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    10 Things to Eat in Miami Florida and Where

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    Miami, although it is an international American city it has kept a Latin soul in the kitchen too!
    Whether you come on holiday or for work there are dishes that you absolutely must taste.

    The menus of the restaurants and the dishes proposed in the typical street food places are based on fish or meat, often spiced and accompanied by sauces.

    There is no shortage of vegetables and fruit because Miami is one of the most important areas in the production of papaya, mango, key lime and avocado.
    Here are the 10 things to eat in Miami!


    1. Barbecue
    2. Arepas
    3. Medianoche or Cuban Sandwich
    4. Stone Crabs
    5. Key Lime Pie
    6. Deviled Eggs
    7. Chicharron
    8. Fish Sandwich
    9. Cheviche
    10. Mofongo
    11. Where to eat: best restaurants, typical bars and street food
    12. User questions and comments

    1 - Churrasco

    It's the meat, of different types and cuts, marinated and cooked on the grill accompanied with Chimichurri sauce of Argentine origin based on garlic, spring onion, parsley, oil and vinegar.

    • Recommended to: lunch and dinner
    • Average cost: $ 22 / € 20,00
    • Main ingredients: meat and sauce with garlic and onion

    2 - Arepas

    Plate of Venezuelan and Colombian origins, they are gods cornmeal buns which are cooked on the grill until they are completely golden. They are stuffed with cheese, meat or vegetables.

    • Recommended to: snack
    • Average cost: $ 1,50 / € 1,00
    • Main ingredients: corn and cheese / meat / vegetables

    3 - Medianoche or Cuban Sandwich

    An exquisite one grilled sandwich stuffed with marinated pork shoulder with citrus fruits and spices and cooked in the barbecue to which are added smoked ham, cheese, mustard and pickles.
    Before baking the bread is spread with butter!

    • Recommended to: lunch, dinner or snack
    • Average cost: $ 8,81 / € 8,00
    • Main ingredients: pork, cheese, pickles

    4 - Stone Crabs

    It is a seasonal dish which is offered from October to March in Miami and throughout Florida. They are gods crab claws, with succulent and pulpy meat that can be of various types and sizes.
    They are served iced and crunchy accompanied by potato croquettes and salad.

    • Recommended to: Lunch Dinner
    • Average cost: $ 44,00 / € 40,00
    • Main ingredients: crab claws

    5 - Key Lime Pie

    This typical Florida dessert is found in all cafes, bars and restaurants; it is a dessert based on cream of condensed milk, eggs and lime which is poured onto a biscuit base mixed with butter.
    The best are sweet, sour, crunchy and creamy.

    • Recommended to: breakfast or dessert
    • Average cost: $ 4,41 / € 4,00
    • Main ingredients: milk cream, biscuits, lime

    6 - Deviled Eggs

    This specialty is none other than boiled eggs whose yolk is mixed with mayonnaise, mustard, lemon juice and hot sauce.
    They are usually accompanied by bread or salad.

    • Recommended to: appetizer, aperitif, snack
    • Average cost: $ 8,81 / € 8,00
    • Main ingredients: eggs, mayonnaise and spicy sauce

    7 - Chicharron

    This specialty also has a Latin influence; it is fried pork skin cut into cubes or strips of various sizes, which can be accompanied by sauces and marinades.

    • Recommended to: lunch
    • Average cost: $ 10,00 / € 9,00
    • Main ingredients: pork rind

    8 - Fish Sandwich

    A grouper sandwich which is fried or grilled and placed between two slices of freshly baked bread.
    Usually the original version has salad and tomato inside and it is accompanied by spicy or sweet sauces to choose from.

    • Recommended to: lunch, snack
    • Average cost: $ 11,00 / € 10,00
    • Main ingredients: bread, grouper

    9 - Cheviche

    Perfect for the warm climate of the city. The dish is of Peruvian origin, consists of fresh raw fish that is flavored with lime juice or topped with chilli.
    You will find it in any restaurant in the city, but be careful because the fish must be very fresh!

    • Recommended to: Lunch Dinner
    • Average cost: from $ 35,00 / € 31,00
    • Main ingredients: raw fish, lime

    10 - Mofongo

    Of Afro-Puerto Rican origin this specialty is made with fried plantains, garlic, chicharrones (pork rind) accompanied by sweet or spicy sauces and rice.
    The dish can be eaten alone or with fried chicken and there is also a variant without chicharrones.

    • Recommended to: Lunch or dinner
    • Average cost: $ 7,00 / € 6,00
    • Main ingredients: plantain, garlic, pork rind

    Where to eat: best restaurants, typical bars and street food

    1 - Icebox Cafe

    • Description: one of the best cafes where you can taste the tastiest and crispest Lime Pie there is. Often in this place the dish is accompanied by lime juice and cream!
    • Average price: $ 11,00 / € 10,00
    • Address: 1855 Purdy Ave, Miami Beach, Get Directions, FB Page

    2 - The Sandwicherie brickell

    • Description: folkloristic place where you can quickly eat excellent sandwiches of all kinds: the rostbeef one is delicious.
    • Average price: $ 10,00 / € 9,00
    • Address: 34 SW 8th St, Tel: +1 305-374-9852, Get Directions

    3 - La Latina

    • Description: simply furnished but nice, serving fresh and varied food. Here you can eat excellent arepas and empanadas.
    • Average price: $ 16,00 / € 15,00
    • Address: 3509 NE 2nd Ave Get Directions, FB Page

    4 - Puerto Madero

    • Description: a steakhouse serving an exquisite churrasco accompanied by good wine; the staff is courteous, fast and the place always crowded.
    • Average price: $ 27,00 / € 25,00
    • Address: 12879 SW 88th St, Get Directions, Page FB

    5 - Joe's Stone Crab

    • Description: opened in 1913, it is a guarantee for those who want to eat stone crab, but not only. The restaurant is elegant and top-notch!
    • Average price: $ 50,00 / € 45,00
    • Address: 11 Washington Ave, Get Directions, Page FB

    6 - Garcia's Seafood Grille & Fish

    • Description: small restaurant that does not excel in elegance but its dishes are excellent, especially the sandwiches with fish! Perfect for a lunch.
    • Average price: $ 10,00 / € 12,00
    • Address: 98 NW N River Dr, Get Directions, FB Page

    7 - Cafè la Trova

    • Description: restaurant that transports to pre-revolutionary Cuba and serves very fresh cocktails to pair with empanades, croquetas and vaca frita.
    • Average price: $ 16,00 / € 15,00
    • Address: 971 SW 8th St, Get Directions, Page Fb

    8 - Mignonette

    • Description: Modern reinterpretation of the classic Miami seafood restaurant serving fresh oysters and tons of other seafood dishes.
    • Average price: $ 50,00 / € 45,00
    • Address: 210 NE 18th St, Get Directions, Page Fb
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