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One of the most famous mundane center and tourist destination chosen in particular for its white pebble beaches, Nice it always remains one of the holiday destinations that tourists from all over the world choose for both summer and winter even if it is in summer that its beauty becomes even more evident.

Very close to the border with Italy, between its streets and alleys there is a holiday atmosphere, very French, after all that's where it is. Not only beaches and the center of the nightlife of the Côte d'Azur: here 10 things to see absolutely in Nice.


  1. Promenade des Anglais
  2. Historic Centre
  3. Palais Lascaris
  4. Place Massena
  5. Paillon promenade
  6. Garibaldi Square
  7. Saint-Reparate Cathedral
  8. Russian Orthodox Church of St. Nicholas
  9. Marc Chagall Museum
  10. Cimiez neighborhood
  11. User questions and comments

1 - Promenade des Anglais

The famous walk, seven kilometers long, which runs along the picturesque sea of ​​Nice and reaches the airport, it is the perfect place to stroll in total relaxation or to enjoy a bike ride along the cycle path. Space that the inhabitants of Nice love for their jogging and sports sessions, here tourists can enjoy fascinating view on the sea and the port.

  • Promenade des Anglais. Bus n. 03,08,09,12,23
  • /
  • /

2 - Historic center

You cannot plan a trip to Nice without visiting the vieux Nice, its historic center. Its typical streets and its narrow alleys that open into the Cours Saleya, the most lively and lively square in the city, where among the historical and architectural details it is also possible to shop at Mercato on the stalls of fruit, vegetables, typical products of the area and spices. Do not miss a visit to the buildings that surround the neighborhood such as the Palais Lascaris and Sainte-Reparate cathedral.

  • vieux Nice. Bus n. 04, 11, 15, 70
  • /
  • /

3 - Palais Lascaris

In civil baroque style, the Palais Lascaris today it is a museum of art and music of the 1648th and th centuries. Built in , over the years it has been elected as one of the most important historical monuments, then transformed into a museum. Residence of the Lascaris Ventimiglia family, this palace is worth a visit among its rooms and among the beautiful works present. It still has the charm of the private mansions of old Nice.

  • 15 rue Droite. Bus n. 04, 11, 15, 70
  • Every day except Tuesday from 11am to 18pm
  • Free

4 - Place Massena

La most famous square in Nice, Where the Fountain of the Sun dominates with the statue of Apollo. Suggestive La Conversazione, a group of seven works of art signed by Jaume Plensa and dedicated to the seven continents that light up at night making the square even more suggestive and romantic. Characterized by the arcades that surround it and the arch that opens towards the sea. It is certainly one of the most significant and representative works of the city of Côte d'Azur.

  • Place Massena. Bus n. 70
  • /
  • /

5 - Promenade du Paillon

Public park of 12 hectares surrounding Place Massena and that was it inaugurated in 2013. Characteristic are the water and steam games inside. Ideal place also for families with children. The garden starts from the Promenade des Angles and reaches the museum of modern and contemporary art (MAMAC).

  • Promenade du Paillon. Bus n. 70
  • /
  • /

6 - Place Garibaldi

Here we are in oldest square in Nice built in 1773 by the architect Antonio Spinelli and characterized by its fascinating yellow buildings. To dominate it the monument dedicated to Giuseppe Garibaldi, where it was born and from which the square takes its name, facing Italy. Strolling in this ancient and suggestive place really deserves all our time. Tourists cannot fail to mark it as a place to visit during their vacation.

  • Place Garibaldi. Tram n. 3, 9/10
  • /
  • /

7 - Saint-Reparate Cathedral

Built between 1650 and 1699 it is an example of baroque architecture. Since 1906 it has become one of the historical monuments of France and it is still the seat of the bishop. It is dedicated to patron saint of the city and is the largest sanctuary of old Nice. Its interior is inspired by St. Peter's Basilica in Rome. Its remarkable beauty Genoese style dome covered with glazed tiles.

  • 3, Place Rossetti. Bus n. 200, 203
  • Tuesday to Friday from 9 to 12 and from 14 to 18. Saturday from 9 to 12 and from 14 to 19.30. Sunday from 9 to 13 and from 15 to 18.
  • free

8 - Russian Orthodox Church of St. Nicholas

Built in the 1912 on the image of Saint Basil's Cathedral in Moscow to serve the many Russian nobles who took refuge in Nice in the th century to escape the winter cold. It still is today the largest Orthodox church in Europe outside the borders of Russia. Inside they affect the different materials used for its realization, from ceramic to stone to bricks, materials that coexist in perfect harmony with each other. The colors of its exterior are also splendid, typical of Russian churches.

  • 2 avenue Nicolas II. Bus n. 03, 04, 17, 23
  • daily from 9 12 to and from the 14.20 18
  • free

9 - Marc Chagall Museum

Born from the will of the famous painter to bring together in a single site his work dedicated to the Bible consisting of seventeen canvases which constitute the Biblical Message. The permanent collection represents the largest collection of public works by Marc Chagall.
In the two large rooms there are twelve paintings that illustrate the two books of the Old Testament, Genesis and Exodus and the compositions inspired by the Song of Songs. It is located in the suggestive Cimiez district.

  • avenue Docteur Menard. Bus n. 15, 22
  • every day except Tuesday from 10am to 18pm
  • free

10 - Cimiez district

Residential neighborhood on the hill, Cimiez it was the seat of the city of Cemenelum in Roman times. Here to visit there are some jewels of Nice such as the Monastery built by the Benedictines in the eighth century, the Archaeological Museum where you can admire the Roman ruins and more, the aforementioned Chagall Museum and the Matisse Museum (the painter is buried right in the monastery cemetery). Attractions that cannot be missed on a visit to the city.

  • Cimiez neighborhood. Bus n. 15, 22
  • always open
  • free entry

Plan your stay in Nice

For stay in Nice just choose the area you prefer, in all there is no shortage of hotels and accommodations. If you want to stay in the center, you can choose a hotel in Place Massena, suggestive and comfortable area but certainly not cheap. If you love the suggestive atmosphere of the historical centers you can stay in vieux Nice, where there are no luxury hotels, but small hotels, often family-run, which are therefore very charming and full of warmth. THE By public transport in Nice they are efficient and it is easy to move from one area to another if you do not want to do it on foot (most recommended option to enjoy the city)

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