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Holidays with the baby bump? Yup! For many mothers-to-be, travel, travel and suitcases are a great source of irritability, nervousness and anxiety. Plus there are some small rules to follow, but that doesn't mean experiencing pregnancy as a 9-month sentence of stress. Rather! There are those who have thought about pregnant women and how to make them live holidays in total relaxation, with ad hoc consultations and treatments. It was even born a new fashion, all made in the USA obviously: the babymoon. E ' a honeymoon (honeymoon), but with the big belly.

A relaxing holiday before the birth of the baby, to spend some time with the future dad and take himself a well deserved break from stress and the frenetic preparations for the arrival of the little one. We suggest you 10 destinations for future mothers. Maybe you want to organize a wonderful babymoon or, why not, let it be given away ...


  1. Naturns (Trentino Alto Adige)
  2. Matera (Basilicata)
  3. 3. Orbetello Lagoon (Tuscany)
  4. San Cassiano (Trentino Alto Adige)
  5. Budapest (Hungary)
  6. Tampere (Finland)
  7. Ischia (Campania)
  8. Free thermal baths of Saturnia (Tuscany)
  9. Small tour of Lunigiana (Liguria and Tuscany)
  10. Blevio (Lombardy)
  11. User questions and comments

1 - Naturno (Trentino Alto Adige)

Naturno offers many attractions in the first place the beautiful Church of San Procolo with its fifteenth-century frescoes. The gothic San Zeno, on the other hand, it has a characteristic onion-shaped spire and preserves traces of Romanesque frescoes inside. In nearby Partschins you can visit the unusual Peter Mitterhofer Typewriter Museum, where this useful tool seems to have been invented. You can also take peaceful walks in the neighboring area Stelvio National Park and in Gruppo di Tessa Regional Park. Right in Naturno, at the visitor center, you can follow corsi focused on respect and knowledge of fauna and area of local flora.

Suggested accommodation: Dolomiti Class Hotel Preidlhof Dolcevita & Spa

This beautiful hotel four-star superior in Val Venosta has created a fairytale babymoon! Wellness packages, consultations and preparation for childbirth with midwives and specialists. Nothing is left to chance and everything is aimed at the well-being of women in this particular phase of their existence. A high-class hotel specializing in spoiling couples.
Info and contacts:

  • counseling and preparation for childbirth with the midwife lasting about 110 minutes: € 110,00 - Wellness treatments: on request
  • Address: St. Zeno-Straße 13, I-39025 Naturns / Meran
  • Phone +39.0473.666.251

2 - Matera (Basilicata)

Matera is one ancient city, where history, culture and nature come together to create a place from very special charm and inimitable. They are famous its Sassi, the first southern site to be declared World Heritage Site by Unesco. They are the ancient part of Matera and constitute an entire city carved into the rock.

Elegant and articulated structures alternate with underground labyrinths and caves, creating a very particular landscape effect. The Sassi appear as a sort of "papier-mâché nativity scene", especially in the evening. As the sun goes down, in fact, the lights of homes and small businesses turn on, making this even more magical. charming location.

Suggested accommodation: Locanda di San Martino Hotel and Thermae Romanae

A place absolutely suggestivealmost out of time. Spas dug into the rock and rooms in cave houses adapted, however, to all the comforts of modern life or with splendid views over the very particular city of Matera. A unique experience that will make your babymoon unforgettable!
Info and contacts:

  • Address: Via Florentini 71 Matera
  • Telephone: (+ 39) 0835 256600

3. Orbetello Lagoon (Tuscany)

A splendid panorama awaits you from the convent of the Passionists. Along the road that leads from Orbetello to Porto Santo Stefano, you can take the provincial road on the left that allows you to reach the summit of Monte Argentario. The convent is located at an altitude of 273 meters. There view that gives is of rare beauty: on the right the tombolo of Feniglia, on the left the tombolo of the Giannella and in the center (surrounded by a lagoon area of ​​26 sq km) the city of Orbetello. The city is really pretty and you can take a walk through its streets Old Town and the remains of the ancient Roman colony nearby. You can also decide to go to beach. Those of Feniglia and Giannella they are sandy with a gently sloping seabed, very suitable for families with children. If, on the other hand, you prefer to immerse yourself in nature, in Orbetello there is aWWF oasis where you can admire the splendid pink flamingos. Towards Porto Ercole you find a wonderful nature reserve inhabited by numerous fallow deer, to be visited on foot or by bicycle.

Suggested accommodation: Casale Del Sè Errante

A full immersion in nature and seminars of Yoga they will help you relax in this beautiful setting. The excursions in the nature of the Argentario and Orbetello lagoon will complete your mini relaxing holiday. A welcoming place, immersed in a splendid bucolic landscape that will make you forget stress and frenzy for a few days.
Info and contacts:

  • Address: Lungolago Pescatori - Orbetello (GR)
  • Phone: + 39 346 1503736

4 - San Cassiano (Trentino Alto Adige)

The small town of San Cassiano will amaze you with the breathtaking beauty of its nature, without giving up excellent tourist facilities suitable for both winter and summer seasons. There peace that emanates from this village is also reflected in comfort offered to its guests. In addition, just a few minutes away are i ski havens Alta Badia and Sellaronda, as well as many cross-country trails in the Armentarola.

Recommended accommodation: Dolomiti Class Wellness Hotel Fanes

Le Dolce Attesa proposals of this hotel in Alta Badia are a real treat for mothers and for the little ones on the way. Draining treatments to promote circulation in the legs, eliminate toxins, combat mental stress and promote muscle relaxation; peeling for the whole body; completely natural cream baths; face and scalp massages. You already feel very relaxed just thinking about it, right?
Info and contacts:

  • Address: S. Cassiano (Badia) - Bolzano
  • Phone: + 39 0471 849470

5 - Budapest (Hungary)

Budapest offers a lot to its visitors. In its architecture elements of different styles, cultures and eras are wonderfully integrated. On the eastern bank of the Danube we find Pest, modern area, full of shops, hotels, restaurants and night clubs. From the opposite side Obuda, i.e. ancient Buda, the first Roman settlement. Buda is recognizable from the medieval quarter on the hill, from Royal Palace and from Matthias Church.

In the middle of the Danube rises theMargaret Island: ideal for walking, playing sports and relaxing in the thermal baths or Turkish baths. Budapest it is one of the few European capitals that can offer protected natural parks, spas, vibrant cultural life and worldly attractions. It is no coincidence that it is nicknamed "the Paris of the East".

Suggested accommodation: Hotel Gellért

The spa capital par excellence of Eastern Europe offers excellent relaxation packages for stressed-out mothers-to-be. Whoever has been there says they did a wonderful experience. So why not try? If you want to go big, head to this elegant, 4-star, art nouveau hotel. Owns a restaurant, elegant period bathrooms e pools with geothermal waters. You will return home relaxed.
Info and contacts:

  • Address: Budapest, Szent Gellért tér 1, 1111 Hungary
  • Phone: + 36 1 889 5500

6 - Tampere (Finland)

Tampere, despite being one of the most inhabited centers of the Finnish hinterland, it can be visited quietly walking. There are many things to see. One of them is the former Finlayson industrial complex around which the cultural and artistic life of the country takes place. It is a multifunctional center, symbol of Tampere. In the city you will find many museums and places of worship, But the Lutheran cathedral in typical Finnish style and the small orthodox church they are the prettiest. One of the main reasons to visit Tampere is to admire its nature: tree-lined gardens, parks, river banks, steel bridges and boulevards make this city absolutely one of a kind. If you have a few days to spare, especially if you are traveling with children, don't miss a visit to Särkänniemi: the largest and most important amusement park in the country. Tampere is also a good foundation to scour Finland in general a bit. From here it is simple to move and nearby there are some interesting destinations that deserve to be seen, such as Street of the Poets, the town of Virrat, the marshy protected area of Siikaneva, the small and charming village of Ruovesi and Helvetinjärvi National Park. Furthermore, the capital is located 160 kilometers from Tampere Helsinki.

Suggested accommodation: Spa Hotel Rantasipi Eden

In the magical region where Tampere is located, this hotel-spa will make you reborn and come back as new. In this splendid location near a large lake, calm and nature they will surround you as in a relaxing dream. The Spa Hotel Rantasipi Eden is one of the best in Finland. 15 min from Tampere, it is located in Nokia. It is perfect for the whole family, but will also be able to pamper future mothers with a huge swimming pool, aromatherapy, muds, whirlpools and various treatments.
Info and contacts:

  • Address: Paratiisikatu 2, FI-37120 Nokia
  • Phone: + 358 200 48 130

7 - Ischia (Campania)

Considered the island with the highest concentration of spas in the entire EU, visiting it will prove to be a real surprise. First, it is impossible to miss a visit to the Bay of Sorgeto: you can immerse yourself in the thermal waters that flow directly into the sea. The people of Ischia are regular visitors to this place which can only be reached through two hundred steps. So, only launch yourself into the company if you really feel like it and if your belly does not tire you too much. THE La Mortella Gardens are a beautiful botanical park where more than 184 different plant species are preserved. A perfect place to stroll in peace. Citara beach it is the most famous of the whole island for its always sunny position and its coarse-grained golden sand. Also admire the rocks of the island: they are many and bizarre. The most famous is certainly the Lacco Ameno Mushroom, easily observable also for its position not far from the shore. The Aragonese Castle overlooking the sea is steeped in history and legends. It is possible to visit the whole complex, accessing it thanks to the tunnel carved into the rock by Alfonso I of Aragon. Sant'Angelo it is the most picturesque place on the island and access to cars is prohibited. Inhabited only by fishermen, it will allow you to get in touch with the oldest tradition and culture of Ischia. The islet of Sant'Angelo is 106 meters high and is connected to the island by an isthmus about 120 meters long.

Recommended accommodation: Continental Terme

Let yourself be pampered and pampered at this four-star hotel! The staff is at your disposal, from finding the most comfortable pillow to serving you a relaxing herbal tea to help you sleep. The chef will prepare tasty but healthy dishes and some gluttony for the future dad. An absolutely relaxing babymoon, during which you will not have to think about anything except to immerse yourself in total well-being.
Info and contacts:

  • Address: Via M. Mazzella, 70
  • Phone: + 39 0813336111

8 - Free thermal baths of Saturnia (Tuscany)

A destination absolutely low cost that will allow you to relax in the middle of nature. World famous for fabulous naturalistic context in which they are immersed, they consist of huge limestone pools created over the centuries by thermal waters, rich in calcium. The water flows in a cascade and the thermal baths are large and numerous, but in the busiest periods you will really find many people looking for relaxation, especially foreign tourists.

There are no problems to leave the car and to eat and shower not even because you can use the bar / restaurant overlooking the parking lot. The water is very hot, about 37 degrees, so remember to keep a bathrobe handy for when you go out in the colder months and ask your gynecologist for advice first.
How to reach us:
Take the Sp 10 that connects Montemerano to the village of Saturnia. The wide curve described by the provincial road is cut by a small road called Via della Follonata which leads directly to the Cascate del Mulino

Suggested accommodation: B&B Agriturismo Le Cascatelle

Un Charming B&B 800mt from the Terme di Saturnia and 500mt from the famous Cascate del Mulino. Elegant and refined, has rooms characterized by fine terracotta floors and ceilings with exposed beams. The furniture is in country style with furniture made and decorated by hand. At breakfast you will find desserts produced by the same farm using company raw materials. The structure also has an agreement with the best restaurants in the area. In this beautiful scenery you can indulge yourself a cuddle plus: in absolute privacy and relaxation you will have the opportunity to do a bath in the thermal river of Gorello from which the waterfalls of the mill originate.
Info and contacts:

  • Address: Loc. Terme di Saturnia - Saturnia
  • Phone: 0564620083

9 - Small tour of Lunigiana (Liguria and Tuscany)

You don't have to go to a spa to relax and feel good. Your little holiday can unfold at will by following these 3 stages:

  1. Garden Trattoria, better known as Trattoria Baciotti, to take a tour through the flavors of the area. Here you can taste delicacies such as the Caciotta della Lunigiana, the Spalla cotta in Filattiera, the typical bread and the texts (the local focaccias without yeast, cooked on the text and usually dressed with extra virgin olive oil and grated pecorino or basil pesto, pine nuts, garlic and extra virgin olive oil) . Opened in 1948, this restaurant will know how to delight you. Its main dish is the cod fritters, but in general all poor-strong dishes of the Lunigiana tradition are absolutely to try.
  2. Villa La Pescigola, in Fivizzano (MS). An aristocratic complex with a splendid garden which hosts the Narcissus Festival every year. A perfect place to stroll and relax, immersed in the splendid floral and green colors that surround this luxurious home of the past.
  3. From Pontremoli to the mouth of the Magra the area is dotted with castles. Many are now real ruins, but they give that suggestive touch to what is called Strada dei Castelli. You can, however, visit the Piagnaro Castle and the Grondola Tower in Pontremoli and the Tresana, Mulazzo, Fosdinovo and Comano castles. A relaxing way to spend time immersed in the history and beauty of the area.

Suggested accommodation: B&B La Pulce Dorata

It is one of the few accommodation facilities in Lunigiana built entirely in the tradition of the Lunigiana stone. Immersed in the green of the chestnut forests and at the foot of the remains of the Castle and the ancient fortress, called the Torre di Dante, this B&B will pamper you by making you immerse atmosphere of the village that hosts it. A green oasis of tranquility it will envelop you and its rooms will enchant you. Each, in fact, is of a special color, reflected in the furniture and frescoes that characterize it. The terraces of the Golden Pulce are an ideal space to have breakfast, enjoying the typical foods of the area (such as the famous herbal cakes, sweet spongata or seasonal tarts) or choosing the classic international breakfast. The terraces are also equipped with comfortable sun loungers.
Info and contacts:

  • Address: Via Branchi 8, 54026 Mulazzo
  • Telephone 0187 439698/347 5395352

10 - Blevio (Lombardy)

Blevio is a panoramic terrace on the east bank of the Lake Como. It offers many tourist attractions. Among the places of worship stands out Church of SS Gordiano and Epimaco with its splendid facade. Inside it preserves a seventeenth-century canvas attributed to Nuvolone. In the territory of Blevio they arise several charming villas, all overlooking the lake. By taking a boat trip you can admire all its magnificence. The main attraction of the municipality of Blevio is the legendary Nairola stone, located on the path that leads from Brunate to Montepiatto. It is a huge granite table 7,4 meters long by 4 meters wide and about 5 meters high. The monolith is placed in a very prominent position compared to the slope of the mountain. The stone comes from Val Masino and is part of that complex of boulders that were transported by alpine glaciers during the Neozoic. The Nairola Stone has engravings: these are small concavities carved into the rock, probably with a ritual meaning.

Suggested accommodation: CastaDiva Resort & Spa

On Lake Como you will find this charming building. Uninhabited for nearly 50 years, it is now a exclusive resort. This wonderful location reserves special attention to expectant couples. A luxury babymoon in this 5 star hotel that will make you feel like a real royal couple and not just mere future parents. Of course, it's not exactly within reach of all budgets, but if you want to worthily celebrate this particular moment this is the right place!
Info and contacts:

  • Babymoon starting from € 1010 per person
  • Address: Via Caronti, Blevio - Lake Como
  • Phone: + 39 031 32511

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