fruit) and kao pat puu (fried rice with crab)
    • Average price: from $ 20,00 (approx. € 18,50) per person
    • Address: 7 Springs St. - Get Directions / FB Page

    3 - Antibes Bistro

    • Description: a small bistro lit with chandeliers and soft lights where you can enjoy fish or meat dishes with flavors from French cuisine
    • specialty: grilled octopus with chickpea purée, mushroom risotto and stewed ribs
    • Average price: from $ 28,00 (approx. € 25,00) per person
    • Address: 112 Suffolk St. - Get Directions

    4 - Burger Joint

    • Description: the perfect place to eat one of the best burgers in New York and at the same time experience the emotion of a speakeasy going back to the era of prohibition
    • specialty: hamburgher
    • Average price: from $ 8,00, (approximately € 7,00) per person
    • Address: 119 W 56th St., inside the Hotel Parker Meridien - Get Directions / FB Page

    5 - Freemans

    • Description: at the end of a dead end, with a very particular entrance, this restaurant serves excellent meat in a perfect setting for a romantic lunch or dinner
    • specialty: filet mignon with mashed potatoes
    • Average price: from $ 40,00 (approx. € 36,00) per person
    • Address: Freemans Alley, New York - Get Directions / Website
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