10 Places to Live Well with less than 500 euros a month

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Money, money, money ... why is it necessary to live with all the money we are used to? Is it possible that there are no places in the world where you can live in dignity with less than 500 euros a month? The answer is: yes, it is possible! Panama, Thailand, Costa Rica these are just some of the states in which with less than half the average salary of an Italian one can lead an excellent existence. Let's see a list of 10 places to live well for less than 500 euros a month.


  1. Thailand
  2. Vietnam
  3. India
  4. Nicaragua
  5. Cambodia
  6. Costa Rica
  7. Nepal
  8. Panama
  9. Czech Republic
  10. Guatemala
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1 - Thailand

Thailand is one of the cheapest, most practical and beautiful places to expatriate - most people in urban areas speak the language correctly. English language, and the territories are rich in cultural offerings and attractions such as temples, white beaches, crystal clear sea, splendid monuments.
On average, the monthly rent of a bed costs € 270, to which we must add about € 65 / month for the cost of electricity, heating, water, waste. Healthcare is paid, but the costs are very low and the service is generally good. What about the food? Rice with noodles cost less than € 2.

2 - Vietnam

Vietnam delivers idyllic beaches, tropical forests it's a considerable abundance of local fruit and vegetables at very low prices. On average, the rent of a bed costs € 270 per month, while for the costs of electricity, heating, water and waste you have to budget around € 45. A steak costs less than € 5 a beer less than € 1. Healthcare has high costs and a rather poor service: it is better to take out insurance policies.

3 - India

India is the ideal place for lovers of spirituality and outdoor adventures: it is in fact a land rich in rivers, plateaus, beaches and deserts, and is full of wonderful legacies of religion and history. The rent of a bed costs around € 140, while the utility costs are around € 35 per month. An average meal costs around € 5. Given the health situation at risk, it is good to take out a personalized insurance policy.

4 - Nicaragua

Nicaragua has exciting aspects and enchanting landscapes for anyone: paradisiacal islands, colonial cities, jungles e lively city centers. A monthly bed costs about € 140, to which € 40 must be added for electricity, water, heating, waste. Public transport costs less than € 10 a month, and a monthly gym pass € 25. A full meal costs around € 3.

5 - Cambodia

Even in Cambodia you can admire historical beauties, such as i numerous temples, and you can live "low cost": sharing a rented room costs around € 140, while a full meal in restaurants costs around € 1,50. Cambodian food is excellent and lends itself to all tastes: a seafood barbecue costs around € 3,50.

6 - Costa Rica

Also here the cost of living is one of the lowest in the world: if you are satisfied with sharing the accommodation with friends, you can live in dignity with about € 450 per month, a cost that falls if you choose areas far from the capital. The cost of cigarettes is € 2,90 per pack, while € 6 is sufficient to have a good meal in a typical restaurant. There is a public health service that offers a more than discreet service.

7 - Nepal

Located between India and Tibet, visitors to Nepal can enjoy subtropical forests, ancient temples, safaris e attempt the climb to the top of the Himalayas. Renting a bed costs only € 80 per month, while the monthly internet cost is € 15. In restaurants, the meal costs less than € 5; on the street even less than € 2.

8 - Panama

For many Europeans Panama is a real one tax haven, but it's not just this that leads many people to relocate: with around € 500 a month you can enjoy over 3.000 km of shores of Caribbean beaches and a truly exceptional climate. Renting a bed costs around € 400 per month, while for utilities you have to charge another € 50 around. In case of illness, no problem: a visit to a doctor costs around € 30.

9 - Czech Republic

Also 'Europe offers many areas where it is possible to live for less than € 500 per month: one of these is the Czech Republic, where you can rent an apartment for a maximum of € 150 per month. The cost of transport is less than € 100 per month, and eating out is possible for € 2 (street food) or € 10 (restaurant). However, if you approach Prague, prices will inevitably rise.

10 - Guatemala

L'welcoming people, Mayan ruins, volcanoes, forests e beaches they are very attractive attractions for Guatemala: to this is added a very low cost of living. A bed for rent costs around € 300 per month, while utilities cost around € 110 per month. The monthly transport pass costs around € 18, and the food is also really cheap: with less than € 10 a day you can eat in abundance.

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