10 Must See Things in Podgorica

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Podgorica is certainly one of the most underrated destinations by world travelers. There capital of Montenegro offers interesting points of view on what was the world and life in the Soviet Union and in Yugoslavia and offers a showcase on the changes taking place sinceindependence of Montenegro to date.
The city is surrounded by greenery, in a flat area close to rivers and lakes, and undergoes very high and torrid temperatures both in spring and in summer, while it remains mild during the winter. The journey to discover it will be both fascinating and economical: do not miss the 10 things to see absolutely in Podgorica!


  1. Ribnica Fortress & Ribnica Bridge
  2. Clock Tower (Sat kula)
  3. King's Park
  4. Resurrection Cathedral (Hram Hristovog Vaskrsenja)
  5. Vladimir Semënovič Vysockij Monument
  6. Millenium Brigde (the Millennium Bridge)
  7. Duklja Ruins
  8. St George Church
  9. City Kvart
  10. Waterfalls Niagara Podgorica
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1 - Ribnica Fortress & Ribnica Bridge

Located in the old town, where the Moraca River meets the Ribnica, the bridge and fortress are worth a visit. The bridge is located a few meters lower than the road: a real one oasis of peace within the city; while the old city walls will rise above you, allowing you to imagine a landscape now lost in the hectic modern life.

  • walk from Most Blaza Jovanovica
  • /
  • Cost: /

2 - Clock Tower (Sat kula)

The clock was built during the Ottoman Empire in 1667, and delineates the boundary between the old city, which extends to the west, and the new city, which extends north of its tower. Perfectly restored it is aOttoman art icon.

  • walk from Trg Vojvode Becira Osmanagica
  • /
  • Cost: /

3 - King's Park

Un city ​​park recently renovated that offers a place of peace and coolness in which to relax, especially during the hot spring and summer days. It has free wifi and chessboards (you have to bring the chess) to spend pleasant moments of relaxation. Inside you will also find the monument to King Nikola.

  • walk from Kralija Nikola
  • always open
  • Cost: free

4 - Cathedral of the Resurrection (Hram Hristovog Vaskrsenja)

Built among buildings that are not perfectly preserved, the Cathedral of the Resurrection stands out in all its magnificence, annihilating the shopping centers that surround it closely. Its construction lasted over twenty years and today it allows you to admire high towers and an imposing dome, in a style that mixes between medieval, romantic and Byzantine. The interior is magnificent: every single inch of the cathedral is covered with gold paintings and mosaics.

  • walk from Moskovska
  • always open
  • Cost: free

5 - Vladimir Semënovič Vysockij Monument

Vladmir Vysovckij was a eclectic Soviet singer and strongly opposed by the socialist regime. His monument depicts him almost at life size, surrounded by a reflective frame with a skull at the foot, just to represent how particular the character was and how important his work was for music within the countries of the Iron Curtain. Behind the statue the Montenegrin mountains and the Millennium Bridge.

  • walk from the Millenium Bridge
  • /
  • Cost: /

6 - Millenium Brigde (the Millennium Bridge)

Built in 2005, it has become the symbol of the modern city, also for its reference to the works of famous architect Calatrava (which, however, did not participate in any way in the realization of the work). You can walk its 173 meters span or admire it from the nearby Moscow Bridge (maybe at night when it is illuminated).

  • walk from Bluevar Stanka Dragojevica
  • /
  • /

7 - Duklja Ruins

In the first century after Christ, in this place, stood a Roman city of which, to date, only four ruins remain, never restored. History buffs will still be able to reconstruct the map of the Roman city that housed about 10 thousand people, the others will have enjoyed a walk of about 4km on the river.

  • by taxi or along the river from the new city to the north
  • always open
  • Cost: free

8 - St George Church

La oldest orthodox church in the city and dating back to the th century is located just behind the stadium, easily accessible from the Millenium Bridge. Its historical importance and the location at the foot of the Gorica hill deserve a visit.

  • walk from the stadium
  • always open
  • Cost: free

9 - City Kvart

Il young nightlife district it is located between the largest shopping center in the city and the university. On the ground floor of the residential buildings were installed Western-style clubs and pubs, where you can spend a pleasant evening in the company of local youth, to discover their lifestyle and immerse yourself in the new culture of Montenegro.

  • on foot, in the new city
  • /
  • Cost: /

10 - Waterfalls Niagara Podgorica

While its size has nothing to do with real Niagara Falls, the Cijevna River Falls they are still spectacular. If you visit them on a spring or summer day, you can also swim in the river and enjoy the peace away from the city center.

  • by taxi (10 km from the city center)
  • always open
  • Cost: free

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