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New Amsterdam is a city in British Guiana, about 94 km from the capital Georgetown, in the northern part of South America. Guyana is a country very interesting to visit, although not so beaten by tourism, in its territory conceals natural treasures and the colonial history of the country. Let's see together 10 things to see absolutely in New Amsterdam in Guyana.


  1. Berbice River
  2. Mission Chapel
  3. Joel House
  4. Philadelphia Seventh-day Adventist Church
  5. New Amsterdam harbor and riverfront
  6. Stanleytown Masjid
  7. Shri Krishna Mandir-Gay Park
  8. All Saint's Anglican Church
  9. Church of the Ascension
  10. New Amsterdam Esplanade
  11. Plan your stay in New Amsterdam: info on flights, hotels and tours
  12. User questions and comments

1 - Berbice River

New Amsterdam is located right on the river Berbice, in the last stretch before the river plunges into the Atlantic Ocean. Given the size of the internal forests and the few roads, one of the most used means of getting around in Guyana is the boat on the various waterways that cross the country. In this way, you can easily reach Rosignol, on the other bank of the river, or take a sightseeing tour along the river that goes into the forest: in any case I will be very suggestive and will allow you to learn more about life in these parts.

  • it is located on the river, not far from the city center, at the end of Stelling Road - Get directions
  • variable according to the season, generally open until evening
  • variable according to the trip you want to make, generally cheaper than the bus to get around

2 - Mission Chapel

The city of New Amsterdam is full of churches dedicated to numerous cults, as varied as its cultures and its population. Mission Chapel, a congregational church, certainly is the most famous and has become the cultural heritage of Guyana. The church was built in 1824 by Reverend Wray, who visited the slaves in New Amsterdam and decided to open a church that could accommodate them, Mission Chapel was therefore the first in Guyana to offer them a place to pray. Inside the complex there is still the tamarind tree under which the reverend used to sit to give his sermons before the construction was finished.

  • it is located in the city center, on Chapel Street, a side street of the larger Republic Road - Get Directions
  • open during the day and celebrations
  • free

3 - Joel House

An attraction of which little is found online, but whose aura of mystery makes it even more fascinating and suitable for the curious and adventurous. In these countries, such as Guyane and Suriname, many places are abandoned and besieged by the lush and wild vegetation, so they lend themselves well to urban exploring. This abandoned house seems to have become a place for birdwatching, being slightly out of town and surrounded by nature. At the same time, some legends have arisen about the ghost of Joe, its old owner who died in 2001 and haunts the house. In short, there are those who advise against visiting it at night ... Or will you be so brave as to tempt fate?

  • located on Vryheid, going out of town, just ahead of the Bethel New Testament Church of God - Get directions
  • always accessible
  • free

4 - Philadelphia Seventh-day Adventist Church

Philadelphia Seventh-day Adventist Church is a New Amsterdam Adventist church. With the thousand cultures that populate the city, it is interesting to take a tour through the places of worship, very popular and celebrated throughout the city, real meeting points for the various communities.

  • face it on Main Street, downtown - Get directions
  • open during the day and celebrations
  • free

5 - New Amsterdam port and riverside

The small river port of New Amsterdam and its riverside they enliven the city with trade, travelers and fishing. It will be very interesting for visitors to take an excursion to discover the port, the commercial exchanges and the very green shore, to see how the fishermen who still fish here and trade the fruits of their labor live.

  • Southbound from Berbice Ferry Terminal - Get Directions
  • always open
  • free

6 - Stanleytown Masjid

To continue the tour of the thousand cults present in New Amsterdam, could not miss a mosque. In the city there are others, but this is it the largest and most popular. It certainly doesn't look like an Arabian building from the outside, because it is built in colonial style like almost all buildings in New Amsterdam, painted white and with the characteristic turquoise roof, is surrounded by tropical vegetation.

  • located on Main street, just outside the center - Get directions
  • open during the day and celebrations
  • free

7 - Shri Krishna Mandir-Gay Park

This Hindu congregation, rather large, is gathered just outside the city within a colorful architectural complex and a large park. The city, as we said, is home to many religions and cultures, and this Hindu center is very active. Inside, there are numerous activities planned to spread the cult Hindu, including a library and workshops for schools. It can be visited, together with the park, during the hours of the daily activities of the center, shown on their website.

  • it's just outside the center, following Main Street south - Get directions
  • open during the day and celebrations
  • free

8 - All Saint's Anglican Church

Here is another important religious building in New Amsterdam dedicated to Anglican church. All Saint's Anglican Church is a rather large wooden building, painted white, and vaguely recalls the architecture of Dutch churches. It was founded in 1839, and now he gathers around him a very numerous congregation.

  • located downtown on Trinity Street, not far from Mission Chapel - Get Directions
  • open from 09:00 to 12:00 and from 13:00 to 16:00
  • free

9 - Church of the Ascension

In the center, on Main Street, surrounded by restaurants offering all kinds of cuisine, there is also the Church of the Ascension, colorful building and certainly clearly visible. It's about a Catholic church, which of course could not be missing from the long list of religious buildings in New Amsterdam, around which the life of the citizens pulsates. Of course there are other Catholic churches, but this one is very large as well its building is curious to see: imposing, made of wood, painted yellow and orange.

  • located on Main Street, in the very center - Get Directions
  • open during the day and celebrations
  • free

10 - New Amsterdam Esplanade

After touring the religious buildings all over New Amsterdam, it takes a little green refreshment. This it's a large park north of the city, a few steps from the ferry terminal. Here you can relax on the grass or on the benches present and witness the leisure time of New Amsterdamers who come here to take the children for a walk or for a bike ride. The whole city is still walkable, and, if you feel like it, two steps further north there is another park surrounded by greenery, albeit smaller, the Former Burnham Park, opposite the Berbice High School.

  • heading north, following Main Street and then turning to the Ferry Terminal - Get directions
  • always open
  • free

Plan your stay in New Amsterdam: info on flights, hotels and tours

If you want to visit New Amsterdam, definitely the best choice is to include it within a larger tour departing from the capital Georgetown, where you can land on your flight. From there, it is possible to rent a car, even if the roads, inside the country, are not widespread or very comfortable, or take the ferry which from Georgetown sails along the Atlantic coast and then arrives on the course of the Berbice River. Generally, in these countries, it is not recommended to wander around at night.

  • starting from € 1.000,00 -
  • Hotel and b & b starting from € 60,00 per room -

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