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Malta is one small and cozy island of the Mediterranean, which offers visitors splendid natural views composed of blue sea, wonderful colors, always temperate climate and… delicious food! Also the food and wine traditions of Malta will amaze travelers who land on the island, thanks to the variety of proposals, their goodness and quantity! In fact, in Malta you eat well, and a lot! The flavors are very similar to the Sicilian ones, not too different from those of our tradition, therefore. Let's see together what are the 10 unmissable dishes to taste in Malta and where to taste them.


  1. Pastizzi
  2. Qassatat
  3. Ġbejna
  4. Ftira
  5. Ravjul
  6. Fenkata (or Stuffat tal-fenek)
  7. Lampuki
  8. Soppa Ta 'L-Armla
  9. Hobz Biz-Zejt
  10. Aljotta
  11. Where to eat in Malta: best restaurants, typical bars and street food
  12. User questions and comments

1 - Pastizzi

In the first position there is the most representative dish of Maltese cuisine. It is stuffed sheets of ricotta or peas, to be consumed at any time of the day. They can be a great snack but also make for a full meal. Watch out for the line!

  • Recommended to: snack
  • Average cost: € 0,35 each
  • Main ingredients: puff pastry, ricotta, peas

2 - Qassatat

It is another typical dish of the island and differs little from the Pastizzi, being a bundle of shortcrust pastry made with lots of butter and stuffed with ricotta, mashed peas or spinach and anchovies.

  • Recommended to: appetizer, snack
  • Average cost: € 0,50 each
  • Main ingredients: shortcrust pastry, ricotta, peas, spinach, anchovies

3 - Ġbejna

It is the goat cheese typical. Its consistency resembles that of ricotta or that of a spreadable cheese. Being from goat, it has a strong but pleasant smell and taste. It is served only as a starter but it is also the ingredient for the preparation of other dishes, chosen according to its seasoning.

  • Recommended to: appetizer or appetizer for lunch or dinner
  • Average cost: € 0,80 each
  • Main ingredients: goat cheese

4 - Ftira

It is a mix between a pizza and a pastry, folded on itself to form crisp edges that are sometimes sprinkled with sesame. The filling consists of potatoes and onions, which make the base soft for longer. In certain versions, Maltese sausage, rocket, cherry tomatoes and chicken are also added.

  • Recommended to: lunch, dinner, snack
  • Average cost: € 6,00
  • Main ingredients: base for pizza / puff pastry, potatoes, onions, Maltese sausage, rocket, cherry tomatoes, chicken

5 - Ravjul

As the name suggests, this dish it looks a lot like Italian ravioli, but it differs slightly. They are prepared with great care, using only water and flour, and they turn out thicker compared to those we know. The filling is based on Ġbejna, they are served accompanied by a very thick sauce based on a lot of tomato and garlic.

  • Recommended to: Lunch Dinner
  • Average cost: € 11,00
  • Main ingredients: mixture of water and flour, goat cheese, tomato sauce, garlic

6 - Fenkata (or Stuffat tal-fenek)

The typical dish is not for everyone Maltese rabbit. It is very flavorful and quite heavy, and if you can overcome the distrust, it can turn out to be a truly exceptional dining experience. Thanks to the particular cooking, the rabbit meat is very soft and delicate, the tasty dressing is based on spices, tomatoes and wine, peas serve as a side dish. Dish usually prepared on holidays, today it can be found throughout the year.

  • Recommended to: as a main course or single course for lunch or dinner
  • Average cost: € 15,00
  • Main ingredients: stewed rabbit meat, peas

7 - Lampuki

Being an island, among the typical dishes of Malta, fish cannot be missing. This dish requires the fish to be floured and browned in a little oil. Then it is seasoned with a sauce made with tomatoes, capers and onions. Despite its simplicity, this specialty is representative of the island and is very tasty.

  • Recommended to: Lunch Dinner
  • Average cost: € 12,00
  • Main ingredients: fish, tomato, capers, onions

8 - Soppa Ta 'L-Armla

It is a typical soup, also called Zuppa della Vedova, made with vegetables and enriched with fresh Maltese cheese, eggs and Parmesan. In some versions, pasta is also added.

  • Recommended to: Lunch Dinner
  • Average cost: € 6,00
  • Main ingredients: vegetables, fresh cheese, eggs, parmesan

9 - Hobz Biz-Zejt

Served in trendy bars, this bruschetta is made up of delicious Maltese bread with olive oil, tomato pulp, onion and aromatic herbs.

  • Recommended to: snack
  • Average cost: € 4,00
  • Main ingredients: Maltese bread, tomato, aromatic herbs, olive oil

10 - Aljotta

Another fish dish and another soup is this dish based on seafood, flavored with garlic and tomatoes.

  • Recommended to: Lunch Dinner
  • Average cost: € 12,00
  • Main ingredients: seafood, tomato, garlic

Where to eat in Malta: best restaurants, typical bars and street food

The cuisine of Malta is linked to African and Sicilian traditions and the dishes are based on fish or meat cooked with local products.
On the island there are many restaurants, taverns and clubs that serve food for all budgets and for those who do not want to spend too much there are also some markets where you can eat.
The seaside restaurants, of course, are the ones with the highest prices and often cater to a sophisticated clientele.
Here are the best places to eat in Malta.

1 - Gululu Suq Tal-Belt

  • Description: it is a food market that offers Maltese and international specialties at competitive prices in the ancient market of Valletta
  • specialty: masterful octopus stew, Maltese ftire
  • Average price: from € 15,00 per person
  • Address: Merchants Street, Valletta - Get Directions - Website

2 - Ortygia Food Experience

  • Description: young and dynamic restaurant in a small street in the center, it serves Sicilian-style fish and meat dishes
  • specialty: swordfish with caponata, cappellacci with crab
  • Average price: from € 20,00 per person
  • Address: Triq Id-Dejqa, 8, Valletta - Get directions - Facebook page

3 - Ta Kris Restaurant

  • Description: typical Maltese restaurant with attention to detail that offers meat and fish specialties with top quality materials
  • specialty: lampuki, served with potatoes and vegetables, Maltese bragioli
  • Average price: from € 25,00 per person
  • Address: Fawwara Ln, 80, Sliema - Get directions - Facebook page

4 - Risette

  • Description: excellent restaurant ideal for an evening to remember this place serves refined dishes and novel cousine
  • specialty: foie gras, agnolotti with smoked oyster sauce, venison with chocolate sauce
  • Average price: from € 60,00 per person
  • Address: Old Theater street, 81, Valletta - Get directions - Facebook page

5 - The Submarine

  • Description: simple place perfect for eating something quick without sacrificing taste
  • specialty: sandwiches of all kinds, first courses
  • Average price: from € 8,00 per person
  • Address: Triq il-merkanti, 42, Valletta- Get directions - Facebook page

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