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Talking about culinary specialties, Lucerne is certainly not the first city that comes to mind but, even this particular area, boasts a very vast culinary heritage, and absolutely worth trying.
Here 10 typical specialties to eat in Lucerne!


  1. Brichermuesli
  2. hash browns
  3. Fondue
  4. Brätwurst
  5. Lozärner Chügelipastete
  6. Heusuppe
  7. Glühwein-Mousse
  8. The Bretzel
  9. Pumpkin soup
  10. The Forellen
  11. Where to eat in Lucerne: best restaurants, typical bars and street food
  12. User questions and comments

1 - Brichermuesli

The name Birchermüesli derives from that of the dietician Maximilian Bircher-Benner, inventor of the recipe, and is reserved only for the original recipe. Initially consumed only by vegetarians, the dish was so successful that it also arrived in supermarkets in different variations.

  • Recommended to: Breakfast
  • Average cost: € 1,30 approximately
  • Main ingredients: oat flakes, milk, lemon juice and grated apple

2 - Rösti

The basic Rösti recipe involves the use of potatoes, raw or boiled. These are grated and sautéed together with the butter, until a crunchy crust is formed. Rösti is now on the menus of almost all restaurants in Lucerne, in multiple variations.

  • Recommended to: as a side dish or single dish for lunch and / or dinner
  • Average cost: from € 2,50 approx
  • Main ingredients: potatoes, butter and salt

3 - Fondue

Swiss fondue is a simple recipe to make, as long as you pay close attention to cooking, so that the cheese melts without creating lumps. The classic fondue includes the use of Gruyere and Emmentaler, but you can find variants containing Appenzeller or Raclette. Generally the portions served are not single, but range from two people upwards.

  • Recommended to: dinner, as a single dish or appetizer
  • Average cost: € 20,00
  • Main ingredients: cheese, potatoes, wine and pepper

4 - Brätwurst

Brätwurst is the very famous sausage made from veal, beef or pork, which is generally cooked on the grill or in a pan, and sometimes cooked in broth or beer. There are currently more than 40 versions available.

  • Recommended to: always
  • Average cost: € 6,00 approximately
  • Main ingredients: minced veal, beef or pork

5 - Lozärner Chügelipastete

The "Lozärner Chügelipastete" is traditionally eaten on January 2, on the occasion of the annual "Bärteli-Essens". This "appetizer", consisting of vol-au-vent stuffed with veal, is still available on the menu of several restaurants.

  • Recommended to: lunch and dinner
  • Average cost: from € 20,00
  • Main ingredients: puff pastry, stuffed with meat, gnocchi

6 - Heusuppe

Heusuppe is one of the simplest, and above all natural, typical Lucerne dishes. Mainly served on wooden or "antique style" trays, embellished with a bed of straw, this is a typical dish of the mountain areas. A respectable Heusuppe, cooked according to tradition, has hay as its main ingredient but, it is also possible to find variations, which make the different mountain herbs their strong point.

  • Recommended to: lunch or dinner as an appetizer
  • Average cost: € 13,50 approximately
  • Main ingredients: hay, herbs, cream

7 - Glühwein-Mousse

One of Lucerne's most famous desserts, Glühwein-Mousse is a delicacy that gourmands cannot miss. At first glance, Glühwein-Mousse looks like a simple dessert suitable for any moment of the day but, given its main ingredient, namely mulled wine in the form of mousse, it could be too "particular" for the delicate Italian palates: it is therefore better to avoid it. Breakfast.

  • Recommended to: as a dessert after meals or as a snack
  • Average cost: Na
  • Main ingredients: mulled wine cream with candied oranges

8 - The Bretzel

Brezel is a type of bread, famous in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and South Tyrol. Depending on the region, its name changes to Laugenbrezel, Pretzel, Pretzl, Bretzel, Breze or Brezn.
Its origin is placed around 610, in the monasteries of southern France and northern Italy, where the monks produced with the remains of the dough of strips that resembled the arms of a monk crossed in prayer: the three holes present represented the Holy Trinity. The monks gave pretzels as a reward to children who memorized verses and prayers from the Bible.

  • Recommended to: snack, always
  • Average cost: it depends on the size and filling chosen. The average cost starts from around € 1,50 for the small and classic version, ie the savory one, up to € 4,00 or more, for the large and stuffed versions.
  • Main ingredients: bread

9 - Pumpkin soup

In Lucerne, as in all of Switzerland, temperatures can reach very low peaks. In winter, it is well known that it is cold and that is why we should not be surprised if, among the typical dishes of the city, there are a long series of soups. The strong point of these particular dishes, available in different variations, are the particular "accompaniments", which give everything an unforgettable taste. Honorable mention goes to the famous pumpkin soup, with toast and smoked bacon

  • Recommended to: lunch and dinner
  • Average cost: from € 8,00
  • Main ingredients: butter, broth, cheese and zuccam, smoked bacon.

10 - La Forellen

Among the typical dishes of Lucerne certainly we cannot forget the lake fish specialties, mainly available at restaurants located on the shores of Lake Lucerne. The Forellen, or trout, is certainly the most famous of these, and is present on the menus split in a pan, boiled or smoked, provided with the most disparate accompaniments.

  • Recommended to: lunch and dinner
  • Average cost: from € 18,00
  • Main ingredients: trout

Where to eat in Lucerne: best restaurants, typical bars and street food

Lucerne boasts awide choice of restaurants and clubs where to make the taste buds happy, and offers the best of the cuisine of the canton of the same name. With an eye to the quality of raw materials, between fondues and brätwurst, lake fish and rosti, here are the best restaurants in the Lucerne panorama.

1 - Stern

  • Description: historic hotel with adjoining stube, which serves refined dishes from the Swiss culinary tradition
  • specialty: goat cheese soufflé, chicken cordon bleu, Glühweinmousse
  • Average price: from € 50,00 per person
  • Address: Get directions - Facebook page

2 - Des Alpes

  • Description: A place specializing in Swiss dishes, with some European digressions, and great views of the river
  • specialty: cordon-bleu and cantonal specialties
  • Average price: from € 40,00 per person
  • Address: Get directions - Facebook page

3 - Rathausbrauerei

  • Description: informal place where you can enjoy an excellent beer by the river, with a bratwurst or a pretzel
  • specialty: beer of their production
  • Average price: from € 20,00 per person
  • Address: Get directions - Facebook page

4 - Fondue House

  • Description: famous place where you can taste one of the best fondue in the area
  • specialty: fondue
  • Average price: from € 35,00 per person
  • Address: Get directions - Facebook page

5 - Bachmann

  • Description: historic pastry shop in the city center
  • specialty: traditional sweets
  • Average price: from € 10,00 per person
  • Address: Get directions - Facebook page

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