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Founded by the Portuguese in the th century, Montevideo, in addition to being the political capital of Uruguay, is also the economic and cultural center of the country. Spending a few days in this city means discovering the ancient traces of the past that blend perfectly with modern development. From the old city to the promenade, to the markets, passing through palaces and theaters, that's it 10 Things to see in Montevideo in Uruguay.


  1. Old City
  2. Solis Theater
  3. Taranco Palace
  4. Torres Garcia Museum
  5. Independencia Square
  6. Cerrito de la Victoria
  7. Fortaleza del Cerro
  8. La Rambla
  9. Mercado del Puerto
  10. Pocitos neighborhood
  11. Plan your stay in Montevideo: info on flights, hotels and tours
  12. User questions and comments

1 - Old Town

To get to know the history of Montevideo and go back in time, it is essential to visit the "Ciudad Vieja" characterized by paved streets, artisan shops and ancient street lamps dating back to the last century. Here are some of the most beautiful palaces and museums such as Palacio Salvo, Palacio Taranco, Torres Garcia Museum, Gurvich Museums. A suggestion: go and have a good coffee at Cafè Bacacay inside a historic building.

  • it is located in the west end of Montevideo; reachable on foot even if you arrive from Piazza Indipendencia. The nearest bus stop is Parada de Omnibus near Guruyu Square - Get Directions
  • always accessible
  • free
  • Montevideo: 2 hours excursion to Ciudad Vieja

2 - Solis Theater

This theater is located in the heart of the Old Town considered one of the most beautiful in the world. Begun in 1841 and inaugurated in 1856, it underwent several changes over the following years. Featuring a majestic marble facade inside it has the typical structure of an opera house, but is finely decorated. Every year shows and concerts are staged that attract an audience even from neighboring Argentina.

  • it is located between the Old Town and Independencia Square, reachable on foot in 10 minutes from the square. Nearby you will find the "Plaza Indipendencia" metro stop where lines A (red) and B (blue) pass - Get directions
  • guided tours Tue and Thu 16:00 - Wed, Fri, Sun 11: 00,12: 00,16: 00 - Saturday 11: 00,12: 00, 13:00, 16:00
  • 90 pesos UYU (€ 2,25)
  • Exclusive tour of the city of Montevideo

3 - Taranco Palace

Also in the Old Town is this beautiful building erected in the early twentieth century, once the residence of the Ortiz de Taranco family. Characterized by a particular architectural style, in its interior today you can admire the original furniture and the Museum of Decorative Arts one of a kind.

  • is located in 25 de Mayo, near Plaza Zabal, reachable on foot in a few minutes if you are in the old city, or by one of the many buses that stop near the Plaza Zabal (102-103-125-125-130-140- 164-169) - Get directions
  • mar-sab 10:00-18:00; dom 14:00-18:00
  • Free
  • Half day Montevideo City Tour

4 - Torres Garcia Museum

Considered the most popular museum in Montevideo due to the importance of works on display belonging to the era of contemporary art and cubism, it houses unusual portraits of historical icons and paintings similar to those of Picasso created by Joacuin Torres Garcia. The building itself is also of great value from an architectural point of view as well inside it houses a theater and a very popular bookshop.

  • it is located in Peatonal Sarandì between the Old Town and Piazza Indipendencia, within walking distance if you are in the historic center. The nearest metro stop is "Plaza Indipendencia" where lines A (red) and B (blue) pass - Get directions
  • Mon-Sat 10: 00-18: 00, Sunday closed
  • 170 UYU, € 4,26

5 - Independence Square

Plaza Indipendencia is the main square of Montevideo and marks the border with Ciudad Vieja and Ciudad Nueva. In the center today is the Monument to Artigas and a mausoleum where the urn with the remains of Artigas is kept; to the west of the square is Porta della Cittadella, while on the other side is the glass facade of the Cittadella building and facing the south sidewalk are the Ejecutiva Tower, the Estevez Palace and Palacio Salvo.

  • 1 km from the Central Station Generales Artigas is within walking distance. Near the square there is the "parada plaza Indipendencia" where the A (red) and B (blue) metro stops - Get directions
  • always accessible
  • free
  • Montevideo: City Tour by car and foot

6 - Cerrito de la Victoria

This neighborhood in north-central Montevideo it is located on a hill from which you can enjoy a beautiful view, while it was once used by the military to defend and control the city. The main building of the Cerrito de la Victoria is the National Shrine, one of the largest Catholic churches in Uruguay.

  • is located in the northern part of Montevideo, reachable by taxi which takes about 15 minutes from the center (400 UYU, € 10,00 approximately) or by bus 7A from the Terminal en Galicia Y Rio Branco stops at Gral Flores Y Euclides Safari in about 40 minutes - Get directions
  • Tuesday-Sun 9: 00-19: 00
  • free

7 - Fortaleza del Cerro

Among the main attractions not to be missed is this fortress built on the homonymous hill at a height of 134 meters overlooking the city and the bay of Montevideo. It was therelast Spanish fortress built in Uruguay and after 1888 it lost its military function while remaining an important historical building. Currently inside you can also visit the weapons museum and an exhibition on the country's military history.

  • it is located on the opposite bay to that of the old city, reachable by bus (124 and 125) of the CUTCSA reaches Terminal Cerro - Get directions
  • Tue-Sun 10: 00-17: 00
  • 170 UYU, € 4,26
  • Exclusive tour of the city of Montevide

8 - La Rambla

The beautiful coastal road of Montevideo is called Rambla ed it is one of the favorite places for citizens to run, walk and play sports. 22 km long, the promenade runs along the Rio de la Plata and continues all along the coast it is also the road you take if you want to reach the beaches. The promenade connects the city center to the resorts of Punta Carretas, Pocitos, Buceo and Carrasco. We suggest you walk a little bit of it early in the morning or towards sunset when the inhabitants flock to walk and "tomar mate" or spend a few hours at Playa Ramirez, a beautiful city beach.

  • it stretches for 22 km along the coast and can be traveled on foot or by bike and you can decide to do just a few stretches on foot - Get directions
  • always accessible
  • free

9 - Mercado del Puerto

This very old market, whose construction is of English origin, is located near the sea and the old town. Once here was one of the most beautiful ports in South America, while today it is possible to admire a picturesque and lively center, full of restaurants and stalls selling typical products and handicrafts.

  • it is located in the Old Town and can be reached on foot if you are in the center or by the buses that stop near the Plaza Zabal (lines 102-103-125-125-130-140-164-169) - Get directions
  • Mon-Sun 9: 30-17: 00
  • free
  • Half day Montevideo City Tour

10 - Pocitos neighborhood

This neighborhood is one of the oldest in Montevideo although most of its buildings are modern. The name dates back to the time when women went to the river to wash clothes in the small holes made in the ground. Here, in addition to being able to enjoy one of the most beautiful views of Rio de la Plata, there are also several beaches, parks, and wide tree-lined avenues.

  • it is located in the eastern part of the city, opposite the old city. The most convenient bus stop is Rbla Mahatma Gandhi X 21 De Setiembre where bus 121 stops (from the center it takes about 50 minutes). Alternatively you can get there by taxi in about 15 minutes (400 UYU, about € 10,00) - Get directions
  • always accessible
  • free

Plan your stay in Montevideo: info on flights, hotels and tours

The city of Montevideo has theCarrasco international airport 20 km from the city center reachable by taxi in 38 minutes (800 UYU, about € 20) or by buses 701, 710, 724 which stop at Terminal en Galicia y Rio Branco (about 1 hour). To get around the city you can use public buses or taxis while to reach other destinations in Uruguay there is an efficient bus service. The best areas to stay are Ciudad Vieja, although it is not very cheap, the streets around Plaza Idipendencia (where hotels of all categories are located) or the Barrio La Aguada, a neighborhood a little north with several hotels and apartments.

  • starting from € 603,00 -
  • Hotel and b & b starting from € 60,00 per room -

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