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Sometimes seen only as a destination for beach tourism, Tunisia is a nation full of beauties and surprises to be discovered, even far from the sandy strips. We are in North Africa: Tunisia has a long history of colonization and religion, which have given these territories particular cultures and wonderful architecture. Let's see the 10 things not to be missed in Tunisia.


  1. Great Mosque of Kairouan
  2. Ichkeul Park
  3. National Bardo Museum
  4. Medina of Sousse
  5. The most beautiful beaches!
  6. Bulla Direction
  7. Chott el-Jerid
  8. Ribat of Monastir
  9. Thugga site
  10. Matmata village
  11. User questions and comments

1 - Great Mosque of Kairouan

One of the most important Tunisian mosques, was built in st century d. C.. on an area of ​​over 9.000 square meters. Destroyed and rebuilt over time, from the outside it looks like one fortress and around the walls there are galleries with columns in granite and porphyry, reused by ancient monuments from Carthage. A true architectural treasure.

2 - Ichkeul Park

National park formed by a lake of 90 sq. km, from swamps and from djebel Ichkeul, a limestone mountain 511 m high. Here they come to overwintering hundreds of migratory birds, and is a hub for all of North Africa. Since 1980 the park has been a Unesco World Heritage Site.

3 - National Bardo Museum

Notorious for the March 18, 2015 terrorist attack, the Bardo National Museum is the largest museum in all of Tunisia, and contains the richest collection of Roman mosaics in the world ranging from the nd to the th century. There are also sculptural works e Punic finds.

4 - Medina of Sousse

Sousse is a city where historical and modern meet and coexist perfectly. One of the biggest attractions is the part of the cities called Medina, perfectly preserved and which stands in front of the sea with high golden walls. The Medina encloses monuments of exceptional importance.

5 - The most beautiful beaches!

The most beautiful beaches in Tunisia cannot be missing from our list: among the best we remember Sidi Mahrez, Seguia e Mahdia. The latter, south of Monastir, is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in the whole Mediterranean.

6 - Bulla Regia

Roman city in northern Tunisia, near today's Jendouba. The ancient Romans built here underground villas to escape the summer heat: a work of perfect engineering that has been well preserved over the centuries. Some floors are still rich in mosaics; other mosaics are found in the Bardo Museum.

7 - Chott el-Jerid

Salt lake located in northwestern Tunisia, on the edge of the Sahara desert. This is the largest salt lake in the whole region: her surface is over 5.000 square meters. It is identified as the Triton lake of ancient sources.

8 - Ribat of Monastir

Monastery and fortress built inVIII century and originally conceived as a structure to defend Islam from the invasion of Christians. Later these constructions were mainly used for the transmission of the Islamic religion: the Ribat of Monastir played an important intellectual role for the country.

9 - Thugga site

Unesco World Heritage with some of the best preserved ruins in North Africa. You can admire numerous remains of Punic, Numidian and Roman monuments. Among the most important monuments there is

10 - Village of Matmata

Made famous by the film Star Wars, the village of Matmata consists of numerous houses dug into the ground, by the Berbers more than 1.000 years ago. The village is perched at approx 600 m of altitude, and presents a particular troglodyte architecture.

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