10 Reasons to go to San Teodoro in Sardinia

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There is one of the most popular places in Sardinia San Teodoro, in the north east of our island, in Gallura but on the border with the Baronies. It is a place that is not crowded in winter (there are only 4800 residents at the registry office), but which literally explodes with life in the summer, with tens of thousands of tourists. But let's see together why San Teodoro is so desired! Here 10 reasons to go on holiday to San TeodoroEtc.


  1. Variety Beaches
  2. Beaches suitable for children
  3. Protected Marine Area of ​​Tavolara
  4. Beach for dogs
  5. Active tourism
  6. Agriturismo and typical food
  7. Entertainment and nightlife
  8. Near the Olbia-Costa Smeralda airport
  9. Near the Mater Olbia hospital
  10. Near Olbia
  11. User questions and comments

1 - Beaches Variety

The first reason that could lead us to choose San Teodoro for our holidays is the beauty of the coast and its sea, from north to south we have a great variety of little corners of Paradise, from the very central and very long La Cinta beach, which starts directly from the town and continues for kilometers, up to the beaches and coves that enter the Protected Marine Area of ​​Tavolara - Capo Coda Cavallo. The most beautiful? Probably the splendid Cala Brandinchi, but it is difficult to choose. Salina Bamba, Baia Salinedda, Cala Suaraccia, Lu Impostu… all to see and all to experience! Moreover, every summer the beaches are connected to the center of San Teodoro and its hamlets with comfortable shuttle buses, or with rubberized tourist trains.

2 - Beaches suitable for children

San Teodoro is one of the best destinations for holidays with children. There are many beaches with shallow and sloping bottoms, starting from Cinta, beach very suitable for families with children, even small, so much so that it was selected with the Green Flag by Italian pediatricians (the Green Flag indicates the beaches most suitable for children, due to the characteristics of the sea, the beach, but also for the services).

3 - Protected Marine Area of ​​Tavolara

Capo Coda Cavallo: It's about one of the seven protected sea areas in Sardinia, but it is the one that more than any other has been able to integrate protection of the sea and tourism. Think that it contains 50% of the vertebrate species of Sardinia, in a marine environment rich in species and with increasing biodiversity, as certified also by the experts of the National Geographic. The southern part of the Marine Protected Area is part of the San Teodoro territory.

4 - Beach for dogs

In San Teodoro it is also possible to go to the beach with your own 4-legged friend, there is in fact the Doggie beach Costa Caddu, which has 25 stations for up to two dogs, the beach is not equipped but admission is free and parking is not paid.

5 - Active tourism

San Teodoro is undoubtedly one of the most interesting places for active tourism in Sardinia. First of all the many water sports ranging from windsurfing to the see her, from Diving to the snorkeling, from swimming al kayak. If you have a boat you can moor it safely in the Marina di Puntaldia. In the shoulder months you can dedicate yourself to excursions by bike, on foot or on horseback both along the coast and inland (Monte Nieddu above all), without forgetting the birdwatching in the large lagoon behind the beach of La Cinta.

6 - Farmhouse and typical food

At the moment San Teodoro is located in the Province of Olbia Tempio but - due to the administrative reorganization in progress - it will soon return to the province of Nuoro, which suggests the ease with which you can move towards theinterior of the island, where the the most authentic heart of Sardinia. Taking advantage of the convenient 4 lanes of the SS131 dcn, for example, you can visit the villages that participate in Autumn in Barbagia. But the many delicacies of Sardinian cuisine, they can also spoil in the farmhouses and restaurants of San Teodoro and surroundings, not for nothing is Sardinia the land of good living and centenarians!

7 - Entertainment and nightlife

Clubs and discos, kiosks on the beach, parties, festivals and fairs in San Teodoro there is nothing missing to have fun, especially in high season, in July and August.

8 - Near the Olbia-Costa Smeralda airport

L'Olbia airport it is only 28 kilometers from San Teodoro, which can be covered in just 24 minutes, a little further on is the port of Olbia if you want to travel with your car. In short, an absolutely central location.

9 - Near the Mater Olbia hospital

The ultra-modern is also 28 kilometers away and 25 minutes by car Mater Olbia hospital, whose first department will open in December and which will be one of the Italian and European healthcare excellence. Therefore, if you have some minor ailments, you can still rest assured!

10 - Near Olbia

It is true San Teodoro is a wonderful place, but if you visit Sardinia for the first time you have to turn around. Here is a few minutes you have a big city like Olbia, with all the services, but also many other beaches to try, you can easily go up to Arzachena and the Costa Smeralda, Without to forget palau el 'archipelago of La Maddalena.

Daniele Puddu from the blog sardegnainblog.it

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