10 Places to Snorkel in the Mediterranean

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The great thing about snorkeling is that you don't need a lot of athletic training or very expensive equipment. All it takes is a little experience, the knowledge of useful information and possible dangers and a bit of healthy salt in the noggin. So you can enjoy immense peace immersed in incredible landscapes populated by living beings so different from us.
But if the budget does not allow us to go to heavenly seas on the other side of the world, what to do? Simple: follow ours ranking of places to snorkel in the Mediterranean!


  1. Illes Medes, Costa Brava - Spain
  2. Ghar Lapsi - Malta
  3. Isola Rossa, Sardinia - Italy
  4. Coco Beach, Nice - France
  5. Makarska Riviera - Croatia
  6. Skiathos - Greece
  7. Paphos - Cyprus
  8. Port Cros, Les Porquerolles - France
  9. Aeolian Islands, Sicily - Italy
  10. Gozo and Comino - Malta
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1 - Illes Medes, Costa Brava - Spain

Protected marine reserve, where fish and plants reign undisturbed ... or almost. "Unfortunately" some people go to the beach or do water sports, so snorkeling could be difficult or potentially dangerous. But if done carefully, the game is worth the candle: schools of small colorful fish they swim in the same waters with big fish solitary like the grouper. If you are lucky you may even meet some barracuda swimming with his companions.

2 - Ghar Lapsi - Malta

A difficult to reach place, unspoiled and beautiful, with a wonderfully clear and diverse sea caves, refuge for many fish. In these waters, rich in colorful marine vegetation, they swim scorpion fish, octopus, eels and mullets.

3 - Isola Rossa, Sardinia - Italy

The beaches offer beautiful red rocks with a variety of pools and bays to explore, where fish love to find refuge.

Although the beach is sandy, as well as the seabed, the water is still transparent. Moray eels are very common. A great variety of fish swim in these waters, both near the banks and further out to sea.

4 - Coco Beach, Nice - France

Despite the extreme proximity of the port and an industrialized city so important for tourism, Nice has a wonderful portion of the French coast. Coco Beach, a few steps from the port of Nice, enjoys crystal clear waters which, thanks to the yellow sand, appear in a fantastic blue shade. There are plenty of snorkeling groups here that you can join. Or you can choose to explore these rocky coves alone, often a bit "crowded".

5 - Makarska Riviera - Croatia

This place is perfect for anyone who has already explored French, Italian and Spanish waters. The Adriatic is obviously a little different than the other seabeds mentioned, but even here you can immerse yourself in waters with a sandy bottom where some very colorful live corals and marine plants, including the golden sponges.
Many polyps and crabs live there. If you are lucky you can also meet some Seahorse.

6 - Skiathos - Greece

Visibility can sometimes be poor due to some movement on the bottom. But if the problem doesn't exist it's a great place to snorkel.

The best waters are those of rocky beaches, where you can admire octopuses, crabs, fish and large eels. If you are skilled hunters, you can find wonderful empty shells on the seabed.

7 - Paphos - Cyprus

Its secluded, gently sloping beaches are perfect for snorkelers. Near the lighthouse, a favorite place, you can explore large and small underwater cavities where many fish take refuge. It is also fun to peek inside hollow caves to observe from a distance the marine animals that peep out there, such as octopuses. In these waters live many small fish, like the unapproachable ones pipefish.

8 - Port Cros, Les Porquerolles - France

The smallest of the Hyères islands, it is best known as marine reserve, thanks to its splendid posidonia meadows. Her cliffs overlooking the sea they are ideal for snorkelers. Try the underwater path along the northern part of the island, which allows you to swim for 30/40 minutes while observing the luxuriant underwater life.

9 - Aeolian Islands, Sicily - Italy

It is first of all to say "observe every corner and ravine", but certainly you will not have to miss the waters of filicudi. Between the Cove of the Ox Marino and the imposing Faraglione della Canna and the inlet of the lighthouse, you will find perfect and incredible places to snorkel!
Ad alicudi, the seabed of Spiaggia Bazzina and the enchanting Cigliata di Tramontana lend themselves masterfully to this underwater activity.
The island of Stromboli it's a real one paradise for snorkelers, both for its wonderful seabed and for the variety of fish species present. The surrounding seabed is also not to be missed Strombolicchio and Sciara del Fuoco, on the north-east coast of the island.

10 - Gozo and Comino - Malta

Dwejra, beach west ofGozo Island, offers unique natural landscapes, including the Azure Window: a rock table suspended over the sea, under which is the spectacular Blue hole. On the east coast, you will find a small child frequented by snorkelers for its clear seabed and small caves.
Between Malta and Gozo lies the Comino Island: a true snorkeling paradise! The island is famous for its blue Lagoon, which has absolutely nothing to envy to the Caribbean Sea. Not far away they are St. Nicholas Bay e Santa Maria Bay, two delightful quiet bays, perfect for underwater exploration.

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