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Southampton is one of the cities of the Hampshire county, south-east of the United Kingdom. Located on the village of Solent, exactly opposite the Isle of Wight, perhaps it is not very well known compared to other English cities such as London, Brighton, Leeds etc, but it has nothing to envy to the other beauties of the island.

City rich in history, which has also given birth to important characters in history, one of them all Isaac Watts, and who was also the protagonist of sad events: from here the Titanic sailed, an event that has never been forgotten by the city, as you can see yourself walking through the streets of the historic center. It is undoubtedly a particular city, which however deserves to be visited with particular attention. For this we have come up with a list of 10 things you absolutely must see in Southampton.


  1. Old Town
  2. St. Michael's Church
  3. Tudor House
  4. Shieldhall
  5. Titanic Engineer's Memorial
  6. SeaCity Museum
  7. Southampton City Art Gallery
  8. National Motor Museum
  9. Netley Abbey
  10. Highclere Castle
  11. User questions and comments

1 - Old Town

Want to see the real Southampton? The one rich in history, which has cradled important characters such as Henry V, Shakespeare and Jane Austen? You just have to go to the Old Town, or the Old Town of Southampton. Here you will find several historic buildings, monuments and points of interest that will tell you the history of the city. Among these you will also find the Bargate, the ancient gateway to the city, about 800 years old.

  • From the Central Station take the U1C line. Vehicles that stop nearby: bus n. 7, 8, 9, 13,
  • /
  • /

2 - Church of St. Michael

St. Michael's church is the only medieval church still standing in Southampton. Built in the th century, it still contains Norman relics and also a baptismal font made of Tournai marble. There tower, which you can still see today, in particular is the oldest in the city and dates back to 1070. The initial structure of the church of St. Michael was initially much smaller than what you see today: in fact, over the centuries there have been several additions, such as some chapels on the sides of the naves, while part of the structure was rebuilt in the th century.

  • From Central Station take the Quayconnect or U1C line. Buses stopping nearby: 6, Quayconnect, Solent Rangers X5, U1E, U1W, the Tree, City Red 11, Solent Ranger x4, U1A, U1N U6H
  • always open
  • free

3 - Tudor House

The Tudor House is located in St. Michael Square and is one of the oldest buildings in the city. Built in the fifteenth century by a family of wealthy merchants, today it is the seat of a museum that collects evidence from the Victorian era, among which there are also several jewels, and Edwardian, as well as several temporary exhibitions. The museum still retains the appearance of one today vintage house, thanks to the reconstruction of some environments such as the kitchen.

  • From Central Station take the Quayconnect or U1C line to Holyrood St. and walk up St. Michael St. and Church Ln. Buses stopping nearby: 6, Quayconnect, Solent Rangers X5, U1E, U1W, the Tree, City Red 11, Solent Ranger x4, U1A, U1N U6H
  • Mon-Thu 10,00-15,00. Sat-Sun 10,00-16,00. Closed on Friday
  • full € 5,50. Reduced € 4,50. Ticket in agreement with the SeaCity Museum: full € 12,00. Reduced € 9,00

4 - Shieldhall

The Shieldhall is the largest steamship still existing in all of Europe. Built in 1954 by Lobnitz & Co., This huge ship has now become a kind of "memorial to memory", which allows us to understand and see how steamships worked in a past that is actually quite recent. Small curiosity: ships like the Shieldhall were used during the First World War as a party location during the summer months. The ship is now regularly exhibited during the Southampton Maritime Festival, a two-day event that takes place every summer.

  • From Central Station walk via W Bay Rd and Herbert Walker Avenue.
  • in relation to the available events
  • the cost depends on the chosen activity. For the "Round the island Race" the full ticket price is € 54,00

5 - Titanic Engineer's Memorial

The city of Southampton has been closely linked to the Titanic which departed from here. Among the streets of the city you can find various tributes, such as the Titanic Trail and the Titanic Engineers' Memorial, in East Park. Made of bronze and granite, the monument was inaugurated by Sir Archibald Denny, the president of the Institute of Marine Engineers in April 1914. What stands out is undoubtedly the Bronze Nike, who seems to "protect" under his wings two sculptors who symbolize the engineers of the Titanic staff, all of whom died during the sinking.

  • From Central Station take bus U1A or U1E
  • always open
  • free

6 - SeaCity Museum

The SeaCity Museum is the place not to be missed if you want to discover more of the people of Southampton and learn about the history of the city. The museum will tell you about the close relationship between Southampton and the sea, which has always been the beating heart of the city. Among the exhibitions present we point out the one that tells the history of the Titanic.

  • From the Central Station take the Bluestar bus line (4, 5, 8, 9, 11, 12, 17)
  • Mon-Sun 10,00-17,00
  • full € 8,50. Reduced € 7,00

7 - Southampton City Art Gallery

The Southampton City Art Gallery is one of the most important galleries (and museums) in the city. The Art Gallery, located in a 1930s building, contains an extensive ed important collection of works. Here, in addition to ceramics and various types of artifacts, you will find paintings made by English painters dated from 1750 to today.

  • From Central Station take bus U1A, U1E. Buses stopping nearby: Bluestar 18, City Red2, the Three, 12
  • Mon-Sun 10,00-17,00
  • full € 8,50. Reduced € 7,00

8 - National Motor Museum

14 miles from the city you will find Bealieu and its National Motor Museum, one of the largest automotive museums in the world. This original museum houses around 285 means of transport within its walls, ranging from luxury cars to formula 1, up to wasps and motorcycles. Among the vehicles in the museum are also some of the most famous cinema cars, such as the original James Bond cars and, for the little ones, the Ford Anglia that Harry Potter and Ron Weasley drive to go to Hogwarts in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.

  • directions
  • Mon-Sun from 25 September to 25 May: 10,00-17,00. Mon-Sun from 26 May to 23 September 10,00-18,00
  • full € 27,50. Reduced € 13,50

9 - Netley Abbey

Built in 1239, Netley Abbey is a splendid example of English architecture. Today fallen into disrepair, Netley Abbey has inspired writers, poets and artists over the centuries, one of them being one of the symbolic painters of Romanticism: John Constable. We owe its construction to Henry III, who commissioned it to the Cistercian monks. However, in 1536 the abbey was converted into a home by William Paulet until the th century, when it was abandoned and partially demolished to become a kind of "quarry" from which to draw material.

  • From Pound Tree Road take Aotobus 6 to New Road and walk
  • From April to September Mon-Sun 10,00 am-16,30pm
  • free

10 - Highclere Castle

Highclere Castle is approximately 45 minutes from Southampton. If you are a lover of TV series surely you will have recognized it: it is the Downton Abbey Castle, famous BBC series. When it is not the shooting set, the castle remains open so that it can be visited. Today it is known for being the venue for numerous public and private events, including an afternoon tea tasting that will make you feel like real "royals" and tours designed specifically to satisfy your every curiosity.

  • directions
  • can be visited in relation to the scheduled events
  • the ticket varies according to the scheduled events.

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