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Il Portugal: one of the Nations europee more fascinating and cheaper to visit. It has a rich maritime past, splendid seaside resorts, melancholy towns and a landscape characterized by olive groves, vineyards and wheat fields. Portugal is not an extension of the Spanish Costa del Sol in constant struggle between modernity and tradition, but rather a place full of charm and culture. Portugal and his I keep looking nostalgically at one's past and at the sea they won't disappoint you!


  1. Lisbon
  2. Sintra
  3. Fatima
  4. Porto
  5. Azores Islands
  6. Algarve
  7. Cabo da roca
  8. Nazareth
  9. Évora
  10. Castelo de Vide
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1 - Lisbon

Lisbon owns a decadent charm, entirely particolare. It's a pretty seaside town, very characteristic and who knows how to propose great food. Also, if you want to treat yourself to one off season holiday Lisbon is perfect! Old streets with a nostalgic vintage touch, a walk by the sea, a drink in the Princip Real district, a dinner based on local specialties will make your stay a truly pleasant moment.
Don't forget your camera: his landscapes and views they lend themselves to be immortalized in magnificent shots. Do you want to go wild? No problem: go to the Bairro Alto, night entertainment district. You will find many bars, clubs and discos open until dawn.

2 - Sintra

If you love unusual places, bizarre destinations and surfing, Sintra is perfect! It is a small town surrounded by a forest a few kilometers from the sea. Now Unesco World Heritage, Lord Byron called it the most beautiful city in the world. In summer it is very crowded, in winter it is quiet and lonely. His magnificent historic buildings, among which the spectacular and unmissable Pena Palace, within the Sintra-Cascais National Park will enchant you. Sintra is just a few steps from the coast which completely overlooks the Atlantic Ocean and this point is famous for the strength and size of the waves, which become even more frightening during the cold months. Big beach it is the best known beach in the area. Being very exposed to the wind, they form perfect waves for surfers, the only "crazy" to swim in the Atlantic during the winter. Don't miss an excursion to the Sintra-Cascais National Park. It is divided into two parts: the agricultural area, where fruit and wine are grown, and the area with beaches, cliffs and dunes. You can visit the vineyards and taste wines area of area call Necklaces. Another place not to be missed is Rock Chief, the westernmost point of Europe. Not bad for just one stage, right?

3 - Fatima

Famous on a religious level, the city of Fatima actually offers nothing beyond the Sanctuary. It is no coincidence that every year millions of people come here on pilgrimage to venerate the three little shepherds to whom the Virgin appeared. Consequently, in addition to the basilica, there are to visit ten chapels representing the life of Jesus and that of the Apparition, open in all directions to ensure that pilgrims can receive communion right at the point where Our Lady appeared. If you are here do not miss a very special thing: the lighting of the candles. Candles in the shape of parts of the body (legs and feet and even wax dolls) are thrown into a large brazier as ex voto. In this way, a mix of peculiar smell and smoke expands into the air. The greatest influx of pilgrims occurs in the nights . 12 and 13 May and 12 and 13 October in memory of the Marian apparitions.

4 - Porto

Porto, also known outside Portugal as Oporto, is a city where discos and restaurants blend harmoniously with cathedrals, churches and museums. Among its narrow streets and wide boulevards you will find a large number of cafes in which to relax after discovering walk to the many hills of Porto. Red tiles that cover the roofs of the houses and the typical ones Tiling, the ceramic tiles decorated with blue and white designs, cover numerous splendid facades thus creating beautiful plays of color. Porto is a very intimate city that can be easily explored on foot by climbing its slopes. In addition, in recent decades there has been one rebirth of the city and the buildings, streets and squares have been polished and careful restoration work has been carried out. On the other side of the Douro River you will find the city of Vila Nova de Gaia, house of Port wine. In the west, however, you will discover Foz. Located at the mouth of the Douro River, it is a delightful place where you can spend pleasant moments sitting in a comfortable café or where you can indulge in delicious dishes in a seaside restaurant after a relaxing walk along the beach. Porto will not disappoint you.

5 - Azores Islands

Nine emerald islands in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean: the Azores are one of the last naturalistic paradises in Europe. Ancient craters, crystal clear lakes, lush vegetation, ever-present whales and dolphins: a wonder! The archipelago of the Azores is believed by many to be what would remain of the mythical continent of Atlantis. The volcanic origin of the islands is the main reason why they turn out to be so wildly interesting. Ancient craters occupied by splendid lakes, black cliffs that flow into the ocean waters, rugged mountains, springs of sulphurous waters, fumaroles: a harsh and often impervious world always, however, softened by flowers that grow here throughout the year, from pastures bordered by hedges of hydrangeas and typical white-plastered rural houses. One unique naturalistic scenery in the world where they are still preserved ancient traditions. Enchanting!

6 - Algarve

Dominated by the Arabs from 711 to 1250, this region retains a Moorish charm in its architecture and local cuisine. Thanks to mild climate all year round, at his splendid crystal clear sea and beauty of its landscapes, the Algarve comes stormed by tourists during the summer. This has led to a reckless overbuilding of many stretches of coast, a phenomenon that is fortunately now being tried to contain.
Wild and rocky in the west, with fishing villages and windswept cliffs; sandy and sweet to the east, gradually approaching the Spanish Andalusia. Not to be missed:

  • Praia de Marinha: classified among the 5 most beautiful beaches in Portugal, is the preferred scenario for photo shoots and reportage thanks to its exceptional beauty. It is a small beach lapped by the turquoise sea and dominated by a 50 meter high cliff surrounded by picturesque rocks. To say the least fabulous contrast among the crystalline colors of sea and the golden ocher of rock.
  • Sagres: looks decidedly picturesque saw her being framed by a wild stretch of coast, a series of deep bays, windswept headlands and stormy seas. This corner of the Algarve is remote, isolated and safe little visited by tourists that invade the coast. Gorgeous!
  • Lagos: a maze of alleys with yellow, green, red and white houses. Lagos is a cosmopolitan city with a stable community of English and Irish. Despite the often too intrusive tourism, he leaves his visitors satisfied thanks to his wonderful beaches and magnificent bays hidden among the rocks of the bizarre cliffs.
  • Cabo de Sao Vicente: one of the magical places in Portugal! The Romans called it Promontorium Sacrum and it was the place where the gods consulted on the fate of mortals. Here sacrifices were made before embarking on sea voyages. Cabo de São Vicente is a promontory with cliffs of 80 meters shaped by the wind and the rushing sea. Wonderful!

7 - Cabo da roca

E' one of the wildest and most fascinating places of Portugal. It is a steep cliff of 140 meters overlooking the Atlantic. And the westernmost point of Europe, where the Lusitanians came to worship the Moon and which Camões described as "the place where the earth ends and the sea begins". The wind sweeps everything and almost prevents you from walking, but getting here is worth the journey: green meadows covered with heather throw themselves into the rushing sea. A real spectacle! a picture is so picturesque. There are no words to describe this corner of wild nature that enchants its visitors for centuries: go and discover it and admire it in all its glory!

8 - Nazaré

It is perhaps the most famous and most picturesque fishing village of Portugal. In Nazaré you will find fishermen with black caps mending their nets, oxen pulling boats ashore, wives sitting on street corners with colorful scarves on their heads, flounced skirts and clogs who rent rooms for a few euros, gigantic portions of prawns and crabs in the fish restaurants, colorful beach tents to shelter from the strong wind. Lovely! Mass tourism has certainly affected the change of this location, but i narrow and downhill alleys, cliffs and breathtaking sunsets make it an unmissable destination!

9 - Évora

Declared Unesco World Heritage, it's surely one of the most beautiful cities of Portugal. Inside the walls, a cobweb of narrow cross streets with bizarre names, such as Vicolo del Malrasato, Via del Sarto della Contessa and Piazza del Signore dei Terquoti. Her white houses with paved patios and embattled terraces they make it similar to an Arab medina, but they huddle around the Roman Temple of Diana. Her university è one of the most beautiful of Portugal. It has a harmonious Italian-style Renaissance cloister with wonderful azulejos.

10 - Castelo de Vide

Of Arab and Roman origins, Castelo de Vide is dominated by a wonderful castle. You will feel like you are stepping back into the Middle Ages thanks to the intertwining of its narrow alleys with the whitewashed houses and the gothic frames of the portals. It is a real delight to stroll through the narrow streets decorated with flower pots. This place will leave you truly amazed and it will take your breath away to climb the roof of the powder keg and the fort of Sao Roque: the view is truly incredible.

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