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Football, music, TV series and lots and lots of openness towards the LGBT community. Manchester is all this and much more, one of the most loved cities in the United Kingdom by Italian tourists and beyond.

Economically accessible (despite Brexit and the continuous surge in the Pound on the stock market), vital, full of attractions to visit, Manchester bases its tourism on a 360-degree cultural "revival". Not only museums (however extraordinary) and churches, therefore: just stroll along the most "mysterious" streets and alleys of the city to be captivated by the magic that only this British town can offer to tourists, especially the more "open minded" .


  1. The Manchester Museum
  2. Manchester Cathedral
  3. The John Rylands Library
  4. Levenshulme market
  5. Manchester Town Hall
  6. Manchester Arena
  7. The National Football Museum
  8. Old Trafford: Manchester United Stadium
  9. The Rochdale Canal
  10. Whitworth Art Gallery
  11. User questions and comments

1 - The Manchester Museum

It is managed directly by the University of the same name Manchester Museum. An unmissable attraction for history lovers, with fossil record of dinosaurs (don't forget to take a photo of the legendaryT-Rex!), stuffed animals and - museum highlight - ben 20 Egyptian mummies, rebuilt in 2012 with the help of truly avant-garde technological instruments.

  • from the center of Manchester, go to the Chinatown stop (Stop CU) and get on the bus 41, to the University Shopping Ctr stop (Stop 3): you will arrive at the museum in 11 minutes
  • Mon-Sun 10am - 00pm
  • free, free visit

2 - Manchester Cathedral

It is not as monumental as one might imagine, but its "grandeur" is represented by the simplicity of its interiors and the elegance of the evergreen style. Gothic. A few minutes from the city center do not miss the opportunity to dedicate a visit, even if fleeting, to the extraordinary Manchester Cathedral: the building, belonging to the Anglican Diocese and built around 1400, will win you over from its external facade, in an area of ​​the city where modernity and architectural tradition coexist, sometimes in a contrasting way.

  • by bus, departing from Chorlton St (Stop EZ), take the black bus line (The Witch Way X43) to Barton Arcade (Stop NB). Then continue on foot for a short distance: the cathedral will be reached in 7 minutes
  • Mon and Fri 08:30 - 17:30; the other days of the week the timetable is as follows: 08:30 - 18:30
  • free, free visit

3 - The John Rylands Library

It seems to be catapulted into a film of Harry Potter the entrance to the prestigious John Rylands Library!

Lovers of reading will not be able to take their eyes off the infinity of volumes, from all over the world, concerning the most disparate disciplines: it is a pity not to have the time and the possibility to read them all!

  • walk from the city center in 6 minutes, moving north on Brown St to King St
  • Mon and Sun 12:00 - 17:00; the other days of the week the timetable is as follows: 10:00 - 17:00
  • free, free visit

4 - Levenshulme market

The moment of shopping in Manchester is punctuated by the stalls always full of Levenshulme market. Objects, vintage garments, street food and typical products stand out along the streets of this market, a fixed appointment on Saturday morning. If you are looking for something truly distinctive that reminds you of your stay in Manchester, then the Levenshulme market is for you.

  • take the train from Manchester Piccadilly station (northern Buxton) and reach the market in just 6 minutes from the center
  • every Saturday, from 10:00 to 16:00
  • free, free visit

5 - Manchester Town Hall

The tower that rises from the walls of the city hall looks like a kind of Big Ben. There Town Hall, whose construction was completed in 1877, is rightly considered a masterpiece of Gothic architecture around the globe. Inside, the Sala Grande and other sumptuous ceremonial rooms, as well as offices and the famous Hall of Sculptures, which houses the busts of some of the most influential and important figures in British history.

  • walk via Clarence St in less than 5 minutes from Manchester city center
  • always accessible
  • free, free visit

6 - Manchester Arena

The vile attempt which hit Manchester in May 2017 has not prevented lovers of good music from attending the legendary concerts which are held periodically in the famous Manchester Arena. Ariana Grande, The WHO, Kasabian and many other internationally renowned artists casually tread the stage of this huge structure, which can accommodate up to 21mila people. In addition to musical events, they also take place inside the Manchester Arena sporting events of the highest level, like the branded Wrestling matches WWE.

  • in 11 minutes by bus, starting with bus 135 (yellow line) from Dale St station (Stop E) to Corporation St (Stop NP). Continue on foot for a short distance
  • Mon-Sat 10:00 am - 18:00 pm (in addition to the concert times and dates)
  • based on scheduled events

7 - The National Football Museum

In Manchester the football it is not only the national sport, but it is so centered in the daily life of the population that it has a museum dedicated to this noble sport. From Diego Armando Maradona to "our" Paolo Maldini, up to the 100 percent English "top players", the National Football Museum it is a kind of institution for fans of this sport.

  • driving north on Brown St towards King St, it is 8 minutes from Manchester city center
  • Mon-Sun 10am - 00pm
  • admission is free; however, with a minimum donation of € 3,50 the activities of the museum can be supported

8 - Old Trafford: Manchester United Stadium

It is the theater of British football, home to one of the most important sports clubs not only in the United Kingdom, but in the entire planet! The Manchester United here he undertakes legendary "feats" with the round ball in the very famous Old Trafford, theater of the dreams of fans and neophytes of English "football".

The stadium, which also houses a museum and one official club store, has a capacity of about 80 thousand people. The opportunity to attend a Manchester United home match inside the Theater of Dreams - as the British call it - is priceless.

  • by car, via the A56 and A5014, the stadium can be reached in 23 minutes
  • Mon-Sat 09:40 - 16:30; Sun 09:40 - 15:30. The museum is open Mon-Sat 09:30 - 17:00, Sun 10:00 - 16:00 and is closed on match days
  • for the full tour € 20,30; reduced for children € 13,60

9 - The Rochdale Canal

Take a moment of pure relaxation, strolling along the Rochdale Canal or crossing it with one of the boats available in the area. It will be for you a moment of pure peace, with your family or alone, admiring the Victorian Manchester and absolutely new corners of the city.

  • starting from Piccadilly Gardens (Stop D), board bus 216 to the Great Ancoats Street Laystall street stop; continue on foot for a few minutes and reach the canal in 13 minutes total
  • always accessible
  • free, free visit

10 - Whitworth Art Gallery

Combining modernity and unspoiled nature in Manchester is not only possible, but it has been done. The successful result of this mixture is the Whitworth Art Gallery, exhibition of modern works of art in an equally "futuristic" and essential structure surrounded by a lush public park. Unmissable.

  • by bus (42 or 142) in just 14 minutes from the city center. It starts from Chinatown station (Stop CU) to Royal Infirmary. Finally, continue on foot for a few minutes
  • Mon-Wed and Fri-Sun 10:00 - 17:00. Thurs 10:00 - 21:00
  • free, free visit

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