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A city that is always alive, optimistic, capable of raising its head. It is Barcelona, ​​one of the most impressive and visited cities of the Spanish nation, also known for its strong flavors, colors and aromas, especially at the table, whose ingredients echo French and Italian culinary traditions. ForTravelAdviceLovers staff has drawn up an exclusive for you top ten dishes to taste in Barcelona, from the best known to the "goodies" based on meat or fish.


  1. Tapas
  2. Rice
  3. Esqueixada de bacallà
  4. Catalan cream
  5. Chocolate & Churros
  6. Sopa de fredolics
  7. Zarzuela,
  8. Llagosta the pullets
  9. Canelons in la barcelonesa
  10. Pa amb tomaquet
  11. Where to eat in Barcelona: best restaurants, typical bars and street food
  12. User questions and comments

1 - Tapas

The workhorse of Spanish cuisine, in Barcelona tapas are considered not really a "queen" course, but an apetizer, which, however, locals and tourists do not easily give up!
The term "tapa" refers to bottle caps and underlines the "mini" character of the dish, as well as the essential accompaniment with a nice glass of wine!

  • Recommended to: as an aperitif or appetizer for lunch or dinner
  • Average cost: from € 3,00 to € 7,00
  • Main ingredients: bread, olives, sheep's cheese, tortillas

2 - Arroz

Catalan variant of the classic paella, it is a more "risotto" version of the original recipe, enriched with fish. The most famous versions are the "a banda" and "negre" versions, with the unusual flavor of sepia.

  • Recommended to: Lunch or dinner
  • Average cost: € 12,00
  • Main ingredients: rice, onion, cuttlefish

3 - Esqueixada de bacallà

Seafood specialty, also known as salvitxada. It is a tasty and fresh based salad dried cod, accompanied by tomatoes and olives. A tantalizing and low-calorie side dish, in which the flavor of the fish fully stands out in its simplicity.

  • Recommended to: Lunch or dinner
  • Average cost: € 10,00
  • Main ingredients: cod, tomatoes, olive oil, black olives

4 - Catalan cream

Another "must" of the cuisine and in particular of the Barceloneta confectionery is the good and popular one Catalan cream. There is not a single place in the Iberian metropolis where you cannot taste this delicacy, with a unique and spicy flavor of cinnamon and lemon.

  • Recommended to: as dessert
  • Average cost: € 5,00
  • Main ingredients: egg yolks, milk, lemon, cinnamon

5 - Chocolate & Churros

A very sweet combination, appreciated by those who could suffer from a lack of affection! To appease the sadness there is nothing more consoling than a good cup of chocolate, accompanied by this unusual dessert, the churro, an elongated dish with batter and sugar on top.

  • recommended: for breakfast or as a snack
  • Average cost: € 4,00
  • Main ingredients: chocolate, batter, sugar

6 - Sopa de fredolics

Before talking about this typical Barcelona soup, we need a premise: this dish is recommended for lovers of discovering "new" (or almost) sensations on the palate. That said, the basic ingredient of this hot dish is not as exotic as one might imagine: it is, in fact, a snail-based soup, a fairly cleared "food" also in our country, but not always easy to "approach" in the kitchen.

  • Recommended to: Lunch or dinner
  • Average cost: € 10,00
  • Main ingredients: snails, vegetables, water

7 - Zarzuela

It recalls the name of the typical to the universe of seven notes Catalan fish soup, the zarzuela, which is very popular in Barcelona restaurants. A symphony of flavors and textures within a single course, which could make us sing with joy from the first taste!

  • Recommended to: Lunch or dinner
  • Average cost: € 18,00
  • Main ingredients: monkfish, squid, onion, cod, mussels, carrot

8 - Llagosta the pullets

It is undoubtedly the stranger scope that you can order in a typical Barcelona restaurant. The binomial chicken - lobster it could scare the "purists" linked to the distinction between meat and fish dishes, but the more daring and the greediest could fall in love with a recipe that aims to satisfy the eternal undecided.

  • Recommended to: Lunch or dinner
  • Average cost: € 15,00
  • Main ingredients: chicken, lobster, tomato sauce, hazelnuts

9 - Canelons a la barcelonesa

Substantial first course declined in a Catalan key. THE cannelloni "made in Barcelona" are filled with chicken or pork liver: a course that can also be eaten as a single dish.

  • Recommended to: Lunch or dinner
  • Average cost: € 8,00
  • Main ingredients: cannelloni, beef broth, chicken, pork

10 - Pa amb tomaquet

Typical Mediterranean flavors summarized in a simple course, but with an irresistible flavor. Don't call it simply bruschetta, because pa amb tomaquet, despite having the same main ingredients as its Italian "colleague" - bread, garlic, tomato - once toasted it becomes the perfect accompaniment to any course, or the spearhead of an Italian-Catalan-flavored aperitif.

  • advised: as an aperitif or appetizer for lunch or dinner
  • average cost: € 6,00
  • main ingredients: bread, garlic, tomatoes, olive oil

Where to eat in Barcelona: best restaurants, typical bars and street food

Eating in Barcelona is synonymous with Tapas! There are all types and prices. There is nothing but indulge in the choice.
The locals themselves have the habit, instead of having dinner, of going to tapear, i.e. going from one bar / tavern to another to drink a glass accompanied by the famous tapas.
The most famous tapa is the Bomba, fried meatball stuffed with mashed potatoes and minced meat, passed in breadcrumbs and covered with brava sauce (based on onion and paprika) and allioli (oil and garlic).

Other unmissable courses are the famous Jamon (both in the Serrana and Iberian versions); the very classic Tortilla, the Escalivada, a mix of Mediterranean vegetables grilled on the fire and seasoned only with oil, salt and pepper and the spicy Patatas bravas.
Among the main courses the Paella and among the desserts, the role of honor belongs to the greedy Catalan cream.
Here are the best places to eat in Barcelona:

1 - Louro

  • Description: on the Rambla, in front of Palau Guell, a little anonymous from the outside, inside it is a classic restaurant with simple furnishings. Galician-inspired cuisine
  • specialty: tapas and suckling pig
  • Average price: from € 35,00 per person
  • Address: Rambla del Caputxins, 37 - Get Directions - Website

2 - La Mar Salada

  • Description: restaurant on the sea, furnished in a marine style and specialized in fish dishes, first of all, paella
  • specialty: Paella
  • Average price: from € 30,00 per person
  • Address: Passeig de Joan de Borbó, 58-59 - Get Directions - Website

3 - Bacoa

  • Description: small fast-food restaurant specializing in hamburgers. You choose your sandwich directly from the type of bread. The products are all natural and the sauces are prepared with own recipes from the kitchen
  • specialty: chilly rojo
  • Average price: from € 13,00 per person
  • Address: Avinguda del Marquès de l'Argentera, 1 - Get Directions - Website

4 - Santa Rita Experience

  • Description: luxury restaurant based on Spanish cuisine revisited in a modern way and with particular combinations
  • specialty: 7-course tasting menu with wine pairings. The menu varies according to the season
  • Average price: from € 65,00 per person
  • Address: Get Directions - Website

5 - Tartareria

  • Description: a sober and elegant restaurant that only serves strictly raw food expertly blended with local spices and vegetables
  • specialty: tartare of any kind
  • Average price: from € 35,00 per person
  • Address: Get Directions - Website

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