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Traveling is the best way to discover the true meaning of beauty, but it is not always necessary to face long journeys in remote and remote countries of the world. The our country is full of spectacular wonders, Starting from Lombardy, considered the most important region of Italy.
territory. Land of conquest of Gauls, Barbarians, Lombards, French and Spaniards, this region reserves great surprises, among protected areas and historical wonders scattered throughout the territory.
Here then 10 places not to be missed if you are in Lombardy.


  1. Milan
  2. Mantova
  3. Bergamo
  4. Pavia and surroundings
  5. Franciacorta
  6. Lake Como: Como, Bellagio, Varenna, Cernobbio, Menaggio
  7. Lake Iseo: Iseo, Monte Isola, Lovere, Sulzano
  8. Garda Lake: Tremosine, Limone sul Garda, Sirmione
  9. Valcamonica and Stelvio Park
  10. Valtellina: Livigno, Bormio and Aprica
  11. User questions and comments

1 - Milan

The city of Milan needs no introduction, it is a city with a unique charm, full of art, nightlife and opportunities. And the Italian capital of the economy and fashion, while in the cultural field it is the main Italian publishing center and is at the top of the world music circuit.
Il Duomo it is certainly the main symbol of the city, therefore we advise you to give it an in-depth visit, climbing up to the terraces to admire a dream panorama (it is advisable to buy the ticket online). Other iconic attractions include the Castello Sforzesco, Teatro alla Scala, the beautiful Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II Basilica of Sant'Ambrogio, and especially the Church of Santa Maria delle Grazie which inside houses the famous Last Supper by Leonardo.

Another site of considerable interest is the Monumental cemetery which houses the tombs of the most illustrious Milanese citizens, and still is Giuseppe Meazza Stadium, known as "La Scala del calcio", finally we mention theArch of Peace, one of the major neoclassical monuments of the city. Among the museums, they stand out in importance the Pinacoteca and the Brera Observatory.

2 - Mantua

Elected in 2016 Italian Capital of Culture, while in 2017 together with other Lombard provinces it was awarded as European Region of Gastronomy under the name of Eastern Lombardy. In the same year, according to Legambiente, it was the best Italian city for quality of environment and life. All this leads tourists to want to visit it during a tour of Lombardy.
To visit absolutely in Mantua: the Duomo Basilica of Sant'Andrea and Rotunda of San Lorenzo they are the most important churches in the city, while among the civil architectures they deserve a stop Gonzaga Palace, which by extension of the roofs is the second in Europe surpassed only by the Vatican, e Palazzo Te with the famous room of Cupid and Psyche. In the streets and squares of Mantua there are numerous historic houses, including the Rigoletto's house is that of Mantegna. And again in Piazza delle Erbe there is the Palazzo della Ragione and Palazzo del Podestà with the Clock Tower.
We also advise you to try the local cuisine, among the typical products you will find bread, salami, agnolini in broth, risotto and the famous sbrisolona.

3 - Bergamo

Bergamo is a perfect mix of history and modernity, marked by the division of the city into the lower and upper areas. The latter in fact hosts most of the most significant and historical monuments, while the Lower Town has been made more modern by some urbanization interventions. The two portions are divided by walls declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site from 2017.
Old Town Square is the busiest part of Bergamo Alta, with the Contarini Fountain, Palazzo della Ragione and Civic tower, called Il Campanone, which still fires 22 shots at 00 pm, those that in the past announced the night closing of the gates of the walls. Among the most important churches we mention the Cathedral of Sant'Alessandro Colleoni Chapel and Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore which houses the tomb of the musician Gaetano Donizetti.
The Lower Town is crossed by the Torrente Morta and is the seat of the Municipality, the Prefecture and the Province. Piazza Matteotti is the hub of this area, and the Sentierone is the best known avenue, here overlook the Gaetano Donizetti Theater and Church of Saints Bartolomeo and Stefano.

4 - Pavia and surroundings

The province of Pavia offers unique and evocative places, the capital city is located along the banks of the Ticino river, just north from its confluence with the Po.
Among the main attractions of its artistic heritage are the Visconteo Castle Basilica of San Pietro in Ciel d'Oro Malaspina Art Gallery and Duomo.
Food and wine and cultural tourism also finds perfect destinations in the surroundings. Among these there is Vigevano, an industrial center of national importance. In the past it was the "shoe capital", producing tens of millions of shoes and exporting them all over the world. Today here is the International footwear museum. Other characteristic destinations of the Oltrepò Pavese are the villages, such as Varzi, which attracts visitors who love good food to try the Varzi DOP salami, on some occasions it is also possible to visit some cellars used for seasoning salami. But also Zavattarello, one of the most beautiful villages in Italy, which with his castle is linked to the powerful Dal Verme family. From its terrace you can admire a breathtaking view of the surrounding area.

5 - Franciacorta

Franciacorta is that hilly area located between Brescia and the southern end of Lake Iseo, perfect to visit in spring, taking advantage of one of the many organized tours available. Rich in vineyards where you can drink excellent wine and taste the typical dishes of the area, is one a must for a food and wine itinerary.

Among the municipalities to visit we recommend Adro, Passirano, Cologne. They have a traditional wine-growing vocation, and together with many others they form a path that leads between ancient abbeys, palaces, castles, medieval towers and other architectures, always paying particular attention to the precious cellars within which the Franciacorta Spumante is produced.
Among the wines and local products to try absolutely there are the Quartirolo Lombardo PDO, Taleggio DOP, L 'Laghi Lombardi DOP Extra Virgin Olive Oil and then the Curtefranca DOC. While traditional dishes we mention the Missoltini Casonsèi, appetizing lake fish, the beef in oil and baked tench, accompanied with polenta are the top.

6 - Lake Como: Como, Bellagio, Varenna, Cernobbio, Menaggio

Lake Como is located one hour from Milan and is easily reachable through convenient daily tours that allow you to admire all the main places that overlook it.

There are many towns and villages that rise on the shores of the lake, one more beautiful and characteristic than the other. Starting from How same, with the Duomo which is one of the major cathedrals in northern Italy, and then the Volta Temple, Lakeside e Villa Olmo. From here also depart most of the boat tours and taxi boats to nearby locations, among them Bellagio e Menaggio. Bellagio is considered the most beautiful village on the lake, here to visit the wonderful ones Villa Serbelloni e Villa Melzi with their lovely gardens. Menaggio instead it is ideal for those who love hiking thanks to the green woods of Val Sanagra, but not least is the village that unfolds on the romantic lakeside. Also not to be missed Varenna e Cernobbio. The first is perfect to visit with your partner, in fact the famous one is located here Walk of Lovers, while in Cernobbio there are other sumptuous villas.

7 - Lake Iseo: Iseo, Monte Isola, Lovere, Sulzano

During your tour of Lombardy, a milestone as much as Lake Como is Lake Iseo. In particular the municipalities of Iseo, lovere e sulzano. Do not miss the singular and wonderful too Monte Isola, a green mountain in the middle of the lake that you can get around on foot in two hours or by bike. The fantastic is right here Christo's catwalk, "The Floating Piers", one of the most incredible works of recent times. On top of the island there is also the Sanctuary of the Madonna della Ceriola. Monte Isola is a real village inhabited by just over 1600 people, it can be reached by ferry from Iseo, Lovere or Sulzano.
Lovere, in the province of Bergamo, rises enclosed by walls on a hill and its position offers tourists suggestive views of the lake. This village deserves to be visited especially during the Christmas period when it becomes "the village of light", sacred images linked to the Nativity are projected on the facades of the buildings. Sulzano, on the other hand, offers very varied scenarios, from the beaches, to the ancient village, from the unspoiled mountains to the panoramic points from which to admire the Po Valley. But also two trekking itineraries, the Green and the Red.

8 - Lake Garda: Tremosine, Limone sul Garda, Sirmione

Other wonderful places are given to us by Lake Garda, among postcard landscapes and colorful villages overlooking the water is the perfect destination for summer holidays. Starting from tremosine, With the Strada della Forra, considered by Winston Churchill the eighth wonder of the world. It is a winding tongue set in the rock that offers those lucky enough to walk it the impression of entering the belly of the mountain, connecting the lake to the Garda villages. Inside the town of Tremosine there is the Church of St. John the Baptist and are clearly visible and preserved trenches of the First World War.
Da Limone sul Garda the most beautiful cycle path in Europe starts, inaugurated in 2018, for enthusiasts it is "the cycle path of dreams". Today Limone is one of the most popular places on the Brescian coast, famous for its lemon houses and the longevity of its inhabitants, yes, science says it, here you live more.
Another gem we recommend is Sirmione, a small town in the province of Brescia where you can see the Scaliger Castle, Grottoes of Catullus e Jamaica Beach, one of the most famous beaches in the city.

9 - Valcamonica and Stelvio Park

This enchanting part of Lombardy is excellent to visit both in winter thanks to the numerous ski facilities, and in spring for those who love walking in contact with nature. But it is also a perfect destination for archeology enthusiasts, there are in fact numerous rock engravings recognized as UNESCO World Heritage since 1979. The Valcamonica valley is located in eastern Lombardy, bordered by the provinces of Sondrio, Bergamo and Brescia and Trentino to the east.

In the territory there are several parks of national or regional naturalistic interest, among these the Stelvio National Park. Here is one rich fauna, in fact, you can admire many animals that often do not disdain forays even in anthropized areas, from chamois to ibex, from birds such as owls and owls to amphibians and fish in ponds and streams.
There are numerous equipped visitor centers from which you can access the park, those of Lombard interest are: the Torre Alberti information point in Bormio, the Pro Loco of Valdidentro and the Pontedilegno information point.

10 - Valtellina: Livigno, Bormio and Aprica

Finally, to immerse yourself again in the natural areas of the region, we recommend Valtellina. Alpine area corresponding upstream of Lake Como. The food and wine sectors are very strong in this area, among the best known products that are produced / consumed here are bresaola, pizzoccheri and red wine Valtellina Superiore DOCG.

Between the municipalities to visit absolutely there Livigno, a paradise for lovers of high altitude sports, both in summer and in winter. But that is not all! Livigno is also an ideal place for shopping, there are in fact exclusive boutiques and traditional shops where you can make duty-free purchases. Another place not to be missed is Bormio, famous for its renowned spas. It looks like a small village made up of wooden houses and narrow streets, but they are also present 18 ski slopes which extend for over 50 km. Also worth a stop Aprica, where a folkloric festival is celebrated at the end of February with bell ringers in local costume.

Plan your trip: how to get there and where to sleep

Lombardy, as we have seen, lends itself to various types of travel, you can choose to visit within a week from cities of art to natural areas. To reach the region are available three main airports: Bergamo-Orio al Serio, Milan-Linate and Milan-Malpensa (flights starting from € 51,00 -).

If your travel idea is to stay away from the chaos of the cities and enjoy nature, stay in a location on the shores of some lakes. Like maybe Varenna on Lake Como, or Limone sul Garda (find the best offers on booking).

For a journey that covers a bit of everything, from historic cities to natural places, you can rely on public transport in the region. Land and stay initially in Milan (accommodation from € 45,00 per night), then you can reach other cities with Trenord regional trains, intercity buses or a rental car.

Finally, for one mountain vacation, choose places like Tirano or Chiavenna (accommodations from € 50,00 per night).

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