The 10 Most Secret and Inaccessible Places in the World

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What are the most secret places in the world where it is forbidden to enter?

Given the modern possibility to travel anywhere and at any time of the year, it seems strange to think that there are still secret and inaccessible places today: however, it is! Scroll down the list to read our top 10 of the secret and inaccessible places in the world places that you can't even visit for a fee or places that none of us would suspect existed.


  1. ADX Florence Penitentiary, USA
  2. Vatican Secret Archives, Vatican City, Vatican City, Italy
  3. Queen Elizabeth's Bedrooms, United Kingdom
  4. Federal Reserve Bank of New York, U.S.A.
  5. Coca Cola Secret Recipe, Coca Cola Museum, U.S.A.
  6. Tumen River, China, Russia, North Korea
  7. Varosha, Cyprus
  8. Iranian gold reserve, unknown location
  9. Moscow Metro 2, Russia
  10. Area 51, USA
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1 - ADX Florence Penitentiary, USA

This prison is called a"clean version of hell"... and the name says it all. There are no cameras, no human contact, no panoramic view, impossible to escape, no chance to get out of control: in over 20 years of activity, only 7 inmates have managed to commit suicide, an average far below that of any other prison.

At ADX Florence one of the most dangerous criminals in the world is detained: this is Unabomber, the mastermind behind the World Trade Center bombing (1993).

2 - Vatican Secret Archives, Vatican City

Only a small part of the clergy and qualified scholars are admitted to the Vatican's secret archives, and even once they have gained access it is not possible to consult the documentation without prior approval. What is behind this secrecy? Why is an archive not available to everyone? Gossip speaks of several elements that cannot emerge, among them numerous apocryphal gospels that contradict the Bible.

3 - Queen Elizabeth's Bedrooms, United Kingdom

Queen Elizabeth also has a bedroom, or rather more than one, and they are all located inside Buckingham Palace. No one but her and her loyal attendants can access it, in fact. the rooms are even protected by secret doorsandonly a few know where they are.

4 - Federal Reserve Bank of New York, USA.

In the neighborhood of Manhattan there is one of the most secret and inaccessible places in the entire United States: it is the Federal Reserve Bank, a vault so impenetrable that not even men can access it. The gold and bullion are moved by robots, and many foreign governments also use this place to store their treasure.

5 - Coca Cola secret recipe, Coca Cola Museum, USA.

Still, the United States hides an absolutely inaccessible place: let's talk about the secret recipe of Coca Cola, the world's drunkest drink whose original formula is one of the most coveted and best-hidden documents on the face of the earth. The original recipe document, written by Asa Candler's son in 1919, is contained in a Vault at the Coca Cola Museum in Atlanta, Georgia. The formula vault was previously stored in the Sun Trust Bank vault in Atlanta.

6 - Tumen River, China, Russia, North Korea

The Tumen River marks part of the border between Russia and North Korea, and also flows partly into China. With a short trip across this river you can escape from North Korea and go to Russia: the stream is therefore ideal for those who want to defect, and for this reason it is strictly controlled by North Korean soldiers. No one can access it.

7 - Varosha, Cyprus

District of Famagusta totally abandoned after clashes between Cypriots and Greeks and Cypriots and Turks. Once a popular tourist spot in Cyprus, with many luxury hotels facing the sea, The Turkish army in 1974 closed the neighborhood with a barbed fence. denying access to anyone. Even today the neighborhood is deserted and no one has the opportunity to enter.

8 - Iranian gold reserve, unknown location

Nobody knows for sure where Iran's gold reserve is located: many conjectures and many hypotheses, but still without confirmation. It is only known that Iran has managed to bring its reserve, previously held in Europe, back within its borders to avoid financial pressure from the US and the UK.

9 - Moscow Metro 2, Russia

Many believe that Moscow has a parallel metro system to the popular one: a secret system built in the Stalin era and never denied by the Security Service of the Russian Federation (FSB) or the Moscow administration. It is believed that this parallel system exceeds the official one in length, and that it connects the Kremlin directly with the FSB and the airport.

10 - Area 51, USA

Another secret and inaccessible place in the United States closes our ranking: and which is the most secret and inaccessible place in the world is Area 51, nickname given to a military base located in southern Nevada. It is a large secret military airport where experimental aircraft and weapons are tested.

Numerous conspiracy theories have occurred over the years. Exterior photos are also banned.

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