10 Must See Things in Macau in China

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It was renamed the "Eastern Las Vegas"the Chinese Macau, a former Portuguese colony of which it retains, however, language, peculiarities in some neighborhoods and buildings, even management of public gardens, well mixed with the typical bonsai and the more oriental fauna. Macao is a melting pot of cultures, traditions, religions that reveals itself not only in its own famous casinos, but also in more "ordinary" monuments and in its dreamy green areas.
Here 10 must-see attractions in Macau!


  1. Casino (Venetian)
  2. St. Paul's Cathedral
  3. Macau Tower
  4. A-Ma Temple
  5. Grand Prix Museum
  6. Senate Square
  7. Fortress of Guia
  8. Hac Sa Beach
  9. Taipa House Museum
  10. Macau Museum
  11. User questions and comments

1 - Casino (Venetian)

It might seem absurd to start a top ten attraction from any city with a luxury casino, but being the chaotic Macau, we couldn't do otherwise! The gamble the favorite of the natives is Baccarat, whose rules are so simple that the player can win more easily at the bank.
One of the Macau's most famous casinos is the one located at the Venetian, a luxury hotel equipped with every comfort, restaurants and over 350 shops, where you can maybe spend your winnings at the casino.

  • from the center of Macao, the Venetian can be reached by bus number 25 from the Pavilhao Polidesportivo Tap SEAC stop. It takes just 35 minutes to reach your destination
  • Casino hours are linked to hotel hours
  • based on the package chosen to stay at the Venetian

2 - St. Paul's Cathedral

And the number one monument in the city, although of the Cathedral of San Paolo - built in the seventeenth century - only the front facade remains. The building, the first Jesuit church on Chinese soil, it was destroyed in 1835 following a fire. Although only the facade remains, the cathedral is targeted by thousands of tourists every year, especially on weekends.

  • located in the heart of Macau, it can be reached on foot from the center in just 6 minutes, walking southwest on R. do Alm. Costa Cabral towards Rotunda do Alm. Costa Cabral
  • always accessible
  • free, free visit

3 - Macau Tower

Macau is a super modern city. The maximum expression of its modernity is the macau tower, a dream location for lovers of heights (and bungee jumping!), but strongly not recommended for those suffering from vertigo! The tower has numerous attractions to offer, from the revolving restaurant to the external wall of the structure, where you can treat yourself to a thrilling walk. It is also possible to enjoy an amazing view over the whole of Macau.

  • from the Pavilhao Polidesportivo Tap SEAC stop, bus number 18 will take us to the Macau tower stop in 25 minutes
  • Mon-Fri 10:00 - 21:00; Sat-Sun 09:00 - 21:00
  • full € 14,50; reduced € 7,50 (for over 65s and children between 3 and 11 years of age). Children up to 3 years enter for free

4 - Temple of A-Ma

The characteristic temple of A-Ma, dedicated to the homonymous temple, has the peculiarity of providing "hospitality" to various Chinese religious beliefs. goddess of sailors built in the th century.

  • by bus in less than half an hour. Get on bus number 7 from the Pavilhao Polidesportivo Tap SEAC stop
  • Mon-Sun 07am - 00pm
  • free, free visit

5 - Grand Prix Museum

Il Macau motor racing circuit, one of the most complex and demanding in the world, hosts numerous competitions on two and four wheels every November: a tangible sign of a real passion, on the part of the residents, for the world of motors. Could lively Macao possibly renounce the presence, on its own soil, of a museum celebrating this passion? The Grand Prix Museum it hosts 30 exhibitions with competition vehicles and curious relics. Unmissable.

  • from the Horta Costa / Costa Cabral stop, get on board bus number 32: the museum is about 20 minutes from the center
  • Wed-Mon 10:00 - 18:00
  • free, free visit

6 - Piazza del Senato

Il Old Town of the variegated Macau entered the prestigious list by right UNESCO dedicated to the World Heritage Sites. The heart of the resort is Senate Square, where the Portuguese "domination" that took place in the Chinese town can be breathed deeply in the extraordinary architecture of its buildings (dating back to the seventies) and, above all, in the flooring of the square itself: a wave mosaic reminiscent of the Portuguese town of Sintra.

  • on foot, heading southwest on R. do Alm. Costa Cabral towards Rotunda do Alm. Costa Cabral. It takes 13 minutes to reach the square
  • /
  • /

7 - Fortress of Guia

Born as a military outpost between 1622 and 1638, the Fortress of Guia it is the striking example of Macau's multicultural character. Eastern and western elements are wisely mixed inside the homonymous chapel, strongly desired and erected by the Clarist nuns, located inside the fortress. The Lighthouse of the construction highlights another important aspect that makes Macau's population so special: attachment to the sea.

  • on foot, the fortress and its lighthouse are 14 minutes from the center: just proceed north-east on R. do Alm. Costa Cabral towards R. de Jorge alvares
  • the fortress can be visited every day from 09:00 to 18:00. Chapel: Mon-Sun 10am - 00pm. The lighthouse is unfortunately closed to the public
  • free, free visit

8 - Hac Sa Beach

To reach the suggestive Hac Sa Beach we have to move from the center towards theisland of Coloane. The distance to be bridged will be amply rewarded by the sensational view offered by the "black beach", about a kilometer long. The color of its sand, currently "altered" by the decision by the Macao Government to add yellow sand to avoid the erosion of the Hac Sa Beach, is due to the minerals deposited on the seabed brought to shore by the waves of the sea. .

  • located on the island of Coloane, Hac Sa Beach can be reached in just over an hour by bus. Just get on board the number 25 which departs from Pavilhao Polidesportivo Tap SEAC
  • /
  • /

9 - Taipa House Museum

If you have the pleasure of planning a long stay in Macau, then you absolutely cannot fail to make "a leap" inTaipa Island! Among the various attractions that this pleasant area offers, one of the most evocative is undoubtedly the Taipa House Museum. It is a series of brightly colored residences where the Portuguese Governor, officers and family members resided. A real dive into the history of Macau, in an area where the locals and typical shops are very popular, where you can buy souvenirs as a souvenir of this unforgettable stay.

  • by bus, starting from Pavilhao Polidesportivo Tap SEAC with bus number 22. Taipa is about 34 minutes away
  • Tue-Sun 10:00 - 19:00
  • free, free visit

10 - Macau Museum

Site within the historic Fortress of the Monte, this museum houses a large collection of artifacts and antiques that document the colonial history of the city under the Portuguese, as well as evidence of the ancient Chinese tradition.

  • the museum can be reached on foot in just 5 minutes, continuing from the center towards the southwest on R. do Alm. Costa Cabral towards Rotunda do Alm. Costa Cabral
  • Tue-Sun 10:00 - 18:00
  • full € 1,60; children under 12 and seniors aged 65 and over enter for free

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