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It has been defined the pearl of the Aegean, whose history and morphology are closely linked to volcanic activities, some of which have considerably modified its structure and have allowed the discovery of archaeological excavations that are decisive to reconstruct the genesis of this fabulous location. The "nemesis" of the more "worldly" Mykonos is without doubt Santorini, a favorite destination for couples in love for its breathtaking sunsets, but increasingly targeted also by families, singles and festive groups of friends.
The reason is simple: the "backbone" of the Cyclades archipelago has a lot to offer in terms of culture, food and wine, even from the point of view of nightlife. Luxury, unbridled shopping and simplicity come together in the extraordinary island of Santorini, whose 10 stages that we will propose to you are considered real "musts" not to be missed if you stay in this small portion of Eden on Earth.


  1. Fira (Thira)
  2. Caldera
  3. Red Beach
  4. Akrotiri archaeological site
  5. Saint Wines
  6. Imerovigli
  7. Oia / Atlantis Books
  8. Tomato Museum
  9. Firostefani
  10. Kamari Beach
  11. User questions and comments

1 - Fira (Thira)

Capital of the island where it is possible to alternate cultural visits to the various museums with a day of unbridled shopping, letting us drag ourselves into the lively nightlife of the town. With its narrow streets, houses built in pumice stone, white roofs and blue doors, Fira (Thira) is a riot of colors, movement, traditions and modernity. Especially noteworthy is the town's central square, Theotokopoulou Square, meeting point for tourists and natives; the city is also worth a visit from afar, thanks to which it is possible to admire the breathtaking panorama and the chromatic mixture that is part of the charm of Fira.

  • from the old port of the capital, it is possible to walk to the center in just over 20 minutes; if you have a car, it will take 4 minutes to reach the main square, along Agiou Athanasiou
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2 - Caldera

A stay in Santorini cannot exist without the canonical visit to the boiler, one of the most evocative attractions of the island. Born from a depression created over 10.000 years ago after the collapse of the vault of the magma chamber of a volcano, the caldera of Santorini is now targeted by tourists entranced by the breathtaking landscape and, above all, by the exaggerated luxury flaunted by this suggestive location. considered the most "glamorous" corner of the island.

  • from the old port of Fira, it is possible to take boat trips lasting a whole day
  • the excursions start at 10:30
  • € 20,00

3 - Red Beach

One of the most beautiful and crowded beaches, especially in the summer, is Red Beach. The beach, which is characterized precisely by its cliffs of characteristic rust color, it is small but equipped. Reachable on foot, Red Beach is just 10 minutes from the car park and, being very small, it is easily crowded in the "hot" hours of the day: it is therefore advisable to take possession of a strip of red and black sand in the early hours of the day. Red Beach is equipped with umbrellas and deck chairs, to enjoy a day at the beach in total relaxation, "crowd" permitting.

  • the beach can be reached by car in 27 minutes, taking the Epar.Od. Firon-Ormou Perissis
  • the beach is accessible at any time. It is advisable to reach it wearing comfortable shoes
  • Free

4 - Akrotiri archaeological site

A piece of Santorini's history is represented by the Akrotiri archaeological site, located in the southwestern part of the island. In 1962, Professor Spyridōn Marinatos found the remains of an ancient Minoan civilization - the Akrotiri - which in the sixteenth century BC was the victim of one of the deadliest volcanic eruptions that targeted Santorini. An entire civilization was buried by heaps of ash and lapilli, and found only thanks to the excavations conducted by Professor Marinatos, who found almost intact archaeological finds, protected by the same lava flow that marked the end of this population.

  • from the central square of Fira, by car take the Epar.Od. Firon-Ormou Perissis. It takes 26 minutes to reach the site
  • the opening hours and days of the excavations are a sore point for tourists. In general, the archaeological site is accessible from Tuesday to Sunday from 08:30 to 15:00
  • full € 12,00; reduced € 6,00

5 - Santo Wines

Enjoy an amazing sunset while sipping a goblet of aphrodisiac wine it is possible, thanks to the winery Saint Wines, one of the most famous on the island. After all, wine production is one of the pillars of the economy of Santorini, and this nectar of the gods represents one of the "heritage" of the area, to be protected and exported all over the world.

  • Santo Wines is located in Pirgos, and can be reached by car in 10 minutes, driving along the Epar.Od from Fira. Firon-Ormou Perissis
  • open every day, reservations can be made. It is advisable not to show up after 18:00
  • Cost: a tasting of 12 glasses of wine costs € 22,00

6 - Imerovigli

In the upper western part of the island stands the characteristic traditional village of Imerovigli. With more luxury hotels than private accommodation, Imerovigli offers a magnificent glimpse of the volcanoes and houses the ruins of the Skaros fortress which was the capital of Santorini until the eighteenth century. Another striking attraction of the village is the chapel of Panagia Theoskepasti, built on a huge rock above the caldera.

  • from Fira, through Agiou Athanasiou and Epar.Od. Firon-Ias, Imerovigli can be reached by car in 10 minutes
  • Imerovigli is accessible every day, 24 hours a day
  • Free

7 - Oia / Atlantis Books

A quaint village, recognizable by its irresistible blue dome, immortalized in thousands of

  • Oia and the bookshop, located in Main Marble Road, can be reached from Fira in less than half an hour by taking the Guida da Epar.Od. Firon-Ias
  • the library is open from 10:00 to midnight

8 - Museum of the tomato

A real "gem" of Santorini is the Tomato Museum, perhaps still little known but which represents, instead, one of the most particular attractions of the island! If you want to know everything, absolutely everything about the cultivation and production of tomatoes by the inhabitants of Santorini, you cannot miss the opportunity to take a tour in the current Santorini Ars Factory, a real cultural center that periodically organizes all sorts of events that often revolve around this delicious and "fascinating" vegetable!

  • from Fira, by car along Epar.Od. Firon-Ormou Perissis; the museum is located in Vlychada Beach
  • the Tomato Museum is open every day from 10:00 to 19:00
  • € 5,00; children under the age of 12 enter for free

9 - Firostefani

The "roof of the island", as it is called by natives and foreigners. Although part of the city of Fira, the suggestive Firostefani deserves to be visited in depth because of its "strategic" position, which makes it a panoramic destination par excellence of Santorini, and because it contains the two sides of the same coin of the island: the more "romantic" one, made up of silence and sunsets, and the more contemporary one, thanks to its "happy hour" and frenzy nightlife.

  • just take the cable car that goes up to Fira from the port; by car, however, Firostefani can be reached in 9 minutes by taking the Agiou Athanasiou from Fira
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  • /

10 - Kamari Beach

It is undoubtedly one of the busiest beaches on the entire island, as well as being the largest (the beach stretches for 5 km) and very organized. Located a few steps from the excavations of ancient Thira, Kamari stands out for its beach consisting of black sand, which makes it very special, and is a favorite destination for families, because it has a promenade full of shops, equipped beaches and accommodation facilities that guarantee a moment of pure relaxation away from the more frenetic rhythms that, instead, can be found in other seaside resorts of Santorini.

  • from Fira, the beach can be reached by car via Epar.Od. Firon-Ormou Perissis and Epar.Od. Mesarias-Archeas Thiras
  • Kamari is always accessible
  • free, free visit; many places on the seafront, however, offer an exclusive "package": free sunbed and umbrella in exchange for a reservation for lunch or dinner

Plan your stay in Santorini: Hotels and Tours

Despite the presence of cable cars, boats and other means of transport within the island, there is a concrete possibility of crossing Santorini by car: a definitely comfortable solution, which guarantees autonomy in travel, but not always convenient. Many sites can also be reached walking, provided you wear comfortable shoes and clothing. A separate discussion deserves the choice of hotels and accommodation for overnight stays, not always available cheaply. You need to carefully choose the place to stay, in order to avoid being broke after just one day in Santorini.

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